How to write Christian articles?

How to write Christian articles?

One dilemma Christian writers face is how to write Christian articles that are inspiring and true while sticking to what you believe. The world hates the gospel and you coming out as a Christian writer, you need to cast a certain consciousness to them in order for your content to be relevant, here I will share with you 7 tips to writing inspiring Christian articles.

Keep it original

We are all different. This difference comes in because of our callings and how we were raised, there is no way that you can write like any other blogger on the internet. You might know each other or probably you are doing the same thing but the fact is that all of us are different.

Understanding our difference will also make us to appreciate the beauty and the greatness in the diversity. All of us have a certain revelation of this God and so our content should depict that.

Do not just copy another’s way of writing or the seven steps in writing an article, but draw out your own wisdom and way because you are different and is your content. You can’t just write the same article as everyone else, yours has to be different and the world has to know the savior from your own understanding.

All of us have our different experience with God and his word. Though we might be under the same teacher or go to the same church, we know different things and our inspiration is different.

What I am driving at is this, you are different and so is your content. Do not just be the copy of another’s great and inspiring articles, do your own thing and let the flow of your spirit in it. You do not have to look at everybody’s work in order for you to write your content but you need to look within and produce the best of you.

Do not try to write about everything

Do not be about everything, do not focus on everything and do not do everything. You have your own individual calling and in these you do best. The inspirations are easy for these kinds of work and so is the ministry.

Once you start writing about everything, you will just sound to be a copy of someone else though your content might seem original. There are certain things you cannot expect from certain people and this is the very case with our ministry and life.

Your main goal as a Christian writer is to minister through your blogs and articles. Ministry is all about waiting for your part and lot and giving what you have received. You can never give what you don’t have. So, focus on what you have received and continue to give it freely.

Do not go about in all field. You have your field where you do best. If it is encouragement, encourage others, if it deals with teaching, focus on it and let it be the center of all your work and articles. You must understand that you were not called to do everything and so your part once you accomplish will be enough.

Get inspiration from the word of God

Your article is your point of ministry to the whole world and every ministry must and should start with the spirit of God. The spirit of God is the giver of ministry. The very thing that you are doing might be from the lord and so he should take center stage in your articles and work.

There is so much source of inspiration around us and sometime we can be forced to using them as the spirit behind our articles and work, but all this will I no way produce any good ministry. Good words are just good but inspired words are great.

The spirit is the greatest source of inspiration for anyone, once you get connected to the spirit of the word, you will always have what to talk about, you will always have a message for the whole world. There will be no day where you will be without inspiration because you carry the source of your inspiration.

Flow with the spirit of the word in all your endeavors and work, never let a moment pass by when you have not heard an inspiration from God through his spirit. Always be connected to this source. This is the one thing that will make our work relevant even in years to come because it is accompanied by the Spirit of God.

Understand what you are talking about.

The word of God is not just like any area where you can start writing without any prior knowledge or inspiration. It is not something that you will research just days or hours to producing you content. The word is an experience and so to write about it you must fully understand this word.

The worst mistake is to talk about something that you neither understanding what you say and from where you say them. It is not just enough to read a good book and get your inspiration for your next article, you must understand the source of that word.

The word of God is an experience and so in the quest for godliness, we meet the different parts and indulge with them and our line of experience are drawn. You can never have greater experience outside the word of God. The main task ahead of us is therefore to seek more of these experiences.

Being in a position of teaching and inspiring others means we have to pay a greater price for the excellence and edification of others. You cannot be a Christian blogger and the word of God is far from you. Your everyday experience should be in the word because therein you find the inspiration and the word of ministry to your audience.

Do not focus on the trend

The word of God is broader than any can imagine. There is no limit to this word, all its inspirations are still fresh today and the Spirit of God still accompanies this word. There can be no trend in the word of God because all are inspiring and all minister differently.

It is only in the world where trends are followed, but when it comes to God there is no trend to his word. His word applies to all and in all situations. We are all in different stages and phases and so the word addresses our individual needs.

When you start to follow trends, then you pay a deaf ear to what God is saying to your audience and the people you are to minister to. Everything that comes to us, comes to redeem and to save either ourself or others and so you should not just write and follow the trending topics but you should be attuned to the voice of God.

Your trend should be the spirit of God and his inspiration. You must be in constant sync with the word of God and his spirit if you are ever to minister to others. If you are serious of taking your writing as a ministry, then there is no any other way, God is the way to God, you cannot escape him and expect to minister. He is the minister and we are the vessel.


Just like every other ministry, prayer must always take center stage. You might not be very sure about who is consuming your content and even if you know them, it stills calls for prayer. Prayer is the heart of everything and the force that drives it is wisdom and knowledge.

Pray for your ministry always, pray for the people that read such that when they encounter your masterpiece, they will be amazed at the God they will find there. Our work is to present God to others.

Prayer keeps you also in sync with the Spirit of God and in this is the inspiration and the revelation and the word of encouragement and ministry because the Spirit of God understand everyone even those whom you do not know, God knows them and he can use you to minister to them.

Have a purpose

Purpose gives us direction; it might be very easy to lose track of where we are going and we might lose the big picture in our writing but it is purpose that drives us back to the path and ignite the fire in us to go further.

What will make you even go further and make you committed to your online ministry is if you have a purpose for what you are doing. Purpose involves us in the assignment that God has for us and in fulfilling our purpose we are fulfilling the will of the lord for us.

Do not just blog or create content, do it with purpose, let there be something that drives you to do what you are doing. This is what makes you create inspiring and heart changing content because you are doing it with purpose.

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