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I have come to realize that many do not hear God yet God speaks to us always. The voice of God, here are 20 things you should know and why you should know them. What surrounds this voice and why this voice is not like others.

Does God still speak to us today?

The voice of God is louder today than it has ever been. God expects the church to have advanced in knowledge and wisdom and this puts the church in a higher plane to hear the voice of God than before.

The prophecy of the old times still stand, knowledge will and is increasing in the last days. The more we know, the more we are connected to God to hear his voice and be connected to his purpose.

A big word of caution should go out to everyone that God is not tight to your experience and occasion, he performs and speaks to anyone in any way and when you think He does not speak to you or in your church, this does not disqualify the voice of God in any way.

God speaks in different ways, from his word, to counsel, to prophecy, he still speaks and his voice is known and recognized by all. Even creation itself articulates the voice of God in a certain way.

This calls for us to be aligned and a tuned to his voice. We should get rid of all the distractions and focus on his voice. We should filter out the noises of the world and amplify the voice of the savior and king.

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How to hear the voice of God

My sheep hears my voice” were the words Jesus spoke in John 10. There is an assurance that any who claim to know God has and this is the assurance of always hearing the voice of God.

God speaks and he is still speaking, his voice is louder than before because of the time we are in. This time calls us to hear the voice of God more for effective ministry and life and God is deliberate about us hearing his voice.

Have you ever spent days, weeks or even months without hearing the voice of your father when you sleep in the same house and live in the same place? This is the same with God, he is our father and he wants to create and build a strong relationship between us and himself and this is done in communication. 

Have this in your mind that if you belong to God, then you also hear his voice. All it takes is faith. Faith separates us and open our hearts to hear what the father is saying, and when you do this, you will start to know and hear his voice.

He is not strange to us but we only have to tune our hears to hear his voice and this starts by having the faith that you hear him, even the slightest instructions do not pass you.

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Spectacular vs supernatural

This has become the dilemma of our times, we have some idea of this God which is not correct, we have reduced him to be someone we can predict and try to manipulate.

God speaks in different ways, how he chooses to speaks to you might be different from how he speaks to another. To some it might be a clear loud voice, while to some might be that still small voice and to some might even be the scriptures itself.

This God is above all we can thing and make him appear, he can speak to anyone in any way he chooses, when he spoke to Moses in a burning bush, he might speak to you in your dream. There is no method of God speaking

Do not confuse the supernatural for the spectacular, he might appear in a less spectacular way and speak to you and even the point where the spectacular seems evident, he might not speak.

Do not think the same way God speaks to you is the same way, he speaks to others, he is a God of diversity, to you He might spear in the spectacular and speak while to others he might appear even in the most unexpected time and still give you the deepest mystery you will receive that day.

When not hearing the voice of God

This should not even be a topic of discussion in the Christian faith but it has become a story for some, men have preached series about it, they have written books and all sorts of content about it.

The truth of the matter is God speaks whether you seem not to hear him or you do. The day God stops speaking is the day all of us will die because it will show that he has fully rejected us and he is tired of us which is not the case.

The main reason some people claim that they do not hear the voice of God is because most times someone or something else has become a god to them and so priorities will have to be set.

Our God is a jealous God, we will not want to be one of the other gods in your life, he wants to be the only one and no one else, he either take the first place or he is not in the race.

So, what do you do when you find yourself in such a position, the answer is check yourself and let God take priorities in your life? In this you tune yourself to his frequency, this can be by prayer, reading the bible or fasting. 

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Discerning the voices

There is no voice in this world that does not have a meaning, every whisper and every sound carries a distinctive voice and language that can be deciphered by those who are learned in that language.

The voice of God just like these other voices can also be discerned, it is distinctive, just like all the different languages are not similar and can be noticed just by the sound of it, it is the same with the voice of God.

Discerning the voice of God needs you to first be learned in the language of God and this starts with the heart, every born-again believer has been born into the realm of God and so it is easier to get learned in this language than any others in the world.

The voice of God is so different from the other voices that when God speaks, there is a clear-cut difference and there is an assurance that comes with that voice.

