How to maintain fellowship with God?

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How to maintain fellowship with God comes back to these core principles of the Christian faith and these are faith, hope, and love. We were created to always be in constant fellowship with God and how we maintain fellowship with God is up to us because God has already made his move.

Our salvation which is in Christ alone is personal and this same God that made a way for us seeks a personal relationship between us. We are born into a lively hope and fellowship with God, we are always to identify with him and this starts in the place of fellowship.

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One critical thing you must understand is that you do not have to try to please this God because He is already pleased with you (Psalm 40:6). If you try in your power to please him, then you start to act in fear and self-efficacy which taints the picture of fellowship with God.

Fellowship begins at the place of knowledge because knowledge opens our ears and eyes to hear and see that God seeks fellowship with us at his costs, we worship the God we know and we can’t claim to know God and not worship him because in the knowledge we learn to worship and to fellowship with God.

Fellowship is a personal experience though we can have communal experience it comes still at the place of yielding to God which is personal. Fellowship is not a passive experience but one in which both parties contribute towards the association and in this case, as we worship the Lord and see him, we are changed because into his likeness, our imperfections vanish while we take on his form.

What shapes and maintain fellowship with God?


This is the ultimate and distinctive gaze of our human soul upon a God who can save. We are found pleasing to God if we trust him [Hebrews 11:6]. It is faith that brought us to the scene and it is what will keep us here.

Faith gives us the understanding that we need Him and is compelled to worship and be in fellowship with God because we understand the place we have in him, our faith in God points to our soul and spirit that there is no equal to God. God has to take preeminence over all things.


This has become more of a command in the New Testament [1 Thessalonians 5:17]. In prayer we commune with God in words, we express our needs, desires, and wants to him and in turn, he presents us himself the answer to all our questions and needs for he is the fullness that fills all things.

Prayer is the key that opens great doors in the spirit world which will eventually translate to this physical world. In prayer, we send creative forces that shape the world around us and we are drawn near to God in fellowship.

Word of God

The word of God is an experience that every believer must have to be in good communion with God. The word of God is the inspiration of God’s heart and so when we study it we understand his mind and will for us, we understand his way and we get aligned to our purpose in the faith.

The communion in the word of God opens us up to the broadness of God and the integrity of his word, we are convinced that there is nothing better than what he has already offered to us. The word is life and it is this life that breeds the relationship we have in God.


This is core in the Christian faith in meditation, we fill ourselves with his fullness and we become empty of ourselves. In thinking of how amazing he is, he unfolds himself and we understand more of his personality and his way and the world becomes empty to us because we are full of him.

Communication involves both the use of words and emotions and in fellowship, we understand the heartbeat and the emotions of God. There is so much in God that mere words and language sometimes are not enough to explain it and in meditation, the whole of the counsel and the heart of God is revealed to us.

As sons and daughters of God, our relationship with our father is shaped by our fellowship with him. Fellowship is the base for Christian growth, for to grow in God is to know the heart of God and this knowledge illuminates us and so we are changed into him.

The place of fellowship in communion is the place of revelation.

There is so much hidden in God and the place of fellowship opens our hearts to receive these truths. The place of fellowship is the place of answer for revelation seeks to redeem men, we can’t be attuned to God and miss his direction for our lives.

The life we live as Christians is deliberate because everything around us can give us an excuse not to find time for God but when our mind is made up about God, we will then wholly focus on him. Every master at one point was an amateur but because of constant exercising of himself he attained mastery and this applies to us. We start small in him and grow bigger for he is bottomless and calls us for the deep.

There is a place in us only God can fill and is in the place of fellowship.

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