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The question many ask themselves is how and where can I study theology for free, considering sometimes the cost and the distance since these schools are not in every nation, it could be expensive to study theology, but what if you could study theology for free at the comfort of your home and community.

Many will think of studying online then if you could study for free since online you can access some free courses in theology and do them. This is not what I am talking about here, what I am saying is that you can study and start a bible school in your church or community for free with a little help from your pastor.

Which bible school can you study?

One hard thing in starting any form of institute is coming up with a curriculum, this is why you should study Harvestime International Institute courses or to say use their curriculum in studying.

The Harvestime International Institute course consists of 17 core modules with other additional optional courses. These modules give you a comprehensive guide into theology and the modules are between 150 to 300 pages long. These are structured in a way for easy learning and studying of one particular subject at a time.

The Harvestime International Institute courses are great foundational material for any ministry studies. The fact that they have been made available to the Church for free is also a great deal. Taking the Harvestime International Institute course is a great way to get started with your theology training.

Why Harvest time international institute?

Theology studies is not all about getting a good degree and papers but it is all about exploring the depth of God and learning core principles that might never be taught or explained in church. If you are really after those things above that is papers and a good degree, then probably this is not the thing for you but if you are interesting in learning more about God, then you are good to go.

The Harvestime International Institute course is a tried and verified with a two-year distance learning program for pastors, church planters, evangelists and missionaries – particularly the folks in the Charismatic or Pentecostal movement. It has been operation in over 50 nations.

It is designed to be a low-cost or even free “bible-college ” with all the forms, modules, and study materials you need. It is solidly biblically founded and the only textbook requirement is the Bible! This makes it idyllic for students on a economical or for churches and communities in inaccessible locations.

Recommended reading The word bible modules

The modules are designed in different languages that means you can use it in different countries and this is essentially useful for church planters and missionaries in their field.

Starting bible school in your church or community.

  1. Talk to your pastor about the program and ask him or her to be part of it.
  2. Form group or ask your church members or community members to join and form groups.
  3. Visit the official website of Harvest time to download the study modules. Link is here
  4. Follow the guide in those groups and study as though that is your school.
  5. After discussing the modules in those small groups, you can do test to evaluate your knowledge.
  6. For the final exam, you can ask your pastor to set an exam according to the modules you have been studying.
  7. Do the exams and give them to the pastor to award marks and certificates form the church.
  8. In case of accreditation, you might need to ask your education service providers in your nation and other bible training college on accreditation.
  9. The whole program can be for free or a small fee can be required to run and maintain the program.
  10. The modules to these bible course can be found below;

The Harvestime Intenational institutue modules

Orientation Guide
Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
Foundations Of Faith
Kingdom Living
Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)
Ministry of The Holy Spirit
Knowing God’s Voice
Creative Bible Study Methods
Basic Bible Survey: Old Testament
Basic Bible Survey: New Testament
Developing a Biblical World View 
Teaching Tactics
Methodology of Multiplication
Power Principles
Biblical Management Principles
Principles of Environmental Analysis
Management  by Objectives
Mobilization Methodologies
Leaven-Like Evangelism
Women, A Biblical Profile
Battle for The Body
Jail and Prison Ministry
Intercessory Prayer

Supplemental Courses:

Altar Counseling Guide
Angels of God  NEW!
Biblical Theology
Biblical Meditation 
Covenant of Abraham
Divine Destiny Devotional
Divine Division
Divine Dwelling, Psalm 91
Divine Provision
Legacy Bible Outlines
Legacy Course Production
Muslim Manual 
New Believer Guidelines
Strategic Spiritual Warfare
Understanding Biblical Numbers
What to Do – Confronting Crisis


Bitter Waters   
Psalms 23 
Prisoner of the Lord
Prisoner of the Lord Study Guide
The King has One More Move
Shattering the Shackles of Shame

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