How should a Christian Respond to Suffering?

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From the very first pages of the bible, we have seen righteous men and women suffer even for doing the right thing and we have seen their reactions. This is how a Christian should respond to suffering and trials that they may go through in their walk with Jesus.

The desired life God made for us is an easy life full of abundance and goodness. However, we see Christians suffering but this should not make void the reality of the new life we have received. God wants us fine and glowing.

How a Christian should respond to suffering puzzles many because suffering is accorded more with the works of darkness and the plans of Satan to destroy us, surely that is why Satan came but Jesus Christ also came to undo the damage Satan caused.

Many are also deceived into accepting suffering as the will of God but when one studies the scriptures it seems to be fiction and not the manual of life. How a Christian should respond to suffering can is what we are going to discuss;

With thanksgiving, pray

Prayer is the gate to the supernatural, everything starts from the supernatural, and are they are brought to the notice of the earth. This is how a Christian should respond to suffering, take life from the realm of the supernatural, create what you want if happiness or suffering, and prayer gives us the chance to do this.

Prayer is the first line of defense in the fight against distress, sorrows, broken hearts, and all sorts of things that makes us uncomfortable.

Look at prayer from this perspective that you lay your burden, worries and anxieties and sorrows, and brokenness and take us the strength of God against all odds. This is why prayer is essential in the response of a Christian to suffering.

When a person feels weak and takes prayer as a tool, that person invites the strength of God to face any giant whether it be suffering, sickness, brokenness, or any other distress.

The part of thanking God for the things you have believed him to do is what drives the urge of heaven to respond to your needs. There is a way God sees things when you claim the answer of the things you have prayed for and this is shown in the thanking God when praying.

Trust in the lord

Trust is the buckler and shield of our faith, to trust is to lay aside your strength and power and rely on the abilities and capabilities of another. This is also a major way how a Christian should respond to suffering.

We as Christians have been called into a limitless life and we can only enjoy this life by trusting the one above. Life will have its challenges but when we put our trust in the one above, we are elevated into a place where all things melt before us and everything will start to turn and realign itself according to our demands.

No matter what life and people are throwing at you, do not throw the trust that you have in God off the shelf. This where your strength lies, it is what proves that you are strong.

There is a way circumstances will respond to anyone who trusts in the Lord and have nothing to do with his power and understanding. Once you start trusting the Lord, you become different and life will in no way be able to dictate your way, this is the easier way out of

Study the reason for the suffering

Sometimes we are so fixed on the outside that we fail to see the real deal. Do not go about to see the mole in your brother’s eye and forget the mole in your eye, sometimes it might be you who is bringing all these into your life.

Everything that influences our lives is always not far from where we are, choose to see that condition from the inside out. When in pain and hard trial first consider your ways.

The bible says before anyone can be afflicted, they must have first gone astray, this is not necessarily the case most of the time but maybe just to be sure. First, take a break, buckle your seat belt, and take a ride to self-evaluation.

All might seem clean from one side but one must take a look from all sides to be sure. Job is a perfect example of this, after all that happened to him, he chooses not to judge God out of foolishness.

See the will of God in everything.

The promise Paul spoke of those things around us should always work for the good of us should drive any believer. When we as Christians respond to suffering this way, we will laugh even in the toughest times.

Unease and suffering become the avenue for greatness for such Christians who respond to suffering this way. Instead of lying in regrets of what happened or what you have done first see God in that act, it might be the only way God wanted your attention to raising you higher into greatness.

See God in everything even in the pain and suffering they might be the source of message or inspiration from the lord. Life has a way of keeping us busy from the real reason for our existence but this should not make us be like the prophet who was scolded by a donkey. We should incline more to hear the lord even in suffering

Build your faith

When the times are tough we are called to be tougher. The only way a believer can be strong and tough and face any situation is by faith because it is what gives a credential and power to overcome any force.

Life is a cycle and the things that have happened today will someday repeat themselves, we learn a lot by experience and not only by our experiences but also by the stories and testimonies of others.

The best time to test a system is in its weakest moment and this is the same with us, our faith gets tested by these challenges and suffering and the affliction but this should give me and you the courage to rise above that challenge and this is done by building our faith.

Stay in a company that lifts your spirit.

Friends are the people who can propel us into greatness or a force that can destroy ancient landmarks and bring down palaces into ruins. Just like the nature of people generally, we would always want to associate but choose your association carefully.

The Bible especially the book of proverbs guides us o the choices of our friends and one critical thing King Solomon always taught his readers is that friends can polish us and bring out the gold and greatness in us.

Friends can only give us faithful wounds, these are the wounds that heal our brokenness and the courage that lifts us out of our sorrow and state and suffering. Consider the rebuke and correction from a friend because they can only rebuke and correct those they love.

There is a friend who will always stay beside you and this is Jesus. He is the savior and the word, he is the healer of those whose hearts have been broken and a tower anyone can be safe in. do not let this friend out of your sides, you may have other friends but let this person be the best of your best friend.

Stand up against the standard

This life as a Christians means all eyes are on us, everything we do and we are immediately made enemies with our old mater Satan. He will do whatever he got to do to destroy us and make us suffer but we should not just sit there and hope for the best out of life.

We are called to resist every evil force that comes against us, we are summoned to stand up against adversity and suffering and take our cross daily and follow the master. There might be tough times but we should also raise our standards against the wicked forces.

God is in the business of raising our standards, we have a big part to play, and this is in accepting our new standards and acting by these standards. No matter what happens never forget that you are a child of God and you function by a different standard.


Living a new resurrected life does not give us the guarantee out of any forms of suffering and pain but it assures us that we will always move out of anything that comes to disturb and disrupt the peace within us. You as a Christian, your response to suffering should be different because this pain and trial act as your point of honor and celebration.

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