What do you do when God speaks to you?

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It is a blessing to hear the voice of God and so you have to respond the right way to this voice. What you do when God speaks to you matter a lot and this is exactly what we shall discuss here.

The sound of the voice of God is not familiar, it is not the same normal voices you hear every day. Because he is God, his words are not ordinary and simple words.

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Understand the voice

Probably this is the first thing that you should ever do when God speaks to you. Know whose voice is that; who spoke that thing to you, you would not want to mistake the word of the devil for the word of God.

Satan has a way of appearing like God to speak to us. Look at what the scriptures says, it points to u that even satan can be transformed and appears in form an angel of light.

There is a certain way the word of God appears to us and so we should discern whose words are those. If it is from the devil, then you will know that it is all deception and when it is from God, it is either life or death.

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Seek counsel

Every voice has a meaning, every word has a certain information it comes to pass to any who hears that word. Paul clearly told the church that every voice has a certain signification, it speaks and communicates something.

Look at David, he said that God only spoke once but it took him two times to understand what God told him. You will need a clear picture of that word; you would have to know the entire message that was given you by God.

There are people who have gone through what you are going through and there are people who know the distinction of the voice of God and sometimes the interpretation of the counsel of God and so you should seek the counsel of those above you.


The devil will fight what God has communicated to you. He is very aware that the word of God comes to redeem and to uplift and he does not want you to be better and increase and so he comes to block that word.

Look at Daniel when he prayed and the prince of Persia came and withheld his answer, God had already given him what he had asked for but satan came to block him from receiving the answer. It was his prayer that fought the devil to release what was sent to him.

This he can do by giving you an impression to think that the word you got in that dream was not from God, he comes to confuse you to not get the correct interpretation and so prayer helps to bridge that gap.

Believe it

After understanding that the word was from God, make up your mind to believe it; start to trust what God has said. It is not the idea of God to promise you something and not deliver.

This is the place where so many promises are aborted, any ounce of doubt will spark a series of chain reaction that might sometime lead to a failure of the promise of God to come to pass.

Look at what James tells us when he said that anyone who is double minded will not receive anything from God. Double mindedness comes by doubt, when you think it might or might not. Take God to be serious for what he promised you.


There is a reason why God put patience as one of the fruit of the spirit. We have to embrace patience as Christian. In that patience do what patient people do, continue to trust God and t fortify yourself to receive and sustain.

We already know that the promises of God can only be yes and not otherwise and so we have to give time for the word to be established and grows to produce much fruit.

Even human beings have nine months when they are being incubated such that when they come out, they have the tenacity to sustain the times to come.

God is powerful enough and his words comes with its own force to sustain it until it produces it result and so we have to give it time. Be very cautious also because sometimes in the name of patience many have lost it all.

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