The Power of Divine Vision.

power of divine vision

Habakkuk 2:3 introduces us to the wonder of divine vision. It speaks of the reason behind a divine vision and the power of divine vision. A vision comes always at its appointed time, and when such a vision comes, what it revealed must come to pass, nothing can hold back the power of vision.

Each of us must carry vision because, without vision, it’s comparable to moving without direction. Vision and mission are companions, you cannot have a vision without the ultimate help of a mission; a mission is a stepping stone to the attainment of your vision.

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The reality of what Habakkuk speaks of in the above scriptures on coming to a point of us aligning and elevating our vision to that of God, if we have a vision that is in sync with that of heaven, then what we see and hope for will always be a reality in our lives.

Jesus Christ our master and brother had a vision (John 3:16) and a mission, His mission was to die for us (me and you), and the vision He had was that all who toil and are at the mercy of the devil would find redemption for their soul.

The dictionary definition of vision is the ability to think about planning the future with imagination or wisdom. This ability is only driven by the wisdom that we carry. The case of the new testament is different because we have a new kind of wisdom and this is the man and God Jesus himself.

Vision gives the ultimate sense of purpose and direction in our lives. It is what illuminates the way for us and clears the path because we know where we are going. It is that one thing that keeps us on the path because we have seen the end of the matter.

Now, this is the wonder, when we received the Lord Jesus Christ into our lives, we inherited the vision of God and the vision of heaven, what can be more satisfying than this, to hold a vision that is higher and has been tried and tested that it is effective because one man has already walked the course and paved the way.

To have a vision achieved, we should accomplish a mission, a mission is the short-term things you do to attain a vision, examples of a mission include preaching the gospel (evangelism), practising acts of charity, praying, etc.

When you receive a vision from God, always be persistent in prayer for that vision to come to pass. Some people just sit back and relax and wait for God to do it for them, but that’s not how it works child of God, you need to put in some work too.

You need to focus your mind, body, soul, and spirit on that vision. As earlier mentioned, nothing holds back the power of vision, a vision isn’t like a dream which may or may not happen, a vision is bound to happen, no matter what, nothing can hold it back.

A vision is not something that we set up today and expect the harvest tomorrow. Vision is long-term and its achievement comes after the successful missions which are short terms. These two will always move together, with the mission we achieve the vision and the vision gives us the direction we need for our next mission.

Certain visions are only understood through the spirit, you cannot understand and discern these visions without the spirit of God in your life. Some people are gifted in understanding these visions and discerning them because the spirit of God is upon them.

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