How do we receive the free gift of righteousness?

free gift of righteousness

The topic of free gift of righteousness seems a little hard for many to comprehend and that is why they start to emphasize the gift of righteousness to be something one has to work for to attain.

This is contrary to what the scriptures say and even the point it drives us to what we were redeemed from and this is the sting of that miserable death which is powerless right now.

We must come to a point where we are convinced that it is only our faith in our saving king and lord Jesus Christ which can ever qualify us for the free gift of righteousness.

The name itself sound give you an ounce of what this the free gift of righteousness implies, for something to be a gift, then surely it is underserving and unexpected.

We did not expect what he did for us on that cross and when He rose again on that third day, then were we given hope and this was in the free gift of righteousness.

Some people will underestimate and have underestimated the free gift of righteousness, and this explains why they refer back to works because for them they think some things can only be valid when some sort of sweat was shed on them.

They claim we can only fully embrace righteousness if we have passed a certain test and their major claim is backed by those who claim to have this free gift of righteousness but are still involved in some sorts of immorality.

Yes, this is absurd and unexpected, when can a cleanse person become a carrier of sins again. But all in all, this does not stop the intention of God and his ways.

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God’s righteousness and workings is not tied to what a person can do because that one was tried and it failed. The whole purpose of the law was to bring man to God’s standards.

However, in the New Testament, this God comes to our standard to take us to his standard, in the old the holy spirit was not abiding and resident in the people but He is resident in the new creature, one who has obtained the free gift of righteousness.

If their argument is about that, then maybe we should restudy the meaning of the grace of God.

Yes, we might have our weaknesses, you cannot expect someone who is still living in a fallen self to fully live up to his standards, it will take time and the grace of God will guide them through.

You do not have to be the adjudicator who is ready to spot any weakness and criticize instead of giving them a helping hand to guide them to the point where we think they should be.

Look at what the psalmist said in Psalms 32:2, he described this free gift of righteousness to be a blessing to those who receive it.

The lord intentionally did not consider looking at our weaknesses but instead, he just closed his eyes and showered us with such a gift the free gift of righteousness.

If there are manners to be learned and behaviors to be adopted, then God has a way of dealing with such.

When we study the working of grace, then we come to appreciate that grace has a way of leading anybody out of sin even without the help of any person but a work of the spirit of God.

Yes, the truth of the matter should be that all live a morally upright life, there is no way God can reside in an individual and still behave funny and get involved in certain ways.

God is working on all of us, even that guy who came to church last time drunk, God is working on him and one day you will look at them and not see any history of what you are seeing now.

God has a way of dealing even with the least unexpected things and he can turn any dust into precious elements, he has proven this in time and that was not the last time he ever did it.

He is still continuing and in a short time, people you least expected to be in certain places will shock you when you see them in such places.

This is the power of the free gift of righteousness. There is no boundary God cannot cross because he came to take us to him.

Do not mistake that our God can be slack and slow in his working, the only reason He is patient is such that many are or lost and destroyed but should repent. (2 Peter 3:9)

Some in the ignorance and stupidness, they misinterpret the long-suffering and forbearance of God as if God is not happy with what they are doing.

This is pushing many to the extremes and they start to live a reckless life claiming they have obtained a free gift of righteousness and nothing they can do will ever remove them from it.

Yes, the free gift of righteousness was not based on our works and so there is no work that can ever unimpute this free gift of righteousness from us.

But lets us clearly study Galatians 5:22-23, if we claim we have been given this free gift of righteousness, then the fruits of that spirit that resides in us should be seen and not the contrary.

When it comes to living a morally upright life it is a matter of a fruit of the spirit and not the works of a man to maintain a certain level of purity, it is the spirit of God in us that constraints us to live a godly and morally upright life.

The questions then in the mind of many is that, do we have a part to play in the quest for godliness or do we leave all the work for the spirit to do His work in our lives since it is the spirit of God constraining us to live our lives.

The answer all comes to this one thing; that new creature is to live a yielded life to the spirit of God to work in our lives. We are created in righteousness and true holiness; it is in our nature to be good and holy so all we need to do is to tap into that life.

The new bir

th is the experience of the spirit man and not of the flesh. When we were born again, our spirit man was regenerated and not our flesh.

This flesh that is our old sinful self and nature will always oppose and strife against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh, this is the fight of the century.

But in the end, the fight is judged by what we are yielded because what we are yielded to, you serve and are a slave to it and be sure the spirt does not want to lose any fight.

To live a godly life, we need to yield to the spirit of God and have its power work in our lives.

James gives us perfect illustration in James 4:7, we have to submit to God in order for us to resist what the devil is pushing towards us. It is a constant exercise not to give a chance to the devil.

When even the slightest of the door is opened to the devil, the damage done will be intense because that is his whole work, to frustrate the work of God.  

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