How to study the bible with your children?

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How to study the bible with your children can prove to be very challenging because of the nature of these young stars. Generally, young people like jumpy stuff and things involving fun and when given a choice to make, they would rather go with video games or movies or hanging out with friends instead of bible study.

This has led to a cat and mouse chase between the elderly or parents and their young stars because they consider what their parents telling them to be outdated and uninteresting. Youth like to be in control and when they find one thing not satisfactory, they will automatically switch to the other even without consent from anyone.

I remember when we use to sit down with our siblings prior to our night prayer to study the bible, I could see the lack of interest in what we were going to discuss and their response is generally one of someone not interested in what you think you can give them.

Many parents and elders have gone through this and will go through this but we should not let things to be in the hands of youth for they will trample on the pearls of the word of God and will settle for pleasures that are ungodly.

Why your children should study the bible?

The scripture is very clear that our faith can only come if we hear the word of God. There is no any other way where faith comes, it only comes from this one way and that is we hearing the word of God. Everyone needs faith because without this we are not pleasing to God so this makes it necessary for everyone including youth to study the bible.

The word of God is also the inspiration of God. God inspired this word and He intended it to guide us in the walk of salvation. Everything we need to know about this life is all embedded in the word of God and it only takes the diligence of the spirit to search out these issues. When the young people embrace the word of God, even their future changes, the expectation from them changes.

Therefore when picking a bible study topic for youth, the first thing one should consider is the purpose of bible study. Many young people take bible study as stealing their precious time and when one does not really know the importance of bible study, one might be tempted to give up and let the young stars have their own way.

Here therefore is a general consideration when choosing a bible study topic for youth, life revolves around three pillars or spheres, that is health, finances and relationship, and the chief component is theology that defines our health, finances and relationship.

When we do not have any challenge in one then definitely the other ones might be a challenging, look at the needs of everyone in the worlds, it is either getting a job or getting a partner, it might be looking for a meal or looking for healing. This is the trilogy of life and everything is defined in this pattern.

What can you teach your children during bible study?

1. Financial

The world has portrayed a picture that only looks at rewards for all the dreams, career, business and aspiration from a financial perspective and by this everyone works, studies and do all that they do so that they have a paycheck at the end of the month. 

Money is the answer and has been the answer for many things everyone would ever want to have it is no difference with these young stars. The youth generally have petty needs such as fashion, the latest gadgets and social gathering and they are not so much attached with responsibilities that requires money and makes them use all their money on such small things

Make them appreciate the use and value of money. They can easily be taken into waste since there is no much responsibilities handed to them but in picking a bible study topic for them, pick a topic that illustrates money management and the value for money.

The possible Topics you can choose will have to emphasize the core of money management and these includes, budgeting, saving, investing, spending and how to earn. Make them appreciate the process of things rather than the results thereof.

2. Relationship

Relationship includes relationship with friends, family and people from the opposite sex. Our friends will always greatly influence our decisions and options in life and we tend to listen to them sometimes more than our elders and so emphasis should be put on relationship.

In our bible study sessions with the youth, we should emphasize the importance of friends and how to choose good friends. We should also not forget to emphasize the parent children relationship in these studies. Young people always trust people they are close to and are there for them.

Adolescence, puberty and growth of secondary sexual characteristics can lead the young ones into all sorts of sexual immorality and sin and what these things can do is deadly, their future can be ruined just because they misbehaved and got themselves pregnant.

Sex education should be encouraged in our bible study sessions with the youth. It might be hard to introduce the topic as some may claim it ungodly to speak about sex, these young people will lay a certain amount of trust to us and with these, and we have to tell them the dangers of these sexual immoralities and how to live a pure life free from lust.

3. Theology

This often proves to be a discovery to the youth since they are so explorative. This time proves to be the best time to introduce doctrinal issues to the youth because they are in a category where every sphere of influence targets.

At this age they are exploring and understanding there environment and can be on fire for anything that catches their attention and so certain principles and statement of faith that must be passed to them before these things are lost in their generation.

In a world of varying cultures and belief, the youth must be shown the right way of faith and this is better explained in the bible, when preparing your topics, you must use and rely only on the scriptures as the only true source of inspiration.

Remember your creator when you are in your earlier days should also drive us to speak to this group of people about their God. Get them involved in the church activities through your message and get them to realize the importance of serving and worshipping God.

Things so consider in your topics should include some little history in order to understand where they are from, topics that tends to explain the reason why we believe, and you could include general theology to establish them in the gospel.

4. Health

Young people rarely mind about their health. At this age, they are very active and very few suffer from diseases constantly, this however should not make us ignore on how they can maintain their health. Everyone wants to live a long great life, if we do not tell them how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle then we ae robbing from their years on the earth.

The notion that we made strong by the power of God and we cannot fall sick, this is true but we have also to consider the body we are living in and the world. This world is corrupt and fallen and since this body came from the ground, we cannot expect it to fully obey the way and voice of God, it will fail us one day and so we have to take care of it to take us longer.

We cannot just eat anyhow and expect not to gain weight and suffer the consequences of the weight gained; we cannot just live a careless life and think somehow God will make this body to totally submit. We should tell these young people about their health.

Not all have the same faith for us to claim divine health some are still in the phase of divine healing and so we should advise them through the bible study topics and discussions on how to live a great healthy life.

Areas of focus during bible study with to your children?

Every category has priorities; you cannot damp theology to children because they do not need it at that moment. It is the same with the youth, there are certain things that are to be emphasized more than the others. When one looks at the end of the line for the youth, one would see that they need to know more about finances and theology compared to relationship and health.

All the four spheres or pillars are important but the most important one would prove to be finance and theology. Finance brings in the aspect of accountability and building for the future while theology will help straighten their ways and understanding of life.

Why theology should not be neglected?

As earlier stated theology is the pivot point for all forms of life and behavior. Sometimes tend to ignore this thinking the young people do not need this, they need it the most even compared other groups of people. The foundation ought to be set early for them so that they do not walk of course without realizing.

Theology might sound confusing and uninteresting sometimes especially to the young ones but the earlier you introduce such topics to them the better it becomes. Youth always like to explore and when they are presented with theology as a field they can explore then they will dig deeper and this will help realign them for a greater life.

Never fear to introduce topics that tend to establish some core principles for when they understand early, they will learn to walk in them early. This will help redeem a lot of their time that they could have probably wasted doing the contrary to the principles and patterns of God.

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