The topic of prosperity is one of the most doubted topics in the Christian cycle. We all have no doubt that God wants us well but the image portrayed by some individuals has painted a bad picture about this topic, men have been robbed of their money and properties all in the names of sowing a seed.

When you consider the scriptures, it is hard thing to see the wicked prosper while the righteous and godly are in constant lack and want; this seems to make Christianity to be a thing for the poor.

The criticism that comes because of this topic I find it unscriptural because the blessings of the Lord, always makes one rich and there is no sorrow that comes with it (Proverbs 10:22). The bad picture set by others should not make us reject the truth but instead we should emphasize the truth. Here I show you why the unbelievers and the ungodly prosper while some Christians are still in constant lack and dependency.

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Seed of God

The fist reason why we talk of the blessings of strangers is the mere fact that they somehow carry a certain DNA of God. All lives came by one Genesis 3:20 and this life was given by God and in making man God made us to be in his likeness and character.

We again see this in Ismael the first born of Abraham. Though he was not the son of the promise, the fact that he came out of the loins of Abraham, he carried a particular seed in Him that can identify him to Abraham.

Genesis 21:18 brings to us what being a seed means, Ismael though he was not the will of God and therefore had no connection with the God of his father, God still could not live him without a promise. He himself said he would make Ismael great.

God hold a certain level of accountability towards all men whether they be believers or unbelievers, He makes it to rain both in the field of the believer and as well as the unbeliever, even the unbeliever will prosper and be in good health as well as the believer.

God has never authored anything bad, all that he created was good and the purpose was for us to enjoy the earth which he was made to take care of, so everyone alive in this world whether believer or unbeliever enjoys this goodness.

Cain is another example of this way of God. After killing his brother and falling out of the acceptation of God, God still make an oath to protect his life from all who would want to avenge the death of his brother Abel.

Another reason why God works this way is He does not want to cut off some because of what and who they are, he believes that men can change and he comes to us with goodness and not judgement, for the goodness of God leads us to a point of repentance (Romans 2:4). Some just need to know that they are loved then they will be saved.

God thinks about all men dearly Hebrews 2:6 because he is love and love believes in even the worst and is willing to lay a saving hand even to the most undeserving, this is the reason why the gospel is preached because in this we are laying a hand to snatch from the fire. Men are naturally blinded by the devil, so they might act in a way that is so damn but we don’t give up on them.

God of principles

Principles are standards or rules that govern a particular phenomenon. Principles are the rules of the game that control the players. All who compete must compete lawfully according to the laid down rules and conditions.

If you want mastery in any area, then you must know and understand principles, this is how God works, He set orders and process flows and all things will have to obey such principles and patterns. If any follows then with knowledge or without knowledge, then it will work for them.

The titled always think that they deserve a certain way of life; they foul the principles and still expect to walk in prosperity. God is a God of principles and he works in pattern and he is no respecter if person when it comes to this.

Power of association

It is in the nature of Human beings to associate with others, they do so in making friends and staying in communal places and because they want to have a sense of belonging. After God creating Adam, he saw that Adam was lonely and he made for him Eve to be his compassion.

This association however has a great influence in our lives, it affects our choices and it shapes our expectation. There is a common saying that; show me your friends and I will show you who you are all drives to this point that association has power. 

The book of Proverbs proves this principle in Proverbs 27:17 and Proverbs 13:20 where it brought a point that friendship can either sharpen us or destroy us.

Lot was a man without a covenant with the God of Abraham, but because he went with Abraham when God called Abraham to leave his kindred, he partook of the blessings of Abraham. This is an example of association; strangers to the promise can even prosper when they associate with the children of the promise.

There are just some graces and opportunities that comes because of association. There are many strangers who have prospered because of this power.

This power works for all, the graces and opportunities that you need might be in a man or woman, associate with them and that will rub off on you. There are eunuchs that are made of men never forget that, you cannot stay in isolation and get all you want because you alone does not have all you want.

The blessings of wisdom.

Wisdom is a one of the core principles of life; wisdom gives us the confidence and assurance of defense and access. With wisdom, you have access into deeper realms that gives answers to the world for which men will have to pay money to access this answer from the one who has.

Without wisdom is great waste. Wisdom gives the sense of direction and counsel for all who behold her. The quest for wisdom also begins the quest for greatness and wealth and prosperity is tagged to greatness.

This is what the preacher points out in Ecclesiastes 10:10, if we do not apply our hearts to this great thing called wisdom, we waste a lot in life and we lose the sense of direction and guidance for our next steps.

This wisdom is not exclusive to believers only, any who dares to invest in this wisdom reaps of the rewards of wisdom. This is why every wealthy man invest his time in reading and learning more. 

The wise teacher in Ecclesiastes made a wonderful discovery when he made an interesting statement that both wisdom and money offer one a form of defense, in his continuation he points out wisdom that wisdom gives the guarantee of life.

Wisdom will always polish the star in us. This is what makes other people inspiring and attractive than others. This star is what makes one to stand out of the crowd and always to be preferred; it makes them attract great wealth.

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