What you need to know about Christian technology

Christian technology

Christian technology is an idea that came out of the New Age movement in the 1970s. It applies to anything that can be labelled as” spirituality” or “life-giving.” The key feature of Christian technology is that it involves the ideas of spirituality and life-giving to things such as music, literature, movies, television, computer applications, and the Internet.

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One of the most essential features of Christian technology is the application of “the buzz” or the “wow” factor. When something extraordinary happens, Christian consumers want to be there and experience the event first-hand. By being a part of the “viral” aspect of the trend, consumers can share the news with their friends, family, and other contacts. The potential spread of Christian technology is enormous.

This is an application that is not new. Television was once viewed as a luxury item. As time progressed, people began recording favorite programs. Once these programs became popular, they were viewed as necessities. Today, one can watch any program he wants, at any time, in the comfort of his own home.

Another application is the Internet. Today’s youth are more interested in using the World Wide Web for communication and information. A Christian internet user has several choices available. He can communicate by email, chat rooms, instant messaging, blogs, forums, and bulletin boards, share photos and personal links.

Christian technology is also becoming increasingly popular among Christians who use the traditional telephone. Although the computer and its use for email have made telephone calls less common, the telephone is still a way to communicate with others. Some use it for Bible study and prayer. Others simply use it to check in on business and friends. A third group uses it while they travel.

Has the application theory been limited to only Christian technology? No. There are many other types of Christian technology. For example, some use televisions, others use radios, and there are even those who enjoy the use of electronic CD players and mp3 formats. These individuals and others like them view their technology as enhancing their lives and ministry.

Christian technology is used by everyone, from the layman to the clergy. Some view it as unnecessary, but for others, it is an extension of their faith. It is up to each individual to determine whether he is able to use such tools because of age or health reasons. However, many feel that it enhances their lives greatly.

So, what is Christian technology? It is the application of technology to the church and, by extension, to the lives of those who participate in that religion. It is not just about applications; it’s about how we use technology and how we live our lives. It is a continuous hand-in-hand with the teachings and knowledge of the Bible. As long as people use such tools, such as computers and televisions, then Christian technology will thrive.

The Bible teaches us that we should use technological tools to enhance our lives. It is part and parcel of what we have been founded on. As Christians, it is important that we don’t get so caught up in technology that we lose the true essence of what we are. Some people even try to claim that there is something wrong with the use of technology because of the way it changes things, such as music and art.

However, as Christians, we know that the Bible never said anything concerning the use of technology. Rather, technology is helpful to those who are using it. Therefore, Christians shouldn’t worry that much about it. Again, the Bible never said anything against technology per se, only that it should be handled responsibly and not abused.

What about Christian technology, then? What can it do for you? Many Christians have found various applications for it. For instance, one Christian may find himself in the medical field and be able to help Christians who are struggling with a sickness or disease. Another Christian may find an online or offline business opportunity through his or her Christian technology knowledge and apply that knowledge to help others.

As Christians, we should learn to embrace technology. It is one of the many tools that God has given us to help us on our journey. With that said, it should not be abused.

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