Free the word bible software modules download.

the word bible software modules download

Have you wondered how you can access and download the word bible software modules for free even the paid modules, this is a thing for you. I will show you a legit and easy method of downloading the word bible software modules for free.

The word bible software is a free bible tool to study and dive deep into the experience of the word. It is one of the few bible software alongside tools like others like logos, the sword, and others.

The word bible software contains both paid bible modules and free bible modules. The free bible modules are only those that are in the public domain and these contain bible translations like King James Bible, English Standard Bible and the other versions are paid versions.

One reason why the word bible software is unique is the easy interface compared to other software like the sword bible software with an interface that is hard to navigate through and the word bible software also contains a number of modules and resources which you can access some paid and some free.

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What’s needed?

In this process, you will need two things, the first being the official the word bible software which you can get from their official website for free and the other is an android app called Open Bibles developed by Yohan, this app is necessary in order for you to get these modules for free.

If you do not have a device running on android OS, you might consider installing and using one of the common android emulators like Bluestacks and NOX player which you download from their official website or by just a quick google search and you can configure to run on your device.

Open Bible app by Yohan uses the word bible modules and these modules are free to download from the app. So you will need to have that app installed on your device.

Downloading the modules

On opening the bible app on your phone or android emulator, you will ne required to download bibles in order to start using their bible app. These bibles can be found from their app, with just a quick tap, you can install many bibles on that app.

Unpacking the modules

This step involves you connecting your smartphone to your computer to access its storage. If you are using android emulator, you will be required to access where you program data where the data used by the emulator are being stored.

You will find a folder labeled Open Bibles in your phone storage, open it and go to the sub folder named bibles. From there, copy all the files and store them on your computer where you can access them later.

Installing the modules on the word bible software

This step will assume that you have already downloaded and installed the word bible software. If not you have to download it and install it on your computer.

Open the software; if it is your first time to open the software, you will be required to select the interface you will like to use, I normally go with the default, since you can customize later.

Under the top navigation menu, you have to navigate to File and select Install modules option. A popup will open and from this popup, select Browse from local disk.

A window will popup if you select that option and then just browse to where you kept the Open Bibles files earlier on and then you can import all the bibles you had downloaded earlier on using the app into the Word Bible software.

The major setup is complete, all you have to do is restart the word bible software once the files have been installed and the you are done, you will have those bible modules under the Bible view on The Word Bible Software.

You must follow all the steps to get this to work. You don’t have to pay for these modules again. You can add as many as you want just by downloading them from the Open Bible app and importing them over to the Word Bible software.

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