Every woman feels complete and happy when they have found a loving and caring husband, a man who stands up to his expectations and is accountable to the family. This, however, does not mean attacks will not come to him.

Attacks are everywhere, and sometimes your husband might come back home under a different influence, and this is why you as a wife should pray for your husband always. The devil does not want to see successful families, and when your husband starts to obey God and follow His leading, the devil will fight it tooth and nail.

This article will guide you on how you should pray fr your husband, why you should pray for him, and the prayer points that you should keep in mind every time you pray for your husband. A big disclaimer is that let the spirit always guide you on what is best and essential because he knows him more than you do.

Why should you pray for your husband?

Men are always presented with challenges, so you should always pray for your husband, but here are some solid reasons why you should be severe with praying for your husband.

The husband is the father of the family.

Your husband is not a man in the house; he is the father. Fatherhood transcends just providing the seed for a new life and being called daddy or dad or providing for the family. Fatherhood is the grace to carry the burden of many and to care for them.

With this responsibility then comes big tests and big attacks from the devil. This is the reason why you should pray for your husband always. You should pray that he remains the father he is and even become a better father and overcome any attacks that might come upon his life.

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The husband is the source of the family.

A source is a place of beginning. Family begins when a man leaves his father’s house and joins with his wife. Your prayer for your husband as a source should be that they can carry the burden of bringing new and great things and ideas that can take the family to another level.

It is not just enough when they are consulted for decisions; it should be that they are the source of inspiration for these visions and decisions. When the children look at your husband, they should see inspiration and a bright and greater future, and this is how your prayer should be that when they look at him, they see inspirations.

The husband is the high priest of the family.

The priestly ministry is given to everyone in the family, but the role of the family’s high priest is only the mandate of the husband. The high priest’s role is to carry the infirmity of the people and present them with his infirmity to God.

A high priest should be sensitive to the infirmity of the people, which is what makes them carry their infirmity, and this is the one thing that qualifies a high priest before God. So, this is why you should pray for your husband so that he can be touched with the infirmity of your family then he can’t present you to God.

The husband is the teacher of the family.

No one would ever want a teacher who does not know what they affirm, and from whence they affirm because it is clear that truth sets people free and in order. Without order, people can walk off course even without knowing it, so the proper order must be established and done in the rightness and truth of the word.

As a teacher, the whole family will look to him as an example to them; the family will adapt and mutate to the idea and understanding of the husband. So, the burden comes to you as a wife to pray for your husband that he beholds the truth always so that he can lead and teach the same principles to the whole family.

The husband is the symbol of authority in the family.

The placing of man as the stronger vessel into the place of authority is for the peace and prosperity of the family. The purpose of authority is to guide to a peaceable and godly life, and they have the mandate to punish every form of wickedness. (Ephesians 5:23). The place of authority is the place of decision; certain things can never happen to a family unless the husband approves.

The family can agree on certain things, but as long as the husband does not agree, it is not established because the husband carries the final authority. This then should shape your prayers to pray for your husband to discern every decision they make and to take a bold step of faith in certain areas for the advancement of the family and the kingdom of God.

Prayer points when praying for your husband

Here are some prayer points you can always keep in mind when praying for your husband but also remember that prayer is personal, and the utterance and the burden are laid by the spirit, so you should always look for his leading.

Pray for your husband’s finances

Pray for his job and source of income. Money is an answer to many things (Ecclesiastes 10:19) and a source of defense (Ecclesiastes 7:12); when your husband has money, he can fully support the family. Besides that, he becomes generally happy and at peace, which is translated to the family.

Pray for your husband’s health.

No woman would want to raise children without their father at the side. Health is one of the areas most attacked by the devil; second, after finances, you should pray for your husband’s health and revert any wicked plans the enemy might have planned to wretch his health. When your husband is healthy, then he can take care of the family and provide for the family. When he is healthy, he makes the right move and the right decisions.

Pray for your husband’s faith.

Pray that your husband continues in the faith (Colossians 1:23) because the danger of walking without God is dangerous; pray that the fire in his life goes wild and crazy (2 Timothy 1:6). When the husband is submitted to God, the possibility of seeing everyone in your family submitted and serving God is high because of the father’s influence in the home. A praying and a committed husband also makes your life as a wife easy.

Pray for your husband’s relationships.

People are better with friends, and two people will always have a great reward for their plans and work (Ecclesiastes 4:9). Pray for his work partners, pray for his friends and his family members. Friends influence our decisions (Proverbs 27:17), so you should pray for your husband’s friends so that they be people who will positively influence your husband’s decisions and vision.

Pray for your husband’s vision.

Pray that his dream is God’s dream and his vision is God’s vision. Pray for his aspirations and all his plans, we can make our plans, but God will always have the final say (Proverbs 16:9). Pray that he sees God in all his plans, dreams, and aspirations. It is a great pleasure for any woman to see her husband makes the right decision for her family because he sees God in it all.

Pray for your husband’s ministry.

We are all called to serve God in different ways. Not everyone is called to be a pastor or a preacher. We find fulfillment in serving God, and you, as a wife, you are meant to lay a helping hand to your husband, so you should pray so hard for his ministry. Pray that your husband gets to know his part in the gospel and discover himself in God.

How to pray for your husband to get saved?

Though the scriptures do not tell us under any circumstance to pray for someone to get saved, you can pray for other things to influence their choices and draw them closer to God. So, below are some prayer points you can keep in mind when praying for your husband to get saved or become serious with God.

Pray for his heart to be softened.

A hardened heart will never want to obey God, and that is why you as a wife should pray for your husband’s heart to be made soft to take the word of God and accept the Lord into their life. A hardened heart shields the word of God from cracking open their heart to expose their emptiness.

Pray for laborers

In particular, the scriptures tell us to pray about to pray for laborers (Matthew 9:38); that we should pray so that God would send in laborers who will come and have the harvest. When you have an unsaved husband, sometimes he might not take your preaching seriously, so you need to pray for other people to interact with him and convince him about God.

Pray that he respects your faith.

There is a grace that follows a praying woman, and besides that, the scriptures even tell women that sometimes what will save your husband is your actions (1 Peter 3:1), when they see how you handle yourself, and so you should pray that he entertains your faith as you win him over with your action.

Confess his sins to God.

This is particularly the ministry given to every believer. That is why the scriptures tell us to pray for those who hate us. The majority of the people who hate us are nonchristians. In this prayer, we confess their sins to God and ask God to pardon and forgive them. We become the priest that stands before God to intercede for them, and so should it be when you are praying for your husband.

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