What does it mean to be God’s chosen ones?

What does it mean to be God's chosen ones

He begat you out of his own will

How can we fully explain this for the world to understand? How can we articulate it so that even the simplest man can understand this? We are born of God. God, out of his own will, gave birth to us.

There is so much science in the world, and sometimes it seems that science is slowly creeping into the church, but we must never accept the deception of science (1 Timothy 6:20). We are gods, no matter what science and philosophy tell us. We cannot start to balance off God on the scale of science and reason.

The truth that lies in the matter is that we are the sons and daughters of God. The seed came from God, and this is the seed that gave us life (1 Peter 1:23). When God looks at you, He is very proud of the Son or the daughter you are.

Let me go back to the previous statement; you are gods; let this sink into you today. Your pastor or church leader or religious leader might have told you that you are not a God; what they said to you was a lie, you are God, and God himself gave birth to you.

This is what brought trouble between Jesus and the religious leaders of His time (John 10:34-38), they had a false conviction that he was never the Son of God, but they were shocked to realize it finally. Do you first need to go to heaven to understand and accept it? As for some of us, we have already embraced this and are enjoying the knowledge of it; you too can.

God loves you

The love that God has for us is the kind of love that is greater than even the love that can make someone take a bullet for his/her beloved. There was nothing in us admirable enough or desirable enough for him to put all the stake in for our redemption.

The greatest love ever (John 15:13, Ephesians 2:4), the world has seen it in our lord and king. He took our place and carried on himself all our shame and weaknesses and paid a deaf ear to the call of revenge that hell was roaring, and instead, he decided to take all the wrath we were to receive for our disobedience.

The most significant expression to you is the savior Jesus Christ (John 3:16). No one can show you more love than the love shown to you by God sending his only Son to take your place. God is madly in love with you, do not ever forget that.

When you start to see how much God loves you, your whole idea and perspective about this life will change. You will never be intimidated by anything and anyone because of the love that God has for you. The love that God has for you is the purest of all the love you can ever think of.

He watches over you day and night.

Just like how a true father would. He is always on the look for you. He sees you through the dark and the best days of your life. He cares about everything you get involved in and everything that surrounds you.

He is jealous of you; all he wants for you is peace, prosperity, increase, and greatness. You carry his nature, so He is eager for you to have the best of it. He guides you through your most challenging time, and his arms are always around you; he embraces you with love still.

Did he not say that he never sleeps for our sake and protection (Psalms 121:4)? The joy of every father is to see his children better and greater; this is the very reason why he has blessed us with everything we could ever need; this is the reason why he guides our steps through every valley and hill.

God has many things going on around him, but he never takes his attention from us; even when we shame his name, he is always ready to welcome us back home just like that Prodigal Son. This shows the commitment and zeal that he has for us to watch over us day and night.

He accepts you

You are not a war with God. God loves you already, and he is already pleased with you. There is nothing in your power that you can do to earn his trust, and there is nothing that can break the faith and love that he has for you.

God has accepted you not because of your former life or location or the number of books you have read. He told us that we were not in any standard qualified candidates for his election, but that was the very reason why he broke the odds and came for you.

Once you conclude and accept that you are born in him, you will stop living to please Him, and you start living because he is already happy with you. This gives you the confidence that he is always by your side and you are his choice no matter what goes on around your life; he has already accepted you on his terms.

This understanding will change the way you view your life and take your life. You will start living bold and all fiery for God. You will not be ashamed of his name, and neither will God allow you to use his name, and he does not show up; he will always be there to defend his title whenever you call upon him.

Great mercy and God’s grace follow you.

The Holy scriptures pages remind us daily of the blessings and mercy and lavish grace that always follows us. There is no way you can ever read a portion of the scripture and not see your blessing and mercy in them.

Even the boring pages and what seems to be a sad story can be the most excellent source of your mercy and grace. Once you understand that God himself inspired the word of God, then you can easily connect to the spirit of his word and in this is where all things will start to make sense to you, even what seemed to be a sad end for the writer or the person in the piece, it will prove to be your greatest conviction to grow in the grace of God.

Is it not mentioned that greatness and blessings are ours? We were born into what can never be exploited; it only takes wisdom and the understanding to start tapping them and joining yourself to the carriage. 

All the grace and mercy we will ever need are right before us and always at our disposal. Great grace to help us anytime, and the mercy to drive us is still around us (Hebrews 4:16); you have to choose to grow and walk in these; they are available for anyone who dares step out of the box start to live life.

He has a plan for you.

You were not a mistake; you did not show up on the earth as an experiment; no matter what your parents went through to get you, all that was the plan of God. He knew that was your time and your opportunity on the earth.

God had made it clear for us in his word that before we were formed, he knew us; before they ever thought of you, God had already had you in His mind. You did not surprise God; He surprised you; he showed the world be best by bringing you.

There was something the world would miss by not having you, that is why you are the best at yourself, no one can be like you, you are unique, no matter how many people can try to be like you, no one can be like you, you savor this earth, you are the salt and the light that illuminates this earth. Walk bold, speak boldly declare his name.

With all this, this is what was in the mind of God; he had a big master plan for you, he carefully thought of you and placed you in the right place and the right time for your assignment and part in this world and the Gospel at large.

There is no reason to try to be like someone else you see on the TV or read about on the internet, instead discover who you indeed are and what was that big masterplan that God had for you. You will only find real joy and happiness when you understand your part and play it.

You have a covenant with Him.

You are a covenant child. God made a covenant with the moment to chose to let him into your heart. The covenant God made with you is everlasting. This covenant is the proof and the seal that we belong to Him and only Him.

God is not a man (Numbers 23:19); he never breaks every single promise and a word he sends out. The covenant that God made with you is a serious one, he was not joking, and neither was he bored and out of His mind when he was making that covenant with you; he meant and meant it.

God is the kind that keeps every covenant that He makes with his own. He will not leave us on the brink of trial and greatest testation, and He will always be there for us; we should therefore still learn to look at Him because when we look at Him, we find the strength we need to defeat any circumstances and situation.

You are blessed, favored, and loved, and above all, you have a covenant with the king of kings and the lord of all called lords; he will always identify you, you live in Him, and His DNA runs in you. God is for you, and he is still on your side. Decide to live for Him, and he will live for you.

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