9 ways to overcome temptation as a Christian

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Temptation our badge of honor and a tool by the devil to lead us off the course of our lives. Here are 9 ways to overcome temptation as a Christian. God wants you to live above every trial and that in every trial you have to emerge victorious and stronger.

Submit to God

Hebrews 4:16 tells us that the grace we need to overcome any temptation and trial is found in the Lord. When we submit to him, we allow his power and ways over our lives and in this we can easily take up the free gift of grace to help us in any needs.

God has always a way of getting us out of any mess, this does not matter what has happened, he even has a way of removing you from the fire and cleansing you that when you appear, they will not even tell you were there in the first place.

God will always want to save us, there is nothing that he can ever permit in our lives when he knows we cannot overcome it, the very things that befall us is already in the mind of God that we are able to overcome it.

There is nothing in our lives that is new to him, he knows everything and when we come to him, we inquire from him what our next step should be, this is why we have to be in constant sync with him in every situation not just when in trouble only.

God also has a way off making a way even through the waters, look at the three friends of Daniel, when they were in the biggest trial, he made a way where it was least expected. There is a confidence that builds up around you if you know God has you case under his care. Come to him always, in bad times and in good times, for he is our loving father.

Carry and invest in wisdom

One of the biggest tricks of the devil is to trickery. He uses tricks to get our attention and draw to his trap. Look at every temptation, he always begins by questioning what we know and then proposing his ideas to us.

The moment we are not deeply rooted and built up in wisdom, we will fall for his tricks. Where do you think all these sorts of false doctrines come from, the devil just infuses his idea into people who are not wise and uses them to expand his false doctrine.

The devil is afraid of people who know, because they can challenge all his ideas with the word of God. Look at Jesus when he was being tempted by the devil on the that wilderness, he always responded to the devil with the word of God. This calls us to invest in wisdom, for by these we are able to appoint the devil where he is to be and leave us at peace.

Embrace the grace of God

Look at grace as someone who comes to your rescue when all your strength is failing or not enough. He is assigned to us always to help us walk out of things into a great life.

We find the grace of God to walk us out of any situation when we are in need. The grace of God apportions for us the strength of God to defeat any circumstances that we might be going through. Grace is working the power and strength of the almighty.

Renew your mind

The mind is the place where any kinds of traps are laid by the devil, he always begins by ceasing control of your thought and then he can drag you wherever he wants. The new life is all about forgetting what we knew and clinging onto the savior who is our wisdom.

This is the reason why every born-again Christian is urged to renew his mind. The process of renewing our mind is all in the word, we leave the junk of this world and cling to the saving knowledge of the Lord. In this process we get to understand what the will of God is for our lives and we get off the traps and hooks of the devil.

Stand your ground

The devil can always fight but he wont last long. He is troubled by those who stand their ground till the end. We are not the category who gives up when things look to be a bit out of control but we are of the ones who believer throughout any situation.  

The devil is just buying time and so when we decide to stand our ground, we prove that we are stronger than anything he can ever bring to us. We are always stronger because of the power that resides in us, we must always show that and this starts by us standing our ground even if other people have already compromised.


Jesus told his disciples in Luke 22:40 that the way of not entering into temptation is prayer. The devil is scared and afraid of prayerful people because of the much power prayer can avail and this power is what defeats the devil.

Prayer also has a way of aligning us to our path because prayer in the sense should a two-way communication between us and God and the instructions, we receive from God during prayer is what helps us to align our path and destiny.

Learn from others

Life is a cycle, all that is happening has already happened one time, it is the same with temptation, the very things you are going through one time befell someone (1 Corinthians 10:13), either your friend or someone you know.

We therefore have to learn from others, we have to study how they did it line by line and learn from them. Sometimes the very thing we are going through might cost us a lot if we do not get of it, that is why wise people will always try to learn from other people’s failures and mistake and not to go through the same experience.

Some have written books and articles about it, lets just dive into their experience and we can have variety of things to learn from them and these would save us a lot of time and redeem our lives. You are not a lone and going through temptation does not mean you are the worst all go through but the way we get out of it matters.

Learn from others, do not be so arrogant and proud that you cannot take advice from people. All of us have story to tell and when you listen to other people you might be shocked that you were going to make your current situation even worst, so learn from others.

Retrace your steps

Before we fall or are tempted, there might be a step we have missed. The devil will always want to find something to plead against you for that is his work, to be crafty and catch believers and entangle them in his trap.

What the scriptures also tells us that we cannot be tempted by God but we are drawn into temptation because of our own evil lusts. It therefore necessary to retrace your steps to get off any hook the devil might be tying you to.

Put on the full armor of God

There is no guarantee that temptation will not come, instead, we have all the assurance in the scriptures that temptations and trials will come but we have to be ready and prepared to face them and these calls for the armor of God.

The armor of God is more than just the armor we know today. This armor has the strength of even protecting places that are hard to protect and that is the mind. The mind is a playground where everything can come and so the armor of God also helps us to protect even this.

The purpose of the armor is to withstand all evil (Ephesians 6:13) and disobedience and bring them to captivity. With the armor, we can war good warfare both offensive and defensive. From the word to faith to truth and the preparedness to preach all these is what helps us to stand firm when evil days come.

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