The reality of the new life in Jesus Christ

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Life has a beginning and some do have an end, the reality of the new life in Jesus Christ, however, does not submit to this, it only has a beginning and no end. This is one reality of the new life in Christ Jesus.

We all have a belonging, we came from somewhere, and we are our father’s child. Everyone who has ever existed was born except Adam who was created by God directly.

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All new wombs are a product of old wombs. Every form of life that comes into this world is from preexisting life, Procreation has been the law since creation, and it is only humans who bring out another human.

All lives have some expectations and reasons for it. You are not just alive in this world by mistake. Even the fish and the insects all have a reason for living in this world.

Sometimes we get too comfortable in church with the nice worship songs and the good inspirational messages that we forget the real reason why we are here.

Our main mission is with the new life in Jesus Christ is a colonization mission, we are depopulating hell and establishing the kingdom of God on this earth, this is our mission, this is the mandate of the new life in Jesu Christ.

All this must and should start with the knowledge of what it means to have a new life in Jesus Christ? And then we shall be in a position where we can decipher the reality of the new life in Jesus Christ.

We must however first understand the old life we were living before we can therefore draw the difference and understand that the new life in Christ Jesus is better and that is the essence of new.

All of us came through progressive procreation which started from Adam and Eve. The mother of all lives that has ever and will walk the face of this earth is one woman Eve, see Genesis 3:20. This is regardless of the opinion of reason and science.

One distinctive law set by God is that all produce after their kinds, human beings will give birth to human beings and dogs will always give birth to dogs and there is no mixture no matter how hard men may try to calculate and manipulate science.

The male is the source of the seed for every new life that comes into this world and the role of the female is to carry and incubate the seeds and bring them to maturity.

One character similar to all this life is that they are all different, some are most precious and those that are least. Some follow and some lead. That is life.

Every life is unique and this uniqueness comes because of the difference in DNA patterns of every species have. DNA is the code and command that brings out a different life and all species have different DNA and then there is the GOD DNA.

All species have different forms of behavior and act differently from others. Certain characteristics are common with a certain species and no other species that have those same characteristics will ever have it. This is what makes us different from other animals.

Okay enough with the previous life, lets now dive deep into the reality of the new life in Jesus Christ, we must first begin by understanding where we came from

The new birth is the main topic that introduces this new life in Jesus Christ. The great love that God loved us with resulted in making us his sons (1 John 3:1), we were born again into the family of heaven and as sons of God, we carry the very nature and characteristics of God.

We received this new life in Jesus Christ that very moment we received Him into our lives as our lord and savior. This newness of life cannot be inherited by flesh and blood but through personal faith in the personality of the son of God.

When our new origin is to be traced, it is a great story and sometimes it is too good for some to accept it. When we were born again, we took on the spirit of the living God and this is the same spirit that was resident in the Apostles and the prophets, we can be traced back to Abraham and Adam.

The scriptures point to Christ as the seed of Abraham and we are in Christ making us the seeds of Abraham too. We have great men and women as our descendants; men who walked on water, men who stopped the sun, all these describe the life that we are in now.

Every life has expectations; this is the reason why people wake us every day, they are trying to find out their purpose and what is expected of them; the reason why they were created. The newness of life that we have received also gave us a different expectation from our old life, which died with Christ when he was crucified on that tree.

We have lived a lower life for long that we have forgotten the real life that we have. From the fall of Adam and Eve, man inherited and lived a lower form of life.

However, with the coming of Jesus, that higher life was reinstituted and we got back to our first place of communion and fellowship. Jesus came to give us life and his life can only be a life of abundance and greatness.

When we obtained the new life in Jesus Christ through faith in Him, our life was changed and now we obtain different personalities and new forms and a new way of doing things.

The God DNA brought different possibilities and potential to the new man. God in this new covenant and the new life in Jesus Christ has come to reside in us and so we move and walk in his power.

Often the caution of Isaiah (Isaiah 51:1) needs to be amplified in this generation than the former. We seem to have forgotten the rock from which we were dug and hewn.

We came from a linage that did miracles, signs, and wonders and some became a threat for what they did. We had men who could know what was discussed in the king’s bedroom, we had me who made the sun standstill.

We came from a dangerous and powerful linage but we see many believers living as slaves again to the elements of this world and are striving for what the world is striving for. This is an evil disease.

We were begotten into endless possibilities and graces that are beyond full comprehension for any man. That potential of the power at work in us now is unmeasurable, that is what the new life in Jesus Christ has done for us.

When we look to the rocks from which we were hewn, we observe the patterns and principles, and possibilities of the life that we live and are elevated to the same spaces to function in the same realm.

However, the big deal with the new life in Jesus Christ is that we ought to be bigger, we are to do more. Our life is a continuation of the life that our Jesus Christ lived, we are to take their mantle and match on victorious and stronger.

Paul warned Timothy in 2 Timothy 3:14 that he should continue in what he was taught and guaranteed of and also in 2 Timothy 2:2 that Timothy should commit this same knowledge and what he was learned and assured of and these men are to teach others too.

We need to show the world who we are; this life that we have received is too cool to be cool, we can’t just sit there in the back and let the heathen rule and govern us, we need to set the pace for them and show them how it is done in the kingdom.

All this will begin with knowledge, the knowledge of where we have come from, when we are aware of our true character and nature then we shall be able to live it.

Every time we fail to live up to our expectations, we shame the kingdom of heaven. Creation waits for our manifestation, we have to rise and take our place, there is so much at stake.

We are in the last of the last days, everything that we now do should be kingdom-focused, and not our small lives, we should look beyond our race, color and country and strive for the cause of the kingdom.

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