How do I find a good Church?

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What is the Church?

Church is a gathering of people either two or more. Often church is related to buildings, machines, and decoration yet the real church is the people (1 Corinthians 3:16). There are those when they go to a church with outdated floor tiles they do not go back there because their interpretation of church is wrong.

The house only serves a secondary purpose of providing comfort while we fellowship with God and one another, in simple terms it is the people that matter and not the buildings and the nice flooring and excellent sound systems.

The excellence of spirit is not in the design of the building or an excellent choice of gadgets but in the ministry offered to every soul that seeks and desires to know God. Yes, you can like that nice building and love to listen to the nice sound produced by the machines but when there is no ministry, there is no church.

Why church is important?

Church is not a social gathering where we come and talk about social and political affairs, it is neither pagan feast where we indulge in the music and dance and go back home unchanged and uncharged for the kingdom and it is neither a place where we come to transact with others and God.

Church is a place of answers, it is a place of deliverance, it is a place of freedom and it is a place of relationship and fellowship. The main reason for attending or going to church should be centered around fellowship and relationship (1 Corinthians 1:9) because out of these the answers and deliverance and freedom comes.

God communes with us in fellowship and church is one of the avenues of fellowship. Fellowship begins from personal and it ends with communal fellowships. Fellowship is what breeds life in every believer.

Paul wrote to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 14:26 that is anybody has a psalm or doctrine or revelation or tongue or interpretation, these things should be ministered to others in edification. This is the importance of church, we meet to minister to others and in turn, be ministered unto.

Church is not a theatre or cinema where we come to watch a movie or a play. Sadly, some people have developed the habit of coming to church to observe what is going on around them and not be active participants. In ministry, you are ministered to as you minister.

Because of this church is important because no person in this world knows and has all that God has to offer but the collective ones from us and other people fill the gap or doctrine, revelation, and inspiration and this align us to the true course because there might be something right to us but it might not be the truth and church helps to settle these boundaries.

Right teaching is crucial in the growth and edification of every Christian. The end of every ministry is edified believers (Ephesians 4:12). Laying on of hands, praying for the sick are all ministries but the chief of these is teaching. During the earthly ministry of Jesus, in every town, he would go to, after healing the sick and raising the dead that acted as a tool to draw people to him, and then He taught them.

Teaching is the highest degree of ministry and when believers are taught even the small needs are met because as people are being taught, they are being set free and delivered because this word can change any person. 

How you can find a church?

Direct voice of God

This is a more authoritative voice for the voice of God is always authoritative and it is normally attached to divine purpose. On many occasion, we have the liberty to choose the man or woman of God we want to sit under but when this voice comes, it is tagged to divine destiny.

Sometimes the meaning of the voice may be a simple as it sounds that God does want you to in that church because he has seen the need you have and the possible answer might be in that church. This voice is not a voice to be ignored because it always comes as a guiding voice. When God has communicated to you about a particular church then do not make your kind of excuses. 

Inner witness

I always refer to this as the first line of defense and it is the first and primary way in which God speaks to every person. Every one of us is born with this and it works even if the person is born again or not and when you are born again the voice is amplified to be clearer and louder.

This is the part in you that knows and sends a feeling to you about a particular situation, it can lead you into disinterest about something or just like something right from the sound of its name. if you have gone to a church and felt that it was not your place, you might be right provided you sought the right thing in that church.

Discernment of the spirit

This is to judge by the spirit. There is nothing that is hidden from the spirit of God, even the secrets that the king spoke in his bedroom could still be spilled out in the open by the spirit of God. With this, there is nothing the church can hide from you.

In discernment, you are able to know and see what is necessary from doctrine to worship and you make the right move. Discernment of spirit is normally associated with the prophetic but everyone can have this because it is a gift of the spirit.

Word of mouth

This is one of the most common ways of finding a church. Even the church I am in was by this method. This is where a person tells you about a church and its location and days and time of fellowship and the different programs the church is involved in.

Almost every church gets involved in community outreaches where people are informed about the church or it could be because of your neighbor, friend, or workmates who tell you about their place of worship. We tend to believe those we know and we end up following them to their church.

The good thing with word of mouth is that one can carry out a quick assessment of the person telling you about the church.  A person submitted to a church tends to take up the doctrine and worship of that church and with a slight engagement into doctrinal issues, one can gauge where and how the church is.

Online search

With the world going digital, one can find a church just by a quick online search or a flip in your TV channels you could find one. Most churches are going digital from live stream services, having social medial accounts and websites.

This is a very easy way of finding a church these days, even the new man or woman in town can locate one just by picking up a phone. This digitalization has also helped many to attend home church when far away from home or connecting with a great preacher over the other continent and staying updated on every new wave of the spirit and doctrine.

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