What salvation is by faith alone means?

salvation is by faith alone

If I am to lift a finger, where can it take me, what percent can it add to purchase my salvation. Nothing not circumcision not rule keeping. This is purely grace mingled with faith energized by love. s

Why would a man quarrel with fellow saints over rule keeping? Ooh Paul, if I see you, I would give you a high five. What had happened to us to know the truth of the matter.

If truly anything was there to make me righteous, I would have jumped to it as soon as I knew about it, but no, only Jesus, only love.

Circumcised yourself, wash yourself with this water, drink only this, eat only this, all could not help, there was no life, only death and destruction. Ooh what a wrenched man I was

An outsider, forever locked out of the door, the keys hidden in the darkest place, only had I known where the key was, and only had I had the power to get it I would have been a free man long time, but no, the power does not belong to you, you carry not the strength of it.

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Ooh man, ooh how you have tried to create your own way, do you not know that a way has been created for us, there is no safety in trusting in your own arms.

Meat hidden from me, only seeing bones, smelly bones with no life. Where can I get comfort, where can I get help. Only seeing shadows, nothing is clear, everything is black and white, I was lost forever.

Tried living my best, all was in vain, tried being good to my friends and neighbors, all could not set me free, there was no hope for me, only a dull blurry vision, where can hope come from such a sight.

God before introducing the real meat and full picture, he related with us from a point of shadow, his ways was not full revealed to many and the law and living a righteous and trying your way out was an option for any who wants to be pure before God.

Before the Israelites crossed river Jordan under Joshua, the Lord commanded all the male to be circumcised so that they could enter the promise land and children of the covenant.

Circumcision and all other rituals which were performed in the old covenant was to give a certain degree of righteousness to the people, for without this no man will see the lord.

In the old covenant, the only sign of belonging to that covenant was by circumcision, no one would claim to be of the covenant if they were not circumcised.

Everything was down to following rules and the best you tried to live fully to the dot of the law, the more acceptable you were. Ooh how many people missed this credential.

We were helpless, sin was that sting that we could not get off, we were forever trapped by the lie of sin, Ooh what a helpless man, nothing could make you stay off sin.

Ooh man, day after day, your eye of ever seeing redemption was nearing impossible, it needed what no man could ever offer for us. You were heading to only one place, destruction.

Can you ever leave what you treasured the most? Can you ever let the cream of your creation perish forever? Ooh what a loving God, nothing could ever diminish his love for a fallen man.

Then, BOOM, redemption, what we least expected, God had to do what will look stupid, to love a rebellious man, a man cruel and crooked.

Ooh, how I have known that His love for us was the only way for that price to be paid and redemption to be secured. The devil would have not killed an innocent man, if he had only known but that was the strength of God.

He will never know the full picture, he is hidden to what beats in the heart of God, that is why he failed and become corrupted. No matter how wise he thinks he is, he does not know.

The places he may take us, only had he known that, that is the place of our promotion, he would not have dared to do such a thing to you.

You will move victorious, you will win, the victory is sure, nothing can stand before you and look down on you, you got it, nothing is out of control.

Cross over that line, you were redeemed, the only was has been created, you can smile once again, you can move with your head up once again, you are dearly loved.

Quiet, ooh I say quiet, He is pleased already, ooh I wish he needed some sacrifice or some rule keeping.

How can you pay the price with your life and offer for free, not even an inch of finger is needed to lift the burden, he did it all by himself?

Grace, what a wonderful and precious thing, our story started there, the true romance was seen there, looking not at what oppressed us and held us captive. He decided to erase the past and make love with us.

Ooh what a sweet savor, what a sweet sacrifice, what a love, redeemed all at his cost, nothing absolutely nothing was to be desired of me, he paid it all for me, a poor me, a wrenched me. Tears can stop every time I think of my first true love.

The best gift for humanity, the best and priceless offer any would not want to decline. Taking your sins and returning righteousness all for free, that seems to good to be true.

Ooh pharisee, why can you stop, why cant you see deep inside the cup, nothing outside can ever clean the inside, let them deal with the inside, because you have failed multiple times.

Submit to what is above, it does not show your weakness, it only shows your strength for when you are considered of no help and weak, in there is your biggest strength.

Why play the show, why take the stage and play the good guy, nothing you can ever do will justify you.

Stop being proud and boastful. Why do you still want to make your own way when a plain and easy way has been made? Oh why?

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