How to interpret the voice of God?

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It is our part Christians to hear the voice of God. In the event that we have heard his voice, we have to be able to apply the right interpretation to that voice to understand what our part and lot of us which positions us for success and life.

To some, he speaks in riddles and dark sayings, and to some, he speaks face to face but in all these ways in which he speaks, we must be in a position to hear and interpret the voice of God.

God speaks to reveal his plan and idea for our lives and so when we interpret what he has said, then we are able to live in what God wants of us, we live the vision of God for our lives. Here is some guidance on how to interpret the voice of God.

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His voice is distinct

It is very important to know the right voice before you can get into interpreting what has been spoken, and one distinct thing about the voice of God is that it stands out from the other voices.

The voice of God is very distinct from all the other voices, you will always know when he has spoken, his voice cannot be lost in the voices of this world.

What this means is that you will know when he has spoken because of the weight in the voice and the power that accomplishes the voice to perform what he has spoken.

Message in the voice of God

This might be somehow similar to his voice being distinct but it deserves some emphasis. I feel is it equally important that you might miss it in the above point.

When God speaks, the interpretation most times is not far from that voice, it will come out to you clearly what that voice means. Look at it like this, when God speaks, he somehow hides the messages in the voice.

This is why knowing the full vision, dream or voice is key because in the details might lie the interpretation and the message. This is why sometimes after a dream; you will know the meaning of that dream without much effort in the interpretation.

God speaks through what we are familiar with

God always has a tendency of speaking to us using things that are familiar to us, things we are used to, and things we see on a daily basis.

This then makes it easy for us to interpret it because we know what such things mean to us. This also makes our experiences different from other people, because one thing may have a different meaning to different people.

You and a mechanic might both have a car in your dream but these cars might mean different things to both f you. To you, it might mean ministry while to the mechanic it might mean he has to work on someone’s car.

Know things that are familiar to you and interpret what God has said to you using these things.

Purpose in the voice of God

The main thing that should be in the back of our heads is purpose in every interpretation. God is driven by purpose and be sure that he will speak to you concerning purpose and mandate and assignment.

You must know and see purpose in every interpretation. The end of that decipher should be purpose revealed and mandate and assignment made clear and the light was given for the next step in ministry, family, and life.

Do not think that God will show you a dream or speak to you just to show you that he speaks, he is above that, he involves purpose in everything he speaks.

Example in scriptures and lives

There is nothing that is totally new under this planet, everything has existed somehow or somewhere and scriptures give us a good place for such things.

There are some stories and some prophecy and some dreams that are not just stories to be left in the days of the prophet or the great man or woman of God, we might have the same experience as them and sometimes, it might have the same explanation.

This is why it is important to know what the bible says about certain things because they can give you the perfect explanation and interpretation of that voice you heard.

Lost in the simplicity of the voice of God

Sometimes the voice of God can be very simple and clear to us and we miss it by applying the different principles of what they taught you about dream interpretation.

God might just come and tell you to go to a certain place for ministry but sometimes in our effort to demystify what we think is a ministry might end up making the wrong conclusion.

Understand when it is a direct command and not something that needs prayers or counsel. Do not try to complicate everything God speaks to you; some can be as easy as clean the room when God shows you a dirty room in your dream.

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