He likes to hide and work in mysterious ways. When God is silent? What you should know? From the creation, he has hidden and some have never even had an idea of who He is; they have an imagination of a God they are not sure of and have not experienced. From the trees to the oceans to the birds, all have displayed the majesty and beauty of God and yet he is unknown to many.

This is what Apostle Paul went through when he came to Athens in Acts 17:23, he found all forms of worship altars and there was also another altar to a God, they did not know. This particular God was hidden from them yet Paul knew who this God was.

Open your hears, He speaks

Even the most spiritual can sense the reality and presence of God but might never know Him fully. The priest and spiritualists at Athens could sense there was another God and they built an altar to worship that God but they did not know who this God was, so this God was unknown to them.

Look at Jesus Christ, He paced the face of this world as man and God, yet he was not known to many as a deity but they considered him only to be a prophet, very few could tell that this was the Messiah. He was hidden from them; they crucified him for claiming to be God.

To have an experience where God is open to you and you truly acquainted with him is a wonderful experience, some believers have believed for many years but they seem to worship and serve a God who is hidden from them and they have not seen him.

From his precious and timeless word to his wonderous workings and his undeniable personality, he has been hidden from people yet he does not intend for his true followers to see him in such obscurity, but that all would see and come into a realization of the hope they have in him and to know the glory of the riches that are their inheritance (Ephesians 1:8).

Have faith that you hear him

After the resurrection, even his disciples could not believe in that experience, there was a heavy cloud of doubt around them when they received the news that the Savior had come out of that tomb, they wanted to see for themselves yet His resurrection was the fulfillment of dreams and visions of men of old. Jesus had to open their minds to understand the glory of the scriptures Luke 24:45.

Science can never have faith in God because they only believe what they can see and since God is veiled from them, they mistake him for a myth yet the reality of God can never be doubted because creation echoes his voice and the beauty of nature and the skies his majesty.

You only get to know this God by faith. Faith goes an extra mile to accept what is beyond acceptable, and leans entirely on the personality, character, and ways of God, it does not consider its way but the way of God Hebrews 11:6.

Love the word of God

We are only vulnerable to the word, ways, and working of God if we believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that seek him diligently. This consciousness unlocks and organizes our minds to receive from God.

The word is the cradle of faith Romans 10:17. For this word to open for us we need to first believe it, that is the first step of faith and after this then the word is ready to open to us. All this requires diligence, for all who seek him diligently have a reward from him and his reward is that you know him for in knowing him you know and understand yourself and take dominion and authority.

The word is a wonder that all should dive into its experience. We still have Christians who go to church because of a need and appointments and are not diligent seekers of the truth. This is not what God wants, though the needs and appointments are important there should be something more that takes us to church.

Seek the kingdom first

The shortcut to having all the answers you will ever need is to seek the kingdom first Matthew 6:33. In seeking we meet God and he becomes an experience and a reality in our lives and not just a sermon on a Sunday morning. This is what everyone must aim for you cannot know God and remain the same. Things around you have to change because as you look you change into that same image.

God should never be a stranger in your life or a one-time experience and the rest of your lives is just on that one experience, he should be your everyday experience. Purpose in your heart to seek for those who seek shall find.

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