How to make your faith work?

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You need to make your faith work; It is so fulfilling if your faith works every time when you face situations and you see breakthroughs. You need to energize your faith to produce results and how do you do that is the question we will answer today.

Faith is an essential element in the Christian faith, it is what makes us believers. Imagine a life of Christianity without faith, it will be the old same style and format of keeping the law and trying your best.

Get faith

You cannot use what you do not have, so the preliminary thing is to get faith and the scriptures lay a clear ground for how we can receive and grow faith.

It is in the continuous hearing of the word of God where faith comes and grows. The more we listen to the word of God, the more we grow and receive faith which in turn we can use or work for us.

Without faith, you have nothing to rely on without your works and so the first thing in making your faith work is in the trust and reliance you out on God and not on your own power to make things out.

Understand how faith works

The reason it is faith is that we could not deserve it, we were alienated from that reality and so we need faith to have access to what we do not have but are guaranteed if we believe.

Whenever you trust in your own strength, then you do not deserve the free gift. Have you ever heard of someone who is first told to go to the supermarket to shop for groceries to receive a gift, it is not so and so it is with God, we cannot expect to do anything to receive anything from God, we only have to rely on God?

Understand how this faith works before it can work for you. The dynamics in the working of this faith comes to how it is applied, how to do you proportion faith to that thing you want to receive, this is what greatly affects how this faith will work for you.

Hear and believe the right things

After understanding how this faith works you will now graduate to the second stage of making your faith work and this is the hearing which affects how and why we believe.

Jesus cautions us on the facets of hearing by saying we should be careful of what we hear and the second caution comes in how we hear.

If we are to handle the first part of this caution, we understand that what we hear informs how we will respond to things and how we believe. If you are hearing the right things, then you will believe the right thing.

You will either fear or have faith in what you are hearing. If you listen to the true gospel, then you will instill the right materials in your spirit to build your faith. On the other hand, if you listen to the wrong message, then you feed your flesh and fears and so you will degrade your faith.

Give diligence to the word

Then the other part of how you listen goes like this, the level of diligence and seriousness you ascribe to the word you hear affects the level of faith.

If you are serious with what you are hearing then you make your faith work easily. You make the word work for you when you take it with the power in which it comes to you.

A serious Christian who is serious with the word of God always has results; their faith always works for them. God pleasures in such people, people who take God for his word to believe every dot and sentence of what the word says.

This is how you make your faith works, this is how you get that disease and virus out of your system. Take God for what he says, believe everything the word tells you and you make your faith work.

Continue in the faith

The last stage in making your faith work is continuance. It is easy to receive that word and be all inspired and come out of that service and think all you have enough faith even to displace mountains.

The true test comes in the continuance of what we hear and not necessarily how much we hear or the excitement that comes when we hear.

The test of what we hear will come. We are persecuted for every word we hear and this comes in order to make this word have its perfect work in us.

This is the reason why we as Christians are persecuted because of the faith that we carry and so when the test comes, the moment we continue in the faith, we are assured that the word which translates to faith will work for us.

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