What to do when members are leaving your ministry for another?

members are leaving your ministry

Understand your flock

Not all Christians are your flock, you have a part to play, and your part is not to pastor all. Your congregation will always be there, and so you must understand them.

People will always come into a church and leave. This may be because of their profession or other factors, but when you understand your flock and lot in the gospel, you can minister to them and remain their shepherd.

Your congregation will always have a need, and so understanding them will put you in a position to minister to them in their different needs. We come to church because we need answers and breakthrough and if you understand your flock, and by this, you will be in a place where you can provide them with what they need.

This will help you with what message to prepare for them. It would be best if you ministered things that will always transform people, and when you understand them, you can prepare timely and inspired messages for them. 

Keep waters on the brook.

The thirst of the soul must be quenched; flocks must be fed; when they do not see you as a potential provider, they will look for another to nourish and sustain them. The hunger that God creates needs to be satisfied.

God is the most profound thing you can ever meet, and since we are almost in his category and class, we also yearn to be profound. It is naturally and spiritually enough for a person to hunger more for the experiences and communion with God, and one way is through the word.

Your brook must always be fresh; you must always be inspiring and transforming lives through what you preach. Miracles can fade, and the power can be taken lightly, but the word, no one can get enough of it, it is ever bigger and more profound than it was yesterday, and it will be bigger tomorrow.

You must provide answers and take people deeper in God, or they will find another who can take them deeper in the mighty and great God. The hungry soul and the thirsty heart must be provided for, are you able to do so, then do not worry; your flock will always be there.

Be the answer, and not the question; always be the inspiration.

Paul was a man who was very hard on Timothy, and one thing he emphasizes was that his ministry and life should be to give people answers and not put his congregation in a position where they will ask more questions than find the answers they need.

Solomon teaches us a lot when it comes to providing answers. Queen Sheba one time had just to come to listen to his counsel and ask him questions, and all the problems that she could ever think of were explained and simplified for her. This ought to be our ministry; we give answers.

When you study how Solomon did it, you will notice that he was filled with the spirit of wisdom. A wise person can always satisfy souls with the gracious piece of counsel that comes from his lips. If you understand this, you will invest in wisdom; you will hold knowledge as your best friend.

The bible speaks of wisdom as a source and form of defence; wisdom will approve you were necessary and make you shine out of the people around you; it will attract more people around you because of the counsel you carry. Invest and be passionate about wisdom today.

Let God build

One great mistake you will make is to build the house of God with your strength and wisdom. This is not how the kingdom works. God creates, and we are the servants who are involved in the construction project.

You can only do what God wants and not what you think will best suit the building. Each member of your congregation is a building, and it is God who is building. You being a servant in the house, ought to follow the plan and the schedule of the master planner.

Usually, when you start to build, God will watch you and not lay his hand on it. Even if the church’s land were bought with your own money, you would never build the house of God; it is God who knows the foundation and the entire plan of the building.

Take a look at Moses; even after seeing the temple and had men around him who could fashion the best and magnificent building for God, it was still God who gave the blueprint and measurements for the temple. This shows that it is God who builds.

Do not ever worry as long as you are playing your part as a wise builder. Lay that block even if there is only a handful who will take it seriously and not be discouraged by the members who live as long as you have examined yourself and found that you are on the right path.


Prayer is that secret key that unlocks greater mysteries and more splendid doors in your life. Prayer is a way of fellowship and deep intimacy, and communion with God. You must always pray. A non-praying pastor is a half-dead pastor.

Many people depend on your relationship with God; they want to hear what God has told you about their future and life. They hope and always think that God is in sync with you. The moment they do not start seeing this, they will look for another pastor whose God is alive and speaks to him.

God must inspire even the very message you preach, and prayer lays a bridge for you to connect to the heart and inspiration of God. You must be in constant fellowship and communion with your God. He must always be set before you, or something else will be placed before you.


What a powerful force in the world. Love, Love and Love, there is nothing that can defeat love; this power can turn even the most wicked heart.

Love and truth are brothers. We are encouraged to speak always the truth while in love. Every Christian is somewhere in their walk with God, and sometimes they can be stupidly lead in the wrong path, so when you speak the truth to them always while in love, you can withdraw them from their way while keeping them.

After they went astray, many Christians were looked at in church with an eye that did not show love, and so many have left one church to try another, and some have left the church for good.

We must never be in a position to turn out someone from God, but also, we must be in place to correct them when they have gone astray. The method of correction will determine whether they will be restored or not.

Love will always cover many things and hide them. Not everything the believer comes with should be made of a public show, but certain things should be suppressed because of the love. This will give them time for God to work on them other than when we had opened all the pages, and the secrets let out that would drive some out of the church, and this gives God no time to work and transform them.

Love is very patient in its working. Be patient with people, learn differently and are in different stages, and so patience allows them to change and be better. Once they start seeing you are patient with them, they will always trust you to be their shepherd, even in their weaknesses. 

Consider the church leaders.

The church cannot be run by one person only; the pastor alone cannot carry out all the work in the church; he will need helpers; this is why scriptures speak of deacons and other church administrators.

Everything will start to fall when the inside forces are not holding them firmly. These administrators and church helpers make the bond more substantial and lighten the pastor’s burden.

But when it comes to a place where these forces are not connected, and there is strife and fight all over, then most definitely, there will be some shaking. The leaders are to support the pastor and not fight him or her.

This is the very reason why Paul instructed Timothy not to appoint babes and novice in position to lead the church because these can easily be offended and are not mature enough to handle the house of God.

The choice of your leadership should be considered when you start seeing members leaving your ministry and church. Leadership is what sets things in order after the spirit of God.

Do not attempt to put people in position when you have not proved them and heard from God about them. Most times, certain preachers and pastors tend to favour those with money and power to be in position; this is the first bond that will break.

Be a servant

Be a servant of God in all things. A servant is never above his master. A servant does the very same thing that he has seen of his master. A servant builds for the master and not himself.

Being a servant will weed out the competition, our master Himself has taught this. A servant never competes, so being a servant will weed out any form of competition targeting your ministry and your life.

A servant never entangles and never gets involved in his affair when handling the master’s task. He completes the job the way the master wants it. When you are a servant, you are all about the master and not yourself.

Again, this is helpful when you turn to the line of doctrine and approval; a faithful servant is always approved of his master because he stands for what the master stands for; with this, you will preach what the master preaches and not what other people want.

A servant only takes command from the master; the congregation members will never dictate your response as in doctrine as long as you are connected to the master. This does not mean we do not take counsel, but the voice and word of God is our final line of authority.

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