How to Share the Gospel with Unbelievers

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Sharing your faith to an unbeliever or someone who is not a Christian can be a hard thing for many but in this article, we are going to walk you through what you need to know and do in order to share the gospel with unbelievers.

Soul-winning or evangelism is critical in the Christian faith, it is the command of everyone who has come to have a relationship with Jesus to do but the question many have asked themselves is how do I start sharing Jesus with someone.

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Here are 10 things you need to know about effectively evangelism to unbelievers.

Present Jesus as the savior

The way some present this Jesus is freaking out some of these unbelievers. They present him as that judge who wants us to walk a clean and pure life and slight sin here and it is fetal.

Jesus is first known to be a lamb before he is known as the lion, he came to save us the way we are, he is not mad at us even in our most fallen state, he loves sinners but he does not like sin.

We should endeavor to present him first as the savior before we show him as the judge. Right now, we are in a dispensation of grace, his grace is available for any who comes boldly to his throne.

Never disqualify men because of where they are, that unbeliever you might consider beyond the hand of God to save might be the right person God wants to work with.

If we look at all unbelievers this way, we will set no boundaries in our evangelism and we will see all souls alike and deserving of the love of God.

We must and i must emphasize this, we must present Jesus as the savior and not one who condemns us because of what we have done.

As a savior to the unbeliever, that unbeliever can be assured of his sins and trespasses being blotted out and that unbeliever being given a new name and a new nature, the righteousness nature.

Pray for yourself 

There is so much in the word that can lead you to a course that will not win men and women to the kingdom, the devil can paint a picture of you that will dispel away unbelievers.

This calls for us to be fervent in our prayer and pray always, you must be a prayerful person if you want to be an effective soul winner.

You must commend yourself in other people’s conscience. This is what will make people easily welcome your message because your words will have a certain place and place expectation in their hearts.

You must pray that the word of God will have its free course in your life and ministry. The joy that many soul winners have is when their word is having a free course in the people, he is ministering to them

Prayer gives you the direction to take. If we only rely on our senses to guide us in our outreach, then we will be limited, we ought to always be in sync with our heavenly father and this comes through prayer.

God might send you in a place for only one person and when you do not know that, you might be caught up arguing with other people and the person you were sent to will not be reached

Prayer also builds up your faith to stand amidst adversity. We are to be bold as the lion, we must stand in the face of every adversity. The road we are travelling is not smooth and when your faith is not well built, you might give up and give in. We do not quite.

Love them

We are born of love because God is love. Our character and way of life is defined by love. Everyone should know this not because of our words but our lifestyle.

The gospel is a love story, a story about a bride who has come to get engaged to his bride. The scriptures tells us that we have been betroth to Jesus Christ by our faith in him.

If this is how the gospel is then we should present it as a love story. The message should be about love and nothing else. From how you meet them to how you talk and relate with them, it should be from a love perspective.

You can never separate a Christian from love, we have been begotten by love and it is love that proves we belong to God. Without love we do not know God that is what John said in his letter 1 John 4:7.

Our love however is not based on merit, it is unconditional, this means that we love people regardless of the situation and circumstances surrounding them. This is what makes us to reach out to people some might consider beyond the working of God.

Introduce the word to them

There is no philosophy or some sort of methodologies that can ever bring faith that leads to salvation to anyone, there is only one thing that brings faith and this is the word of God.

In loving them and caring for them, you must introduce the most important of the ingredients and this is the word of God.

Giving unbelievers a sort of easy to believe words will not make them saved, faith must be handed down entirely and not some parts that are easy to believe and sounds nice only.

The problem with these easy to believe messages to convert people is that it never gives them a stable and strong foundation, they will have a sugar-coated kind of faith and when the sweet covering is washed away and times of tribulation and trials come, these are the very people who will fall away.

I better deliver the truth and men do not accept it than deliver a easy and a feel good message that will have many running to the kingdom but afterwards fall back.

Be patient with them

Allow the seed you have planted in them to grow. Patience is key in soul winning. Not all the souls we have reached out to will accept our message the first time.

