How Godly women should dress?

Godly women should dress

How you dress communicates to our subconscious minds your personality and your values. How Godly women should dress? is the focus of the topic for today.

Biblically, there is no particular style of dress they are commanded to wear but though we see later that they are to dress and appear in a certain manner. You can dress and appear the way you feel like but you have to remember that you are only as free in your liberty as the people around you.

Society has come up with trends and some of these trends per se are not bad and if possible, Christian women can also take up these trends and look where the world is going and not some lady from the 19th century living in the 20th century.

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We all have to dress where we are going, this is not only tied to women but men also, in a modern world where things have changed and the world is advancing, it will not look and feel right if we lag behind and appear to be enemies of progress and change.

The guiding line on how a Christian woman should dress will come down to this, how far is far and how modern is modern. We have to come to a point to know that not every trend out there in the world is godly and socially and morally upright, some are just degradation of culture and character.

There is no beauty in walking naked though the world might be going in that direction in the so-called trend and likewise there is no beauty in dressing like a club stripper and walk comfortably in the church on a Sunday morning.

Everything ought to have some kind of control and accountability to it. Accountability? why do you bring such a thing like this, yes, we need accountability on how we dress and these are some of the tips to help you better account for yourself as a Christian woman in how you dress;

Dress respectably

Respect is viewed differently from different societies and class of people. It is a good thing to first study the dress codes that are deemed fit and modest for women in that society and then dress like one of them.

When you go to a place or you are living in a place where women are to wear long dresses are trousers are kind of a taboo, respect that culture and in this way, you will earn their respect. Respect is not earned but gained.

Your dress code as a Christian woman will tell a lot about you, dress like a Christian woman and be like a Christian woman, if in your church women dress a certain way, please borrow their ideas and restock your closet, it is better to be respected than to be right.

Don’t dress too expensive

It becomes irresponsible and foolish to dress too expensive again. Yes, you can wear that gold jewelry but do not make everything gold. There is a lot your money can do for you and the people around you.

Do not try to look expensive but be one, those thousand-dollar blouse and trousers please stock only a few of them. You can live the way you want but also live responsibly.

Always aim at investing in other people than indulging a more expensive lifestyle including the way you dress. There are people who are sleeping hungry and others just need 1 dollar to survive the next day.

Make this world a better place for someone else and in this your doing ministry. There kids who are not able to make it to school, sponsor them to help other people that is one of the reasons that money was given to you.

Your value is not determined by how you dress or how well you have done your hair. What determines your worth is the character that even your money or clothes can never show, do not be lied to your money is not your worth though that is what the world says, it is your character.

There is a lot to do with your money instead of spending a ton of it on just clothes that will be thrown away after a couple of months.

Please your husband

This one only applies to married women; your body is not yours but it belongs to your husband that is clearly what the scriptures tells us (1 Corinthians 7:4) and it is the same with your husband. You do not have power over it but your spouse.

This also applies to the clothes and the apparel you wear, if your husband is not happy with it, then you must and have to change because they own that body and you will not want to pick up a fight because you want to dress your way and not what your husband wants.

This same point is pointed out by Peter in 1 Peter 3:5 when he said that women should dress in submission to their husband, in fact, it says that women generally should adorn themselves being subject to their husbands, this includes your dressing.

Worship God with your dressing

Now for the unmarried, there is also a portion for you, worship God with the way you dress. As a single woman who is not about the business of pleasing any man, you should however be in the business of pleasing God.

Let somebody go back with a big revelation when they see you dress. Let someone go back and overhaul their entire closet because they have been convinced that they have seen God in the way you showed up on a Sunday morning.

Not all times you have to speak to a person to minister to them, when that person who dresses indecently sees how you dress, make them in that dress code go back with a question in the back of their head. This is itself ministry, you could be called to minister to women who dress indecently by your dress you never know.

Talking of ministry to indecent ladies, the whole point here is that your dress should reveal a character about God, inspire many with the way you dress, become their role model both fashion-wise and spiritually.

Do not cross your line

It is no strange that the idea of dressing was brought about to hide the nakedness of man. This all started from the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had to make leaves to cover themselves because they had seen what nakedness is.

Your dressing is also to hide your nakedness. This nakedness has brought down many great men, look at the strange woman who deceives young men who lack understanding and are simple with her harlot’s attire and her subtle heart.

Many men who are void of understanding are all around, even in the churches, some have really accepted the lord and they are coming to a point of understanding and if they see anything like an harlot’s dress, most probably they will be tempted and some will not have the strength to overcome such temptation.

You will not want to be a reason why a brother falls because in that you are sinning against Jesus himself who died to purchased that man. This is why you should never cross your line even in your liberty.

If you are very sure that all the men who will ever see you have enough understanding to not be tempted by the way you dress, then carry on dress how you feel but even if there is only one, you rather keep those dresses in your closet in order to keep a brother from falling.

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