Why Christians should not admire worldly influencers?

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Should Christians admire worldly influences; the heroes the world looks up to because of the gift upon their lives or what they have achieved over the years. Some have done very noble jobs and we might be forced into admiring them but should you really admire worldly influencers.

It is very common in this world where we see a lot of people as stars from movies and sports and we can sometimes be moved to admire them and become obsessed with them.

Everyone can have their own argument when it comes to this topic but I thought I also share with you my idea on the topic of admiring and following worldly influencers and I hope you see the light.

I will base my argument on these factors. explaining why I think they matter and should be considered when it comes to this topic of admiring worldly influencers as a Christian.

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The end of every man

The very words of Jesus come to mind when it comes to the end of any man. “you gain the whole world but lose your soul” It does not matter how great, good, or inspiring they might sound and appear if they don’t have a relationship with God, their end is destruction.

Their works might have changed the world however we have to understand that the wisdom for such innovation and can only come from non-other than God because the wisdom that comes down from Him is the mother of all we call innovation and invention. So, we can appreciate what they have done, but their personality should never inspire us.

Admiring a man’s work and his personality are two different things. The Muslims admire Jesus but they will never admire his personality. So you can admire the theories they came with and the different inventions and entertainment they gave you but never admire their personality.

There is nothing good about a dead man. No matter how good they might appear the kind of worldly wisdom that might come from their mouth, they are all operating and speaking from a fallen state.

A broken man

Anyone who admires worldly influencers has something in them that is broken, yes only broken people look for broken men and women to help them but a free redeem man or woman will look for the peace giver to satisfy their soul.

Some people in their broken state will seek refuge in the craft of this world, the ideas of this world, and the influences of this world, these things might appear more applicable because they are easy to interpret and relate with more than the things of God.

When you start to look this way, then you will be disappointed forever, there is a man who restores the brokenhearted, a man who comforts the afflicted, you ought to run to Jesus not to music of this world to comfort you or to marriage counselors of this world to fix your marriage.

They can only offer a temporary fix to the solution. They might appear to permanently fix the situation but they are not, they are only painting over the problem to make it disappear yet the problem needs to be destroyed.

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Inspiration in the bible

Do you want to be famous then admire the most famous person that has ever lived and that is Jesus Christ? There are more than enough personalities to admire from the bible alone.

If you have failed to get one, then look for men and women of God who have lived and created a major impact in their land or even your pastor in your local church. These are more than our inspiration, they shape our lives to live according to their pattern.

Look at a wonder of the scriptures “every scripture noted down for us is intended by the Spirit of God for instruction, inspiration, correction, and reproof in our walk.” All you will ever need to live a great, envious and right life in God has already been addressed and accounted for in the bible, you only need to get into its experience.

The bible has the best heroes, the best songwriters and musicians, the best actors, and the best warriors. Men who stopped the sun, men who walked on water, the best doctors to ever live, this should make you admire such men and women at your first glance into their stories and life.

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