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This is a guide on how and why you should start online ministry. Statistics show that more than 56% of the average churchgoer has not shared the gospel with another person in recent months.

This statistic can be alarming because the real reason for our being on this earth is to make Jesus known and introduce him as the soon coming king.

Another statistics shows that more than 70% of churches use online means to send communication to their congregation. Social media has more than 3.5 billion users, these statistics prove that online is becoming better and better for ministry. There are more churches running online for live stream and other ministry programs.

The growing trend in technology and IT is improving communication and reach of people and, us as Christians should take this serious and use it for the sake of the kingdom.

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No one has an excuse for starting an online ministry, in the US alone, more 73% of Generation Z uses social media, we use them for personal influence but we can turn these things as a tool for the gospel.

With all these statistics and the growing trend in technology and the use of the internet, we all can be on a mission. Even with that Facebook account, you can create a pulpit and share the word.

You don’t have to be a well-educated and professor from a seminary or theology school to tell people that God loves them ad he sent Jesus Christ to come and die for them and any who would believe in him will have eternal life, we all can do this in the small spaces of our influence.

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Why you should go online?

1. The world is going digital

With the growing trend in technology, high generation and super machines are very easy to acquire and access today. People have turned to technology for all their needs, from googling very concern that they have and accessing information from a wide range of resources online.

Most people would easily turn to google when they have a burning question and social media can also prove to be a source of inspiration because of the number that are using them. we have to take this opportunity and move with the trend.

We can still even have a great influence in this world with the gospel when we move digital more than if we remain traditional and reserved. Technology proves to be fun and many enjoy this experience and so we have push the gospel into these spaces whether they accept it or not, we would have done our part.

Churches are going digital with livestreams and most churches are even using digital means like email and Facebook as a means of reaching their congregation.  With the recent lockdown, more churches were forced to move online and the trend will continue to grow as the years go by.

2. Easy setup

The traditional ministry involves a lot of preparation to get started. Traditional ministry normally involve professional actions like registration with the authorities and sometimes even one has to get approval first before establishing a church. All this can take up months and even years.

The traditional ministry normally only caters for pastors and other religious leaders and it proves challenging to the gospel enthusiast who are just crazy with the gospel and want to share it out with other people, these might even be young people or people with no connection to other churches where they can start ministry there

With online a mere Facebook page can be a ministry platform. A phone can start a ministry and there is no much requirements needed to get started. Some might already be using these platforms and so sharing a devotion on these platforms will not need a lot of preparation and connection.

For existing traditional ministry, this would just be the perfect addition to your ministry. Creating a website does not need much and so with YouTube channels, Facebook, and other social media pages just take not even an hour to get started. No one has an excuse of not going online for ministry.

3. There is no boundary to sharing the gospel

Physical boundaries can always prove to be a challenge to traditional ministry with their reach. If one wanted to share the gospel with people from Asia, he has to move up to Asia which is expensive and they it is also limited because you will only meet a few from the places you have gone.

Everyone deserves the right to listen to the gospel. Today radio and television programs are reaching millions even on these hard to reach areas. A young preacher without clear establishment could just start the ministry with this means and he can impact millions of life.

You do not now need a visa and flight ticket to preach to Americans or your neighboring country, all you need is a phone or computer and an active internet connection to start impacting lives and reach many people with the gospel which you could have not done using physical means of ministry.

4. Online is cheaper

The best reason would lie even on this, online is cheaper. With no or little startup cost almost every person can get started. Access to internet is growing by the day and also the cost of internet is reducing and this makes others going online easier and cheaper.

The hustle and high budget of acquiring machines like public address system, venue hire etc. as with the traditional ministry is not necessary for online ministry. The cost necessary might only be a phone or computer and access to internet connection.

Online ministry you can start

1. Blog

This deals with sharing your experience whether in writing or in video with the world. Online blogs are becoming more popular today and you could start your ministry just by sharing your experiences and testimonies with others.

2. Questions and answers in online forum

You could start participating in Question and Answer sessions on Q and A sessions. People are asking questions day and night and your answer could give a way out for someone out there. You do not need any money to start and you could reach thousands of people with the gospel.

3. Social media influence

With more than 3.5 billion people on social media, this is a great platform to get started. Social media is normally free and access to and growing followers is easy. Social media also has all sorts of people from different races and continents and so one is able to reach people from different countries and continents with the Lord.

