Best church video editing software

Best church video editing software
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If you are looking for good video editing software for your church, this is the right content. There is numerous video editing software out there. Getting the perfect one to suit your needs and pocket can be a tricky thing. This is why we created this content to help you pick the best video editing software for your church sermons and video production.

A big note you should take is that software is just a tool for making good videos better. You should not expect to get a great video from lousy footage, and so you should focus on creating good videos just to be supplemented by the software you use. Invest in your church gears and expect this software to deliver the best for you.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe premiere pro is something we can never forget when talking about professional video editors for churches. Premiere Pro is the most advanced video editor that you will find out there, loaded with tons of features to get a professional-looking sermon video.

Besides the features, Adobe premiere pro is part of Adobe creative suite, which comes with programs like photoshop, after effects, audition, illustrator and the rest; it could be a viable option to pay for the whole suite and get all the programs which easily integrates.

Adobe premiere pro has lots of video editing tutorials more than any other program, and this helps you get good videos and get started quickly on the platform. It is the most popular video editing even for churches.

Adobe premiere pro is, however, a paid program with a monthly subscription of $20.99 per month or the whole adobe creative suite at $52.99 per month, which comes with over 20+ programs that also helps with the other church projects like graphics work.

Final Cut Pro

Final cut pro is the other premiere pro alternative for professional video creators who want to produce high-quality work. Many people prefer to use final cut pro given the fast-editing framework, unlike premiere pro, which lags and frequent freezing when working on mega projects and rendering time given that final cut pro does background rendering automatically.

When it comes to payment, unlike premiere pro, which is a monthly based subscription, Final Cut is a $299 one-time lifetime payment product. The price sounds better than premiere pro pricing, given you only pay for the software once and have it for the rest of the years.

The major drawback to final cut pro for many churches production teams is that it is only a Mac application. It strictly runs on mac and not any other platform. But if you are in a position to acquire an apple machine, then you can set off with this fantastic piece of video editing for your church today.

Davinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is an excellent piece of software packed with numerous futures for you to come out with great and great sermon videos and church promo. Davinci Resolve is a piece of software used by Hollywood directors and professional video makers out there.

This software is more professional software that requires some prior editing knowledge. Perhaps you can dive into it if you are willing to take time and learn new stuff because the software is more intense and needs time to get to speed with getting familiar with the interface.

The great news is that it comes with both a free and a paid program; the free software does all the magic if you are not into advanced editing, but you could unlock the paid version to get more features to enhance your church’s video production.

The other drawback is that Davinci Resolve requires high-end computers to work well; with all its features, it requires a powerful machine to run well. Otherwise, you will have crashes all the time and your computer slowing and freezing sometimes.

Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is an alternative if you are looking for an easy to use and friendly video editor for your church at a lower cost while having the significant functions and effects found in the more professional software like premiere pro and final cut.

Filmora is one of the simplest and easiest video editing platforms for your church to get started with. They have a straightforward and intuitive interface. Besides that, it comes with plenty of free non-copyrighted music, effects, and colour grading luts to make your editing easy. You don’t have to spend money paying for copyrighted music when you can get them for free in the filmora package.

Regarding the pricing, you can pay for a one-time lifetime fee of $69.99 or a yearly fee of $39.99. The difference between the one-time lifetime payment and the annual payment is that you get free updates with the yearly payment.

Filmora is an excellent tool for many who want to edit videos fast and not spend much money.

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