There is an eye that sees defeat and a wall instead of a way through and at the same time, there is a time that sees victory and a way even where there seems to be nothing like away.

These two visions are defined by the places one beholds life from. Two men one in dark and one in light cannot give the correlating description of what is really seen.

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One reason why we tend to treasure the counsel of old men is because most of them have seen the end of this normal life and they are convinced that what the eye sees is more of a vague image of what life really is.

They have reached a place because of their age and they have come to understand that what the normal eye can see is limited and there is so much that the eye cannot see what is really around us.

The physical vision tends to lean and bend more towards what is the eye can see yet we seem to live in a world where certain forces beyond the physical sight control what is seen yet these forces no man can seem to explain it fully for some to understand.

The world we live in has some sort of forces that bring about whatever the eye can see, whatever is seen by this physical eye and even things that the eye cannot see all in brought into existence by this force.

This is the reality of this life, there is so much that the physical eye cannot see and so every time we rely more on the physical sight we always end up with the wrong navigation.

On the other hand, there is an eye that sees these forces and seems to disregard what the physical eye can see. It points to forces that we can seem to figure out but these control the physical.

So, with this eye, we are able to properly position life because we seen what brings about what we see. Everyone who can see these forces will always have a clear picture of what to expect because the very beginning of it they know.

There is so much evidence that scientist are coming to a conclusion that they were wrong all this while because there is so much that they cannot explain yet when they listen to the old fable they refer to it provide them with the answer they need.

The eye that sees these forces will have greater control over their life, they will always take nothing for granted because they see deeper than what the normal eye can see and they tend to way everything by the eye that sees deeper.

A clear illustration of this mystery can be seen in the story of prophet Elisha and his servant in the book of 2 Kings 6:15-16. How can two people be in the same place both with perfect physical eyesight and yet have a vision of two different things?

One regarded the physical eye while one regarded the spiritual eye more than the physical eye and the result was evident that the physical eye was lying all along. This lie was because it was not seeing a different thing but because the thing that is seen is brought about by what is not seen.

The man who was seeing these forces that control the spiritual saw that what the physical eye was seeing was not what it seemed, there was actually more on their side than what the physical eye was seeing.

This is a sad reality but you can be in the same place or circumstances yet see different things. In a place that looks to be defeat from one eye might seem the greatest victory from the other eye, which eye will you then trust.

This should spark a certain fire in our hearts to always reconcile ourself to our vision, what is that others are seeing that you are not seeing or what is that you are seeing and others are not seeing.

After all this, how can you then start living this life basing only on what the physical eye can see yet there is so much which is hidden to this physical eye.

When we decide to dig down deep to find out the difference between these two people, we come to realize that their biggest difference is their understanding.

The more our understanding has been elevated, the more our sight will also turn to the spiritual. Sensitivity to the spiritual eye comes because of our elevated sight. What you understand, you become a tune to mostly.

This is the very thing that will make some people read a passage in the bible and they immediately see the result of that word while others will claim that same scripture year in and year out and not see any change.

The eye we see life with defines greatly what we also see and allow in our heart. There is no way a person who sees victory in a situation starts to give up when he or she sees the physical not reconciling to the spiritual.

They become more focused on the spiritual and pay more attention on what the spiritual beings than what the normal eye can see.

Choose to elevate tour understanding and thereby you start to see life with a different lens and where other people can see defeat, shame and loss, you might see victory and triumph.

This is the very thing that will make wise men and women more preferred and favored because they have more control over their life and day. Decide to be one today.

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