How to remain faithful to God?

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How do you remain faithful to God in tough times like this; this topic will draw our attention to a group of Jews who were at Berean and we try to learn why Luke had a mention of them to be of a noble character than the Jews who were at Thessalonica.

Nobility is a word used to describe a certain class of people showing a fine personal quality or in other words personalities that describe loyalty and faithfulness. Many a time when we mention that word, we straightaway think of a class of people with high political and social status or one who shows a very high character and moral values.

When we turn to the Christian faith, this context is however looked at as a vague idea (1 Corinthians 1:26) because the essence of grace is to deny man of any credit for salvation and give all the glory to God. So why are we introducing the topic of remaining faithful to God if it is not in our power to do so?

When we take a keen look at this from the right perspective, we understand that God after we have received him as our lord and savior, we inherit his nature and so remaining faithful is just a way of abiding by that nature you have inherited both in character and lifestyle, walking the course that you have entered in.

Therefore, the character the Bareans displayed when they received Paul, Timothy and Silas defined their nobility and not anything they could ever do to earn that right. These same characters. These same characters if we embrace them prove us as faithful men and women of God and we stay true to our course.

These are the characters that we have to maintain and walk in them to remain faithful to God in such hard and perilous times we are in.

Diligent seekers;

The diligence of the spirit is the readiness to search out the truth and believe it, diligence seeks the truth at the expense of tradition. (Acts 17:11John 5:39-40). Faithful Christians hold the word of God as the sole source of inspiration for right and godly living (1 Timothy 1:4).

In these last days, there are all sorts of doctrine and false teachings that can lead you off the course but for you to remain faithful to God, you must be a diligent seeker of him to be in a position to discern these false waves of doctrine.

Teachable attitude;

A teachable spirit is a priceless spirit that receives with gladness and readiness of mind what is said or written (Proverbs 2:2). A teachable spirit will always be invited into the place of understanding to be able to comprehend the word. The word can illuminate our spirit to seek out more of God because that is what God values (Ephesians 1:18Colossians 1:9)

Take pleasure in the word;

Continuation in the word of God requires a certain discipline of the spirit. The word only works for those who take it seriously for this is our faith comes, many take the word of God lightly and not see the power of the word of God (Psalms 1:1-3)

A Christian ought to take pleasure and find joy in the word of God. Read and study that bible as though everything about you functions on it and yes it does. Read as though your life depended on that text. Meditate on that word day and night and by this, you activate the inherent power of that word to work and be energized in you.

Berea in Greek means “well-watered“. The freshness of the word is the power that refreshes us and because of this, we will not struggle to bear fruits. This character ought to be in the mind of every believer. Look at the Christians in Macedonia.

The place of faith is only found in the word of God. For you to stay faithful to God, that word must have an ever-indwelling presence in your heart and you must be deeply rooted in this word for you to see the world with the lens of God.

Look at the Macedonian Christians (1 Thessalonians 1:8, 2 Corinthians 8:1-5, 1 Thessalonians 2:13), these people were so absorbed in the word of God that they even received the words of the apostles as a word from God and not mere men. They gave themselves to the service of God and the apostles. This is how a noble Christian is and these are the things that make a noble Christian.

Give yourself to the service of God

Lastly, give yourself to the service of God, just like how the Macedonians did it, give yourself to this work of spreading the message of the kingdom and winning lost souls. Show that love for your world and share that message, that word that can move any mountain and change any situation.

We do not have a lot of time, we have to use the little time that we have to make a great impact on this world, the world is ending soon and the people we love and deeply care about should not perish but should enjoy that life we shall fully enter in. You can do a part and shape this world.

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