How can technology help spread the gospel?

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Technology should not just be beheld with one eye, even in the undesirable impact, there is also the beneficial part. Do we have to look at how technology can help spread the gospel?

Considerable ethical deterioration can allude to technology but also this same means can be used for what can have a great influence in this world with the gospel.

Access to information

The internet is a great source of information, there are numerous materials online which you can use and access to them it is cheap, easy, and quick. With this, technology has come to the aid of many people in bringing information closer and more accessible to them.

Some of their resources online that come because of advancements in technology are free of charge and others with a small payment.

Technology has generally helped everyone in almost every area of life, and this is inclusive Christianity, there is so much growth and increase in Church that is alluded to technology, with the easy access to information, the reality of the Christian life is becoming more and more distinctive all with the aid of technology.

Knowledge is power and with the improvement in access to technology, there is therefore no more excuse for anyone to sit back like in the old days and expect someone to read the scriptures and different church materials for them.

With the increasing number of people subscribing to technology and the increase in infrastructures, we are seeing more access granted to us.

Almost everyone can have access to some sort of technology equipment be it radio or television or mobile phones. All these gadgets help in transmitting this information from one source and location to another.

Easy connection

Technology has improved connection between people and different churches in the olden days access to people was mainly through physical means but with the aid of Technology connection has not only improved but has become better and quicker all this is eluded technology.

Technology has improved partnership between churches and Different organizations this has resulted in quicker growth of ministry individual lives.

Access to people has become easy and with this, we see men of God whom we could not have met physically but we can meet them impart in our lives.

The current pandemic has taught the church a lot and many churches and Christian societies have resorted to technology to be their way out. In the early years, one could only host a man or woman of God by physical means that is very expensive and needs a lot of preparation but what technology has done is that all this can take place online, even the service can be online.

Technology has also improved follow up on church programs and missions to different parts of the globe. Many frequent follow up and update can take place at a very cheap cost and time efficient. Online meetings and phone calls can give you all you need to know and evaluate.

Involvement of young people

The young people are wild and carefree; anything that catches their attention is what they will subscribe to. Technology has become a trap for many and different people are already using this as a means of reaching out to young people. This is why they will prefer computer games to bible study.

With many churches and people embracing technology as a means of reaching the young people with the gospel, it has greatly paid off. Elders do not really care about the sound systems of the church but the young people do, they are fascinated by the lights camera, and action of the church.

There has also been a change in the form of music that appeals more to the young people and this has kept many in church other than going to the club to listen to such genre of music and art.

Every generation always has a different taste of music, even the worship and praise differ, technology has appeal to the youth through music that both praises God and lifts their spirit and this has kept some engaged in the church.

Young people are always glued to their gadgets and, by this, some parents have brought in educative apps and programs to foster Christian behavior and growth to their children.

Apps like the super book have become more popular these days because of the increased demand by parents to have their children listen and watch things that will eventually build them in the faith.

Easy communication

Communication is essential in building everything, if there is no communication this will slowly begin to die because there is no monitor of progress and no engagement with the different stakeholders.

Look at communication as one of the wings that drives growth and increase in every spheres of life.

Technology has not only improved communication but has reduced the cost of communication and has increased access to communication.

Almost 3.5 billion people on the planet are using social media and a large percentage of people living on the globe have access to some sort of communication device be it radio mobile phones, internet, or television.

A recent study shows that more churches in America are turning to social media for communication and community engagement.

Social media is not only free but it is fast reaches a large group of people at once compared to traditional means like door-to-door passing of information.

Interactions between Christians has also been greatly improved, this has led to building relationship that can later on be a platform of ministry.

Sharing your faith with the world is easier than we ever thought of these days and all this is because of technology. Knowing what is going on in one part of the globe or church is now very easy.

Easy start of ministry

The budget for kick-starting a ministry can be so big that will scare many off. The price of equipment, venue hire, and all that starting preparation is so much for some people and so they opt out of the ministry because of the initial cost of starting one and some will have to wait until they have accumulated enough money for the project then they start.

Technology has played a big role in this that, with a small preparation and determination you could start a ministry online or fundraise on online platforms to build your ministry.

The initial training needed can also be provided both by the use of technology, online courses, and online materials are all at our disposal.

With technology, no one has to wait until he is fifty or forty to start a ministry, you can start one in your backyard or school. With the ease in access to information and ease of reach, there is no boundary to ministry.

Technology also plays a big part in reducing the cost of running a ministry. Technology can substitute a lot of traditional methods of running ministries like travel to different places for the sake of passing announcements, all this can be automated by the use of technology and at a very cheap or even sometimes free costs.

Future referencing

The impact of technology is so immense in this area that things that happened decades ago have been kept for a new generation to get into that same experience. Somethings if they were not recorded could have lost their voices to impact the future generation by the recording of these things have been possible because of technology.

Certain mysteries ministered one time can have impact on generations and generations of people to come and this calls for a way of achieving and storing these phenomena and this is where technology play the big part, things that could have been lost have still been kept and even generations to come will know and have access to them.

Talking of access, there are online repository that contains tons of materials that can be accessed by anyone at any one point and time and from any location. What was preached in a Sunday service in London in 1900s have been kept and are accessible to anyone who wants to know about them.

Greater outreach.

Everyone and every church needs to grow and growth comes from outreach. The more people you can have access to them is the more people you can sell your ideas to. One way the gospel is preached is through outreaches.

What technology has done here is that you can have your message reach thousands and even millions of people and have their lives influenced. Television programs have gone to even the most dangerous and unsafe places in the world and the word of God is being shared on this platform.

Finding and locating a nearby church has become easy for people who might be new in a place or just want to join a new church. Churches and ministries have been put on maps that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and by this locating a church on a Sunday morning for some people just needs a quick swipe on the cell phone.

Interesting church programs

Technology has also improved and enhanced how churches carry out their church services, from online churches to state-of-the-art equipment and impressive designs that have all come as a result of technology. This has not only improved how churches run but has brought comfort to the members attending that church.

Churches have become lively and bright, unlike the old days when they used to be dull and boring.  There can be fun in the gospel, we do not have to be all that serious and so much concentrated, we can have a little moment where we laugh and play and enjoy the moments with God and other people even right in the middle of a Sunday service.

We definitely enjoy the nice music and the nice chairs and gadgets in our churches and at our places of work and residence. This does not stop us from being active wild fiery and crazy for God. Heaven is not dull and so our churches should not be dull we should feel the moment and enjoy them after all these inventions are mothered by the spirit of God


Technology can have its pitfall but we are perfect in God, we have to embrace it and use it to our advantage. I feel sorry for people who say they cannot read the bible from their phones, or attend live service via a computer or a phone. God works in all things and he is perfect in all he works through technology and can work through anything as long as it is dedicated to Him.

Use that phone to bring people to the kingdom, even that social media handle to use it for the benefit of the kingdom and in so doing, you are fulfilling your part.

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