Where should I start reading the bible as a new Christian?

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Picking the Bible for the first time to read it and believe it as a new Christian is intimidating considering the mysteries in those pages and the broadness of understanding needed to interpreter the text correctly.

All of us have been there, no true Christian escape the Bible at one point, and the mature are those that live a life of the scriptures and it all began that day when they took up that book with the faith and willingness to learn.

All it takes is faith in a big disclosure but you cannot leave out the other facts. Today, we shall dive deep into where you can start reading the bible as a new believer or Christian.

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The bible is not a history book

Many do take the bible to be a collection of events that happened and sort of a history book that men read over and over again from the time they become a new Christian to the time they leave this earth.

The bible contains history but it is not history book, it is a living book, its pages are still as fresh as the moment they were inked on that piece of paper.

It is the only book in the world that has gone through a lot but it has stayed relevant upto date, books have come and they have gone, criticism rose up against its content but it stood strong to that opposition.

The bible itself is not the most powerful book but the commitment that the person who inspired it has to it, he means to keep his word upto date and powerful every day.

This is the same mindset God has towards us, he wants us to remain relevant amidst all things and to emerge victorious in every war that entangles us and he has committed himself to keep us and above that we carry his word, we are his own master piece we are a written and known epistle that he himself wrote.

So, when you pick up that book to read it and to live by it, remember this it is not a history, it is fresh inspiration, even a story that might be thousands of years old can still inspire and breathe life into you.

Just start from where you are

Procrastination will never accomplish greatness, the best way to start reading the bible as a new Christian is to jump right into it and start where you are.

There is no formula nor syllabi for reading the bible, one can start from anywhere and still understand and get the inspiration. There might be reading plans to help you read the whole bible in a year or two or months but these are just men’s own system to accomplish a goal they have set. The best bible plan is the one you can make and it starts by you picking a bible to read it and believe it.

There is no defined and systematic order of reading the bible and there is no right or wrong order of reading the bible. You can start from page 1 to the last page or from middle all the way to the end and back to the beginning of the pages. The most important thing is the willingness to learn.

We are stuck with men and women who read the whole bible from cover to cover and still they life is a mess, there is nothing about them that depicts the bible they have read, all they wanted was to read the whole bible.

So, the most important thing is not where you start or whether you read the whole bible but whether you are willing to believe what you read and be willing to learn every time you open that sacred text.

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Milk vs meat

It is however important to note that the scriptures comprise of both meat that is the food for the mature and milk that is the food for the babes in Christ or the new Christian.

You must however note that being new does not necessarily means being a babe, some three months old Christians are more mature than some twenty-year-old Christian.

The scriptures contain what is somehow hard to understand but with age (spiritual growth) comes the wisdom and understanding to interpret them.

 I remember the first time I opened the bible to read as a new Christian, things were strange to me, I could read things and my mind is not aware of what my lips just mentioned but with continuance and willingness to learn I started to grasp the truth out of the pages.

This is the same for everyone and this is one reason why we attend fellowships, discipleships and bible study, in order to know and learn from the mature what certain verses means.

Do not worry if you are not understanding some verses, read them and the ones you can pick, continue in them. Another way out is to ask questions, ask men who are ahead of you, surround yourself with people who know these things and with your willingness to learn and faith you will start to know them.

The order in the scriptures

Though I have already mentioned that there is no wrong or correct order when it comes to reading the bible, there is however what we call order in the scriptures.

When we study the Gospel of Luke 1:3, we clearly understand the intention of Luke writing this book, he addresses it to Theophilus and he claim to have heard a pure and undiluted understanding of the scriptures and the life of Jesus so he wrote in the order from the first to the last.

Luke points us to a fact that there is an order of the scriptures, certain things come before the other and certain things precedes the other, certain truth are higher than others and so determining these orders will be of great help for us to read the bible.

The first place I would recommend someone who is reading the bible as a new Christian is to start from the book of Luke, in order to understand the life of Jesus from a Jew perspective and to transition into the book of John to understand the bible from a Gentile perspective.

Starting it like this will lay a good ground for you to understand the scriptures and the order. However, when it comes to certain books like the Psalms, Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, one can read any of those because they are inspirational books.

So, the thing is, understand the order by understanding the book of Luke and John, read inspirational books and later transition into the letters of the Apostles and later the prophets and Moses and lastly John the revelator.

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Continuance is key

Having started reading that book, it is key to maintain it. No complete knowledge and understanding comes from one week of intense reading but a lifestyle of reading, this is true with the scriptures.

There is so much in God that even the scripture you read last night can teach you something different from what it taught you yesterday, this is the beauty of the word, it addresses our current needs.

The bible has a way of revealing itself from one book to another and so it is important to read all books and continue in order to fully know the God of this bible and the new life that you have entered.

It is sometime easy to leave and give up reading the bible especially when you are not understanding, never do this, it is the worst decision you can ever make, continue even when things are a little strange, read it even when it does not make sense but make the decision to believe the bible.

When one chapter or book is hard, switch to another and pray the guidance of spirit in order to understand what you read and to be able to apply what is in those pages.

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