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Prophet Isaiah was an uncommon prophet with a sight that transcended generations and in Isaiah 28:16, the prophet talks about a foundational aspect that would come one time to change the whole of the human race.

This was what he saw, he saw a stone laid in Zion, a foundation stone, tried and precious. A stone that offers safe refuge for any who came under it. This will be the very stone that will hold Christianity above everything that will come to test it.

What comes into the mind of someone when one mentions a tried stone, the picture painted is that of a particularly fine-grained stone used for carving statues. Stone is a material that is nonmetallic in nature of which rock is made.

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In every stone building, there is that one stone that is crucial, it is a necessity. It is laid to give stability and shape to a building. It is that rock that bears the entire weight of that structure, it is referred to as the cornerstone.

From the beginning of the pages of the holy scroll we are introduced to Jesus as the Cornerstone and not just a cornerstone but the chief of our faith. As the Cornerstone, he ensures the stability of the whole system of the great mystery of salvation.

Look at what the God revealed to Isaiah in 28:16, God was intentional in placing Jesus as the chief foundation stone. He robbed everyone who could ever claim that position and made it clear and plain to everyone that Jesus is that foundation, that only foundation.

To many, the very person; Jesus Christ who brought salvation became a stumbling block and a rock of offence and what they did not know was that the stone the builders saw no pleasure in and no shape to take that position of a chief cornerstone was indeed the selected one.

In that despise was where the glory was, what looked foolish, undesirable, and unexpected to many became the most precious and admired stone Psalm 118:22. What a mystery, all they knew about Him was all wrong. had they known that, they would have embraced him the way he came.

The Lord always takes pleasure in trapping those who claim and seem to be wise in their own wisdom, the way they expected that cornerstone was not the way the stone came and so they despised him, despising the wisdom and glory of God.

Jesus came to His very own, his very blood from the physical descent and what did they do, instead of embracing Him, they stumbled over Him, rejected Him and ultimately nailed Him a cross. But there was the salvation of everyone.

This stone was revealed right from the beginning of the world but how many dared to search out and look into the matter with the eye of the spirit instead, they looked with what the normal eye can see and in this they offended God.

Moses had an experience with this stone once and it gave them water to drink and sustain them Exodus 17. When Paul stumbles upon the same mystery he really saw that rock and it was Jesus (1st Corinthians 10:4)

What was portrayed in Exodus as a smitten stone became and was actually a picture and representation of the smitten Christ, he became what we would now refer to as the fountainhead of blessing and as His blood gushed forth on that cross where he hanged there was the redemption for the whole world.

In Acts 4:11 we see apostle Pater addressing the council before him as he boldly declares and assures them that the man they crucified and killed even if there was no guilt in Him was the Christ. This stone they had rejected was actually the selected stone right from the very beginning.

He became the propitiation for all of our guilts and sins and offer us salvation and this salvation is in only one and no other person except Jesus, he has been given a name above everything and it is the only name that can shake the chains off and set us free.

We are framed and have our stand only in Jesus and every other ground is sinking. We were built for eternal purpose and redemption; we are no longer strangers but partakers of the divine promise.

When you received Jesus and they are joined to him, He became that foundation of their entire life and on this foundation is where the life of salvation is now built being shaped by the ministry offices.

As fellow citizens who are no longer strangers to this promise where we are, we are part a kingdom and members of God’s household, all believers become one spiritual family; and as a holy temple, all believers together form a habitation for God.

Peter says in 1st Peter 2:9-10, that we are a chosen generation, we were predestinated for this redemption from the onset of this world, the purpose of sending Jesus as our chief cornerstone was an eternal plan.

Have you ever thought of anything that can ever come in our way and put a hedge between us, for the foundation that holds us is no ordinary foundation, we stand in Jesus alone and nothing else gives us the ground? What other thing can we trust in, we only have confidence in one Jesus Christ.  

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