Many have been raised in some traditions that needs the word of God to first break through and so giving them time is essential in winning them.

On the other hand, we should not use the excuse of patience to relax on them, we must continuously share the word with them in that patience.

Just look at how God was patient with us, we were stuck in a big pit but he continued to put his hands there to rescue us until we found out that he is indeed there for us and not against us.

This should be the same attitude that you have towards these people. Do not share the message on once and walk way saying he or she has heard and he or she has to make the decision and if they do not it will be up to them.

Keep watering the seed sown

The seed will never germinate with only that first drop of water. it needs water constantly for it to grow and become a big tree bearing good fruits.

It is most unlike in our generation for someone to hear the word of God the first time and believe it because of the tradition people are being raised in.

However, it takes constant convincing both in speech and lifestyle for someone to fully come to understand that they need Jesus and so become saved.

Look at yourself for example, if you did not grow from a Christian family, it is most likely you were preached to or witness to on many different occasions.

This is the law, no one will straight away desire the new wine, they will always want to stick to the old wine because they consider it to be better and sweeter but at the taste of the new wine, they will immediately leave the old.

Lifestyle and words

Our way of life is in one way a sermon. This is sad to know but the reason why some unbelievers do not want to accept Jesus is because of our lifestyle.

These unbelievers though they might show that the do not like us but the truth of the matter is that they adore us. This is why they will always use the Christians for a good example.

What kind of image do you point to this people with your lifestyle? How you live will convince someone more than how you talk.

Have you ever stayed around people when they begin to speak you find that they are not what they speak? that is the same scenario with some Christians, they confess what they do not profess.

We are written epistles and everyone around us sees and reads this epistle, how you present yourself to them will define what kind of God you serve because our lives reflect the God we know and serve.

There is a reason we are called Christians; we share in the character and lifestyle of God because to be a Christian you are walking in the image of Jesus Christ and his word is perfected in you.

Pray for more laborers

There are so many souls that are perishing and when we spend all our time on this one brother who has not yet believed, the others will get lost and the blame will be on us.

This is where we treat the harvest as the whole work of every laborer who is working for the kingdom.

We might not get track of where these people stay especially when you made an outreach to a distant community, and so we ought to make other laborers know that a seed was sown somewhere and might need watering.

This is done by prayer; we pray the Lord of the harvest to send in more laborers to meet these souls and water the seeds and another might wait to harvest.

We must understand that some people might take months and years to be fully convinced and so the coals must be continuously heaped and the fire set.

Even that friend who stays next to you might look at you as someone whom he cannot make that confession seeing they might think they are making it to you and not to God.

This is why some other laborers will become handy, the places where we have sown or watered there might be need of someone else to wait for the harvest and maybe you might be needed somewhere still to make some harvest.

Read the word for yourself

The word is an experience, how can you introduce an experience to others when you have not had that same experience, this is deceiving yourself.

You do not have to know everything but at least, you must know the basics, this will make you a more effective soul winner and not a gambler with the word of faith.

You will meet questions, this is a sure thing, questions will always be asking and your ability to answer some of these questions from a biblical perspective might win over some people.

With the word of God, we will package and present the right message to the different people we will meet. Not all need the same message but some will need a different message that will minister to them and when you know the word, you are able to package and present the right message.

Christianity has been referred to by many as a group who highly contradict themselves, this is evident in the numbers of denominations we have but all in all, we must point men to the God of the bible.

Be consistent with soul winning

We are born for this, we breath souls and our meat and desire is to win souls. Souls are the reason we are still alive.

If everyone was born again, then we would just pack up and head back home, but because souls are still left out there, we have to win over them.

Soul winning should never be a onetime thing in your life but should be a lifestyle. Let no day pass you by when you have not shared the gospel with a brother or a sister.

The heart of God beats for soul and so should ours, we must always be passionate about since it is where your crown will be extracted from.

Winning soul is also proof of the wisdom we carry, the scriptures mentions that anyone who win souls is a wise person, soul winning is that thing that proves that we carry wisdom.

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