The voice of God is also not independent, it is connected with the other guiding lights he has put into place for example prophecy, inner witness, peace and circumstantial evidence.

This is what makes the voice of God very distinctive. If the voice you are hearing does not follow these paths for example there is no peace about that voice or the lack of inner witness about what you have heard, then that should give you the first red light but it should not push you away from the voice but to study to find out where the voice came from.

The voice of purpose

Time and experience have told us that God is a God of purpose, he does everything in accordance to purpose, he only gets involved in a situation because he has seen it necessary to do so. God is a purposeful God.

God does not relate with us from a “joking” position, he is a serious God and when he comes to speak to us, he does not just speak to pass time and to show that he can speak.

He always involves purpose in everything he speaks, there is no way God can speak and he has not involved purpose in it, every glimpse of him is tagged to purpose.

The first step when we hear this voice is for us to get to understand the purpose and reason for that voice, everything God speaks is for a specific reason and finding out this will position us the plan that he has for the current situation.

The voice of judgement

This is a voice that comes to everyone, it comes to pass out a certain judgement on what has happened, this voice was very common in the old testament though it is still common these days but mainly through the inner witness.

Everyone can hear this voice. This is the only voice that even unbelievers and those who are opposed to this God can hear, it comes to settle the score and reveal his majesty and strength and this is judgement.

When this voice comes to the believer, it comes to accomplish two things and that is to judge the case at hand and to vindicate us to be his ministers, it comes to set apart the ministers of God and make them known that they true and approved of God or to align his ministers to the right path.

This voice is key for the believer because you will know what battles to fight and those to walk out of because God has already judged the matter. This is fighting smart. Otherwise, we will start to fight battles we were meant to concede defeat as a way of a bigger victory.

For a believer, the voice of judgement is a sign of love because as the scriptures have told us that God only rebukes those he loves. So, when this voice comes to you, embrace it and be willing to repent.

What do you do when God speaks to you?

We all tremble at the sound of the voice of God. There was a time that hearing the voice of God was between life and death because of the sin that we carried but all this changed when we became God’s own.

We are now excited to hear his voice and we delight in his word. The word does not anymore come to condemn us but to redeem and strengthen us. We are one with God and with his word, we earnestly expect and wait upon his word.

When the king speaks, what is a man not to obey and conform to the will of the king or otherwise his wrath will be upon you, God is king and we are his, we only live to expand his interest and territory.

When God speaks, we only bend in reverence and awe of his wonder and the beauty of his word, we take the word for what it says and begin to apply it to our lives.

Many claim to hear God but when their life is observed, it is found to be wanting, it is not possible to hear God and nothing changes about your life, his word brings freedom and redemption.

When God has spoken to you, inquire more of him to fully understand the message and the assignment he has come to revealed to you. We all have the two facets of hearing; you must hear from the two places in order to make sound decision about the voice.

Benefits of hearing the voice of God

You cannot hear the voice of God and you remain the same, this voice has the capacity of changing every part of your life, there is nothing beyond the reach of this voice, even the most hidden stuff in the world is naked before this voice.

Hear and live, the voice of God brings life, it brings refreshment, every part of your being will be rejuvenated and energized by the sound of this voice, it is this same voice that gave life and flesh to those bones in the dry valley, it is the purpose of this voice to give.

The voice of God comes as a light to our path, it comes to direct and order our steps, living by faith will need you to strongly rely on this God for whatever he says to be on the safe side, he might speak of a business you are to get into and at the same time the business might look unprofitable basing on your calculations but since you are relying on him and you have heard his voice, you are sure to start.

There is so much this voice has for us that when we pay keen attention, we can have the assurance of greater things because, what God says, he is committed to doing it.

Dangers of not hearing God

Having understood the benefits of hearing the voice of God, the dangers you might face when you are not a tuned to this voice is immense, there is so much at stake in everyone’s life and sometimes the only way can be by hearing this voice.

This voice has the capacity to build and once we are not aligned to this voice, we can be building things that will only crumble to the ground, we might build something that is not of God but of our own strength.

