Should a Christian listen to secular music?

Should a Christian listen to secular music

The answer to the question of whether Christians should listen to secular music would be DO NOT listen to secular music. There is an argument about the content of such music but how sure are you that the spirit behind it is not negative and even though they try to wrap it up through their morally upright and kind of good lyrics.

Secular music can be an inspiring and entertaining piece of content. From the talented voices to the nice beats, it is often a question many Christian ask themselves about such music and probably that is the reason why you are reading this post.

Here is a list or argument why it would be best for you to stay off secular music though some might have a good message and good intentions.

The power of words

Words are such a powerful tool, just imagine the force and the capacity of this word, if it is the entity that brought everything we see into existence. Everything both seen and unseen were framed and designed by this powerful thing.

We of all are the luckiest because we have been formed and molded in the very nature and likeness of God, this means we carry that same potential and ability in us through words in us whether we are born again or not. Your words carry such an immense power that will influence your world.

Most secular music contains negative energy in their lyrics and such words of violence, immorality and everything idea that goes against God. These words will negatively influence our Christian life and shapes our world in a manner that oppose the plans of heaven for our lives.

Words are spirits and these spirits are the ones that have the potential to convert everything uttered into a reality. This is seen from the beginning, before God had spoken, the spirit was just hoovering over that piece of mothing.

Words are a source of faith

The very famous scripture that every serious Christian should know rings into my mind when it comes to this point. This scripture is the one that tells us that faith comes by us hearing and when we hear the word of God, this is how faith comes and also how fear comes.

The music you are listening to becomes your teacher, the mysteries revealed in that music will either give you faith or instill fear in you. And be sure that the world has nothing to offer us but fear and negative thoughts.

Anything that goes against faith leads to unbelief, this is worst than lack of faith. I will say it again, it is better to have little faith than to have huge faith with a lot of unbelief mixed therein.

This is probably one of the main reasons why you should not listen to secular music. You would not want to mix fear and faith, you rather have little faith than having conflicting parties in your heart.

The intention of music

The study of patterns on how and why we should use music and how the men and women whom we now follow in their footsteps used music has to come into our minds in order for us to understand why and what music is meant for.

Primarily, music was meant for praising God, warning instead of danger and lastly celebration on a godly sort for example after a victory in a battle, the people would sing and dance to celebrate. This are the intentions and the reason for music.

Therefore, the revelation behind a particular music should drive you to it or out of it. If the music does not praise God or celebrate the victory Christ has won for us on the cross, then it is worth throwing it out of our collection.

These kinds of victory can be towards your marriage, family or your life generally, if that music does not proclaim the total freedom that you have received in Christ, you better do away with it. Music of hate, violence and immorality are in no way celebrating and encouraging you about the victory that Christ has won for you.

Words condemns us or justifies us

Having spoken about the power of words, we should again look at other mysteries behind this powerful word that was handed down to us in order that we should walk and live in its fulfilment.

Do you remember that famous words of Jesus when he said by your own words you will be justified and by what comes out of your mouth you will be condemned, this is the reality, what we listen to, we will someday speak because what is full in our heart is what will flow out of us.   

How many times have you listened to a song that you liked and that whole day you were singing it, sometimes it comes out naturally even if we want to sing it or not because just like the point above stated, they carry revelations.

There is no justification in the world and its music, you might be listening to a morally upright music with some meanings but these do not have the power to redeem anyone under it.

The only source of redemption is the word of God and nothing else, if that song is not word inspired and word breathed, then just expect condemnation out of it even if it has a very nice meaning.

We must understand that the world is under the influence of the evil one and this guy is a cunning fellow, he likes to wrap up poison in candy bars, and what might taste like candy in the long run will bring us death only.

What you should listen to?

The kind of music that a Christian should enjoy are defined purely in the written epistles. On a deep look at these we are drawn to a set of music called psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

James said it clearly in James 5:13, he makes a bold statement that, that if anyone in our circle is afflicted or in sorrow, the way for them is to and in case anyone is of a merry heart, let them sing Psalms to themselves.

James was very clear; you do not need to look for that old school rock or that golden hip-hop song because you are happy instead sing psalms. psalms are inspirations for the moments, this is the way to go and not that secular music.

The same point is stretched out by Paul in Ephesians 5:19, when he said that we should speak to ourselves and sing to ourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs making that melody in our heart to the Lord.

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