How to start your own online ministry?

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Starting an online ministry which could be a live stream, social media influence, or blogging is a big deal these days for churches and Christians all over the world who want to kick start or grow their ministry.

There is space for us as Christians to get active and fully engaged as Christians in the online trend. Do a search on youtube and see how many Christians are active there, very few.

The world is being filled with junk, all sorts of evil are being spread through the media and online means, it is time we as Christians take up the stage and reclaim the online space and sanctify it.

The great news is that online ministry does not need a lot in terms of preparation and money, you can start without even a single penny and you do not need a big qualification to change the world.

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Disregard the myth about ministry

The myth that many have that you need to study theology to be a minister is trash, ministry is about meeting the needs of the children of God, taking them from one level to another, even a small Facebook post can do that.

You probably already have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account. Online ministry can be as simple as sharing a devotional every day with the world and these devotionals do not have to be your own.

Supporting and spreading the message of God’s kingdom is itself, whether it is your content or another, the gospel has to reach every part of this world.

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Know your calling

The very first advice I would give you before starting an online ministry is knowing your calling, your gift, what are you called to do in the ministry of the saints.

This is important, you would want to do what you are called to do and not hide in another person’s shadow. You would want to take it as a service to God and not just one of the part-time things you do online.

Knowing your calling will also help you later on with which platform to choose and the type of content you will be creating when the whole thing commences. Are you a video and graphics person or a writing person, will be known when you know what you are called to do.

Pray about it

A disastrous start begins when God is not involved in any idea or ministry including online ministry. Do not be deceived that it is just Facebook or youtube, it is a ministry and this makes a big difference.

You have to pray about your online ministry, you have to get to know God’s opinion about what you intend to start; let him guide you about the right platform to get into and the type of content you are to produce.

It is not wise to get him involved when in the middle, begin with Him and you will see success because the spirit is what makes your words or your text minister to others and not just your articulation or the fun you put in your videos.

Choose your platform

After knowing what you can do best; the gift upon your life. The next step will now be choosing the platform to influence and share the word of God with the world.

The internet has a lot of spaces and platforms which offer different things in mind. There are spaces for visuals in terms of video and photos and there are those ones that are text-based.

This is why identifying what you can do best is important, you would not want to try through all of the platforms, it will demoralize you. Work on what you do best from the beginning.

Some of the platforms include video, for example, youtube, TikTok, and blogging which can be done on platforms like WordPress, medium, and even social media because they are text-based and you can mix text and photos.

Take the step of faith

Though we start and bring out things into manifestation before they are seen, it is important to know that until the world sees it physically, it has not started to them; unless they see your video or read your writing, to them you have not started.

You should be in a position to bring out that online ministry you have prayed for and fasted for. Believe that it is a journey that God will be with you throughout. Every ministry is God’s breathe and started.

Do not fear the names they will give you once they start to see you on youtube or be scared how you will appear on that camera or the bad accent and English, it takes the spirit to minister and not our words only.

Take little steps

You must be in a position to appreciate the whole process. Avoid over raising the bar for you. Things will get better on the way, just take off with a good spirit and believe God to raise the standard when the milestones come.

You do not need a very expensive camera just your phone can do the job in the beginning. You do not need a production team at the start though you can have all these things but do not ever despise and underlook small beginnings.

The thing you should get right from the beginning should be the message and the spirit. The other things can come later, the money, the equipment, and the production team can come in later.

You can also be so audacious and start big, this is not wrong, you can start big and grow bigger but the most important step is taking the first step towards your online ministry.

Continue to explore the online space

I must warn you, online is another world, it is unchartered grounds, it is hostile, you will be abused and criticized and sometimes your work taken down but a strong soldier always fights till the end.

Do not think after one video on youtube, you will become a youtube star. There will be some learning curves and sometimes things will feel like throwing in the towel when you start to see the audience not coming.

In these times, understand that you are doing the work of God and so it is Him to bring the audience. In this faith do not be passive, share the links with people, and continue posting those articles and those quotes and videos, this is showing God that you are positive about the ministry.

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A big note before starting online ministry

You must be driven by the right force and spirit. You should not get into serious online ministry just because you have seen your friends do so or you have seen the rewards that come with time.

I made the statement serious online ministry deliberately because you can do any kind of online ministry. Posting a devotional or a word of encouragement on your Twitter handle is also ministry but by serious I mean that which is intentional.

Rewards might start to come and sometimes you will receive a full-time income by doing online ministry bit you should know that what drives you should not be those things but God himself.

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