Things you should look for in a church.

What are the things every Christian should look for in a church?. There can be so many Churches around us and sometimes finding the right church can be a problem. Here are things you should look for in a Church.

Churches can have different opinions about doctrine, worship and other ways of general Christian living, so it’s vital to contemplate this stuff once selecting a brand new church.

You seek God

There is so much with the building design, sound system, carpeting, and choice of music that can make us join any place as our place of fellowship. This is however as I said earlier on the main center of attraction. The main center of attraction should be God.

If God has been left out of the picture then that place ceases to be a church and turns into a social gathering.

The spirit of God is the minister and we are the vessel when this spirit is not given the chance to operate and is left out of the main work no matter how nice the music might sound or how inspiring the preacher might sound there is no ministry.

Therefore, the first thing one should seek in a church is God, when you find god then consider the others. Some people have joined churches where there was no God and year in and year out; they are just the same old cold Christian with nothing to inspire others to walk in the Lord.

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Take note of the teaching

No matter how nice and loving the church members are or how lovely and welcoming the place and the ushers, when there is no proper teaching then there is no life but only expect stagnant dying Christians.

We die spiritually when starved with the word of God, this word if the source of our life, and when we are not presented with this we become lifeless and die.

Right teaching is crucial in the growth and edification of every Christian. The end of every ministry is edified believers (Ephesians 4:12). Laying on of hands, praying for the sick are all ministries but the chief of these is teaching.

During the earthly ministry of Jesus, in every town, he would go to, after healing the sick and raising the dead that acted as a tool to draw people to him, and then He taught them.

Teaching is the highest degree of ministry and when believers are taught even the small needs are met because as people are being taught, they are being set free and delivered because this word can change any person. 

Look for Worship

Worship goes hand in hand with teaching or doctrine because these two are the core of every fellowship and these are the two components that define every church. Every church is submitted to a certain form of teaching and a certain form of worship.

The level and degree of worship is portrayed in the teaching and the teaching the worship vice versa.

We tend to worship the God we know and how we know him is how we worship him, if we know him from a religious point of view, we will worship him religiously, and if we know him through revelation and divine fellowship we tend to worship him that way.

Choosing a church is dependent on this, choose a church with the same model of teaching you are submitted to and definitely worship according to the teaching you are submitted to. You cannot say that you are submitted to teaching and worship contrary to that teaching.

Fellowship is key

Fellowship being the root and backbone of relation should be taken into consideration when choosing a church. Everyone wants a church where they will be cared for and has equal privileges into the things of God.

Ministry is only perfected in fellowship. Fellowship is both personal and communal and every Christian has to get a church that emphasizes the two.

You would not like to go to a church where you will be kicked out of their prayer meeting or bible study or a church that only organizes programmes for their church staff and others are not welcomed and invited.

Without fellowship we have no avenue for growth, this is inclusive of both personal and communal, if you do not have personal fellowship with your God, then communal fellowship might not be as effective as it should have been to you.

The desire for a soul to be saved (evangelism)

A living church has to grow and growth only comes by a seed; the first seed is the word. A church that is alive cares to show this word into the hearts of other people and this is shown through outreaches, street preaching, door-to-door preaching, and all sorts of activities that bring people into the kingdom o God.

It is not merely enough to get members from other church, but raise one from the outcast and sinful men. This is the reason for the coming of the lord and when he was leaving, he left us with a command to continue sharing this word that is able to bring people under the power of God and they are saved.

A church that is hungry for souls is a church to join, for in this you realize the true love of God because his joy is to see a sinner turn from his sinful ways and come to him in adoration. A person who cares about the salvation of others is called a wise person (Proverbs 11:30).

Involvement of church member

A church where there is active participation by the church members shows signs of maturity. It is only babes who do not want to serve but to be served.

Mature Christians want to serve because everything we have been handed down has to be passed to the other generation and this is done by the involvement of the church members through their different ministry,

The involvement of the church members also shows signs of transparency and trust in the congregation. An open Church is what you should look for not where things are done in the corridors.

It is only things that are done in the darkness that is hidden because of the shame it can bring but when there is the involvement of the church members, the congregation gets to know what happens behind the pulpit.

Choose a church where you will participate in, whether ministry in any capacity or just serving in any realm let it be visiting the sick and praying for others. This is a way to grow also and a way to mature in the line of ministry.

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