How to overcome spiritual emptiness?

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Every spiritual revival starts by acknowledging the need for spiritual awakening. The need to overcome spiritual emptiness and the need to take a step forward to be revived spiritually. All this begins with a heart that has come to a feeling of spiritual emptiness and a need for revival.

The first step to overcome spiritual emptiness and live the full life of God starts when our gaze of faith is fixed upon God and we are revealed to be empty spiritually and without God, we cannot be satisfied but all chasing after the whirlwind.

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This is how spiritual awakening begins when what you feel cannot balance and be reconciled to the experience of the word of God and you start to work in order to overcome spiritual emptiness.

Sometimes, we might feel the opposite; when we are all down and need a spiritual awakening, we might feel we are okay but always our heart vindicates us whether we be in the light.

This feeling of spiritual emptiness is always a working of God, he causes us to see with the right eye of faith and his word because that word has the power to expose all the intentions of the heart and creates the clear-cut difference between light and dark.

This then should be the stepping stone we use to explore and launch deeper in God and overcome spiritual emptiness. The feeling of spiritual emptiness should be that force that will then drive us into the discovery of ourselves in God, and this usually is the beginning of our spiritual awakening.

We are not living a magical life where we can just flip a switch and all things around us and about us will change, we will take time but the very sign that we have seen the need for change is already a good ground that we can change and get deeper in God.

Normally the first step to start filling up our spiritual life and overcoming spiritual emptiness will begin by us resubmitting ourselves to God. This I might say is the magical ingredient to moving out of spiritual emptiness.

When you submit to God, we are easily led by him, you become positioned in a place to receive better from Him and not forgetting you are out of the yoke of the enemy and this begins your freedom from spiritual emptiness.

The first thing that we must always have in mind is that we can on no means by our self and strength fix ourselves before God, all we can do is allow God and let Go, we let him work since he is the only being that can fix our relationship with him.

So, the only part that we have to play is submitting to his authority and the power of his word to work mightily in us, and surely when his word grows in us then we are sure it will prevail.

James also speaks on this same matter in James 4:7 where he says that our submission to God will scatter the devil off our lives. We are cleansed and must be ready to fill in our house with the word and thoughts of God.

This act of submission to God is also a way of drawing close to him, look at what James continues to say in verse 8 of the 4th chapter, he says, when we draw close to God through our submission, he will likewise draw close to us.

The great end of this is that God has promised in his word that any who would dare to come to him in this manner is fully accepted, he never lets down any person who has fully submitted to Him.

God will never abandon any who comes before Him in humility and willingness to learn from Him. The humility and the willingness to learn are what God wants from us before he can start to work on us in bringing us to himself.

Our spiritual journey is a journey of discovering who you are in God. We can only truly know Him if we are connected with Him, and the more we know him, the more we want to be with him, it is that deep calling you to deeper places.

This then calls for us to always be in constant fellowship and communion with Him, for you to break the chains of spiritual emptiness, you must fill yourself with God always and this is the part that fellowship plays.

If attending church regularly, we should make it our habits, if attending corporate fellowship, we must try to create time for it even with our busy schedules.

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You will always create time for what you love. If you are ready to take God seriously, then expect Him to do the same to you, He wants us to first make the move before he can come up with the grand opening and spice up things in your life.

What is fellowship with God without his word, the word of God is the first place of our fellowship with God and it is always available to us at our convenience?

Start to read the bible even when you don’t feel like it. It might be hard when you are feeling that spiritual emptiness but remember, you must be ready to spend and be spent for God for you to walk free of spiritual emptiness and full of God.

Never keep off the word of God, this is the word that energizes our communion with God, it is the secret ingredient and the secret key to his heart. This word was inspired by Him and once you start to connect to his word, you connect to his heart.

Another twist to this story is that sometimes the devil uses such feelings to lure us to deception and think that God is not with us and He does not care, this is one of the devil’s tricks but you must always be aware of his tricks.

When you count the cost and weigh and reconcile your spirit to absolute truth in the word of God and you are not found wanting, then you must carry the wisdom to know and discern the tricks of the devil.

The major work of the devil is to keep us off God’s timing and working because that is the only way he can delay us and might get some souls to his side because in that delay souls are perishing.

You have been translated and brought into a kingdom that can never let you down. This kingdom is light and one thing light always does is to make things plain and manifest.

There should be no confusion in your spirit about the place of God in your heart, there is no feeling of spiritual emptiness that can ever outweigh the love and the passion of God for you.

He has always been that help when we need him the most, never run off him even when you seem fallen from Him, instead run to him, his arms are still wide open willing and ready to receive any who dares to call upon his name.

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