There is no much restriction on social media with what you can share and even if one person does not like there are a ton of people who might be interested and need what you are sharing. Some social media platforms you could consider includes, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and others.

4. Podcast

A podcast is almost the same as radio program only that they are hosted online. With podcast, a prerecorded or live recording is shared on an online platform for people to listen. This is becoming popular increasing overtime with many people subscribing to podcast platforms and so we also have to take the step and move to these platforms.

5. Radio and television

This one might prove to be expensive but can be ideal for churches. With radio or television, you can reach very many people who might not even have access to internet or your following or might not even know about your ministry.

When you consider some remote areas, the only access to technology that they have is their radio set and so with your radio ministry you might reach them. Considering the souls at stake, the money needed to fund these programs might have to be under looked in order for the furtherance of the gospel.

Where to get started.

1. Blog website

This is also a great place to great place. With over billion searches per day, you could reach thousands and millions of people with your message. All you need to get started on this platform is a domain name and a hosting space which can all be below 50 dollars.

With growing drag and drop website builders like wordpress and wix, it is becoming more easy and easy to put a Christian blog out there and start reaching many with the gospel.

2. YouTube

This is a very popular and exciting platform to get started. YouTube is a video sharing platform where users upload videos and other users can view those videos and subscribe to follow on upcoming video. This is a free platform and there is no restriction to the amount and type of information you can share.

3. Social media

This is one of the easiest platforms to get started with your online ministry. Easy to sign up and most of them are free and also getting followers does not need a lot. You could share links to inspiring messages on the platforms or share encouraging messages on these platforms for your followers.

4. Q & A forum like Quora and Reddit

These forums are becoming more popular today, on platforms like Quora and Reddit you can answer questions that the users asks on these platforms and point them to Jesus. You can also start your own space on these platforms and reach many people with the word of God.

5. Podcast hosts like anchor and podbean

This one also is a great platform to get started. With hosts like Anchor and podbean you could get started for free and build your following. You do not need a lot to get started even your phone can be your studio where you record or stream on these platforms.

Things to note before going online

1. Serve and not sell

There is a big potential of making a lot of money from online ministry, from running ads on you platform to sponsored posts and products and affiliate marketing, we can be tempted to sell and not to serve. We may start to see the money more than the message and so we might start to compromise just to gain more followers and people who agree with what we are saying.

Not all the messages you will put out there will be appreciated and accepted, sometimes you might even be given a yellow or a red card and your account or platform deactivated, in all these we should maintain the message and the mission and not compromise.

2. Be on a mission

This is directly linked to the first one, do not just join social media t chat and make new friends, drag those people to heaven, share some inspiration with them offer them guidance and advice on how t be a Christian and walk this Christian life.

It is not about posting the latest photos and how big the meetings were but see everyone on those platforms as potential candidate of heaven, be driven to win them to Christ, invite them to your church, share bible inspirations, verses and devotional with them. Let them know that you are always serious about the gospel.

3. Online has all sorts of people

There can be all sorts of abuse and bully on the internet but as the scriptures says when we put our hand on the plough, we should not look back. The word is full of all sorts of people who believe different things and might react in any way they want to what you are putting out but we are solders should never give up, we should fight till the end. When they switch you off from one place go to another place continue preaching in and out of season.

When we approach online as a tool for the gospel, we can endure all form of hate and abuse and bully because we know they are acting out of ignorance and the message we are passing out is not only for one person but for the whole world, you should never let anyone discourage you from sharing the gospel online.

4. Learn from others in the ministry

There are people who are already online, learn from their testimonies and shape your expectation. Online can also be pretty hard when just starting but you can learn how those who are already on top have done it, it can be hard to gain followers but there are those who already have thousands and millions of followers learn from them.

Some even go ahead and enroll in online ministry courses and all other sorts of courses that is essential for online ministry. If you feel led, please do so, there are many souls at stake and maybe your knowledge can save and deliver them. Knowledge is power.

5. There is no one out of God’s reach.

Sometimes we think that ministry is only when we lay hands on people or when we pray together with them. This is wrong because God is not limited by any distance he can move and touch even someone thousands of miles from where you are and the word of God is living and fresh every day. Even a five-year article can minister to someone.

A word send into the atmosphere will always find someone whether centuries or hours from the time of its release it only takes a heart that can connect to that word this is why we should minister and not just write or make a video and post it online, let it minister to the heart of people.

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