Who will not go to heaven according to the Bible?

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The answer to the question who will not go to heaven according to the Bible? Is answered in the scriptures, the bible tells us that only people who have accepted the lordship of Jesus Christ and they have fully believed in what he did for them on the cross and not any other person regardless of how good you have been on the earth.

The only way

Jesus confused the Pharisees in John 10:10 when he made a bold statement that there is no other way apart from him. He has been given the right and made the only way for someone to access God who saves.

This idea of Jesus being the only one way might scare off some religious groups, some of these people have put another way before their congregation, and many unfortunately have followed their course. The one who does not preach of Jesus being the only way is undoubtedly the enemy of that tree and God.

No matter what you think or what science and your religious belief tell you, the only way to get somewhere near heaven is through Jesus Christ; he was the gift that came to give us everlasting and eternal life. There is nothing like life outside of our saviour and redeemer. All things and are given find life in the living resurrected saviour.

Narrow is that path that leads us to a place of salvation and heaven, and very few dare to travel it. Some think that the majority is always right; God can even destroy a thousand people to prove that one person is right. Do not think that since you might be many in that circle, God will compromise with you. No, he will and will never; God stands by his principles and laws.

Works vs faith

This notion has been debated by many, yet the scripture provides a clear-cut difference between them. Do our good deeds save us, or can we go to heaven if we try to live a good and kind and generous life? Indeed the answer is no.

We fall every time we try to access the grace of our saving and living God without our works (Galatians 5:4). The essence of grace was that we could not make it on our own, and grace puts us on the standard of God without our works and makes us accepted in the sight of our God.

The only way God could make salvation free for everyone was by giving his grace. When people think they can make it to heaven on their terms, God proves them wrong because he clearly stated that works could never save you.

The part works plays in our life is when our spirit and soul are subject to God’s righteousness. By this, we start to live a morally and spiritually sound and useful life and be fair, not that we are trying to please him. Still, we have been regenerated and given a kind of life that wants to live peacefully and godly with everyone else.

Why you need Jesus

Look at ourselves as a nail that has been hit hard and drilled to sin, and we were all locked out in the sting, and there was no way out. The only way was for us to all die and go and be given to torment eternally. The evil devil was the cause of all this; he destroyed the hope of humanity.

The good and awesome God who is so merciful had to think a way for us and what other way apart from sacrificing what was most precious to him, his only and one and only son, Jesus Christ. The whole mission was started even before we could ever think of sin, and he moved the motion until Jesus had to be made into one of us.

The one sent’s mission was to destroy the one thing that humanity could not get over, and this was death (1 John 3:8) which came because of our sin and sin was given power, strength, and breeding ground by the law. Jesus has become the only person and only God who can take away our heavy and immovable burden and wash and cleanse us from our sins and nail them forever on the cross where he was hanged.

One has to look to Jesus to live. The gaze we fix on him is the mighty gaze of faith, and faith is the only entity that brings us to the foot of that tree where our saviour was hanged and makes us acceptable in the eyes of our beloved.

The hard truth

The reality and the truth of this question are no, a non-Christian or non-believer can never make it to heaven. The earlier you accept this, the better; when you are serious about the bible, then you will know that God is serious about his word.

The God who both made a way and provided for the sacrifice for our redemption is not a God who can compromise; his son was dear to him, and when you refuse to acknowledge his gift, you look down on Him, and he is a God who does not like to be looked down on.

Stop this doctrine of live a good life, and you will make it to heaven. The scriptures offer a module for us from the first page to the last page; even of the continued inspiration, it has never been in the power of anyone to make it to heaven; it is all in the power of God and not of ourselves. 

The truth always stinks. Being on the wrong side is worse than embracing reality and truth and being on the right side. Emotions do not move God; he is always driven by what he has set forward, which is his word. 

What about those who have not heard the gospel

This is one thing that some people have their false confidence in; as I said earlier, destroying millions of people to God is no big deal; he his not move by what you think. This Understanding and perception must be in you that the only way for you as a child of this world to make it to heaven is by receiving and accepting Jesus into your dear life as your only Lord and saviour.

The scriptures tell us that the end will only come when everyone has heard the gospel (Matthew 24:14) and how many have already heard this word, at least every day, there is a message that comes your way, televisions, internet, radios and many other forms have spread this word beyond borders.

No one makes it to heaven without being born again. The blood of the redeemer gives the only ticket. That assurance and confidence that when he arrives on that cloud, you will be among that batch that will make it to the glorious place and spend eternity with your God are only by Him.

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