Life comes because of this voice, when you do not hear the voice of God be sure that something around you or about you will slowly start to die, you start to be distant from God and this is the beginning of a great fall.

God speaks and when we do not listen, the price will come down to us, he only speaks when it is necessary and once, we do not pay a close attention to his voice, then we are heading to disaster.

The voice of God in counsel

Counsel is guarantees safety to any who dares to invest and find one. Proverbs 11:14 assures us that without counsel we are inevitable to fall but where there is counsel purpose is established and there is safety.

Counsel helps us to count the cost before a war, when we do this, we will fight the right battles and always emerge victorious. This is the purpose of counsel, to guide your steps.

The voice of God comes in this way, to guide our footsteps and lead us to a way of prosperity and peace. God can only order our steps through his divine counsel.

To ignore and reject the voice of counsel is a ticket to failure and lost. You cannot be strange to this voice, the voice of counsel, otherwise, you will walk out of purpose and off the course.

The voice of God in the scriptures

The bible is the very inspiration and breath of God. Every word in the bible was intended by God for a specific purpose and reason. God uses His word to speak to us even more these days.

Men of old counted their life nothing just in defense of these sacred scripts, they saw the treasures in them and risked their life just to preserve the integrity of this word.

They saw the voice of God in these scriptures and anyone who came and proposed a way out of the truth to them was considered an enemy to them. Words what a beauty and power it carries.

We are very privileged that the word of God can be found and be at our disposal at any time and at any moment. You can drive with it, sleep with it or east with it, it has been simplified that anyone can have the word at their comfort.

Every story, every line and every sentence were written by the inspiration of God and it was written primarily to guide us, to teach and instruct us and to put us up to speed with his kingdom.

The voice of God in prophecy

Prophecy is the voice of God; it is the utterance of God of God through a man in a language that is known. The place of prophecy is the place of confirmation, prophecy confirm affirmed truth in the spiritual world.

The words of prophecy are a word of a man who is speaking under the influence of the spirit. The place where he hears from must be defined by God in order for it to be prophecy and not sorcery or fortune telling.

Many people however have been trapped in the realm of fortune telling and sorcery all in the name of prophecy yet the place they draw their utterance from is evil.

Prophecy always obeys the order and principles of the spirit. Any utterance that claims to be prophecy and does not follow these principles is far from prophecy.

The place of prophecy as the voice of God has to be emphasized in order for people not to confused the role and fall into manipulation rather than service of God.

Prophecy confirms the will and purposes of God, it is attached to purpose and the glory of God. It does not draw glory to the vessel but uplifts the place of God in the lives of men.

The voice God in inner witness

The primary place where God speaks to us is the place of inner witness. This is a place that every believer hears God from whether they know it or not. They always hear God through their inner witness.

The inner witness is the place in our spirit that connects to the purposes of God and comprehends fully the will and purposes of God and so it is a safe place of counsel.

The place of inner witness many have confused it with intuition or a certain feeling in their spirit that they cannot fully understand. We must fully understand the inner witness and how God speaks to us through this place.

Inner meaning the inside of a person which is the spirit of that person and witness which means to come into agreement and notice of a certain reality and truth.

In the inner witness, God reveals deep mysteries to our spirits and there is a part in us that will take note of these mysteries and gives us the assurance of what was said. It is the I knew that this was going to happen feeling that some may claim.

The voice of God in dreams

A place where God seals instructions in the heart of men when they are sleep and the main purpose is to rob and deprive us of our own purposes and will.

God speaks to us in dreams and he does this from time to time. Dreams some have tried to explain it as the subconscious part of a man that tries to flow in the overflow of the events of the day and by this they take it as something light and thereby missing the voice of God in it.

From the patriarchs to the current time, God has always spoken to men through dreams, he has made covenant with people in their dreams, he has changed destinies through dreams. There is no way God cannot speak through dreams.

Dream can be a place that trades in many things, from God, from the devil and from the overflow of the day, this calls for wisdom to distinguish the voice that you hear in the dream.

You can be sure that you heard God speak only to realize that it was the devil. God speaks through dreams and so is the devil, we are however caution to be very sober in order to hear the right voice and decipher it.

The voice of God in nature

From the mountains to the deep valleys of the earth, the voice of God is all over the place. He speaks in his creation, everything he created has a rhythm of his voice, they carry a radiance of the glory and purposes of God.

Creation reveals the majesty of God to us, the beautiful flowers, the different kinds of birds in the sky and the different creatures in the sea, they somehow tell a story and reveals big mystery about this God.

The invisible things are seen and understood by the things that are made, these was what Paul told the Romans when he wrote to them in Romans 1:20, all thing must demystify God, that is the nature in which everything was created.

This is the very reason why science cannot demystify God because the simpler things are not understood by them, they want to understand nature but they cannot because they cannot embrace God.

There is a voice of God in everything he has created, everything must worship him because he is the master, the trees do obey him and speaks of his glory, the birds and the fish do the same. Nature reveals God.

What language does God speak?

God speaks in any language. He is a master communicator, he created language and everything in this world, there is no language that is strange to him, even that which seems extinct, God knows.

God has a way of communication to us in the place and voice we are best acquainted with. He speaks to the heart and that is the primary place and when he speaks, we get him clearly and without any obscurity.

There should not be any reason why we do not hear his voice because he knows how to speak to all of us, his voice is clear and louder. He does not hide himself in obscurity of speech and hard sayings.

When he speaks, we are aware that we have heard his voice, there is no way we can hear his voice and not know it was the voice of God because his voice always comes with a certain grace and anointing and distinction. 

Does God speak to our minds?

The mind is the central place of the soul and on rear occasion does God speak to our souls, the primary place of God speaking to us is the spirit. God speaks to our spirit most of the times though he can speak to our minds sometimes.

God is spirit and this is the primary reason why he prefers to speak to our spirits and the second being that we are one with his spirit. He can easily guide and speak to the spirit man because this man is fully renewed and conformed to the will of God.

The soul tends to trade from two places that is the spirit and the body and so sometimes, the soul might be so much in sync with the body that when God wants to come in and have a conversation, it is difficult and so God prefers to speak to the spirit man.

The soul which is centrally the mind is in a place of constant renewal by the word of God and so, there are certain things that will not make sense to the soul and some moments but the spirit man can receive all things.

How to interpret the voice of God?

There is no class or teaching that can make you interpret the voice of God. Even dreams and prophecy and scriptures, all is interpreted by God himself and not any man or book.

The first step when we have always heard the voice of God is to pray about it such that we are aligned to the meaning of that voice. Every voice is unique, it might sound the same but the instructions are different.

Two people can be in the same place, hear the same voice and yet get different instruction. God is a master communicator; he has the ability to speak to everyone at the same time even with the same voice.

Look at the encounter of Paul and his men on the road to Damascus, they all hear the sound but only Paul heard the voice. This should show you that having the same dream does not mean you have the same message from God.

That same dream can mean something else to another and so when we start to emphasize and teach people to interpret the voice of Go rather than God explaining the meaning of that voice, we always get men into trouble.

It is okay to seek counsel, but first seek God and try to reconcile the guiding lights in order to be perfect in the interpretation of that voice.

What happens when God speaks?

I have never heard anywhere in scripture or in experience where God speaks and he was joking. Every man is proven a lie before him and his truth is always revealed. God speaks and when he speaks, things must and have to change.

What is a mountain to stand in the way of God, there is nothing that can ever succeed in sabotaging the purposes and the plans of God that his proclaimed through his voice?

There is a sure word of prophecy, all voices obey and are captive to this voice. At the sound of the voice of God, everything trembles and respond to that single whisper.

This voice is what gives life to everything, it gives strength and what might be considered dead and helpless can receive the greatest strength all by this voice.

Mountains have levelled before this voice, fires have ceased at the sound of this voice, cancers and all kinds of diseases have left just by the whisper of this voice.

What God has said, he has meant it and it will come to pass. Nothing comes down from him and returns void, it is purpose and it must be fulfilled, not even God can change his mind about what he has said.

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