How should a Christian girl treat her boyfriend?

How should a Christian girl treat her boyfriend?
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The question of how girls and boys in relationship should handle themselves is becoming a common question in the minds of the young people considering the environment where the young boys and girls out there in the world can do anything they want and it seems okay with them, purity has become a thing of the past.

We have heard stories of these things happening and even sometimes people around us are the ones involved in such habits and sometimes we as Christian girls have wonder whether it is okay to have occasional kisses and once in a while sex before marriage.

The world has lost the whole meaning of dating and some Christians girls are also looking up to the world to tell them what is right and what is wrong, what is too far and what is not but sincerely let’s get to the basic in this article and try to understand really how a young Christian girl should treat her boyfriend without crossing boundaries.

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This question of how should a Christian girl treat, her boyfriend can also be rendered to the boys but I would love to put more emphasis to the girls. Girls are can control themselves more than the boys and besides that it is the boy that must leave their father’s mansion and marry the girls.

You never know how some people can put up an act to get something from you. There are many girls who were deceived and allowed their dignity to be played with and in the end were not married, this is why you as a girl should prioritize the voice of God over your own feelings because God knows what the heart is full of but in the mean time when in the process of hearing God whether he is the one, the big task is yours.

There are diverse opinions when it comes to topic, everyone has they own say and some girls through their own opinion have gone too far and too intimate and they have tied a lot of connection that when they man turns out not to be the one, they will be broken terribly and so, here is my argument. 

Treat your boyfriend like your own brother

This is the hard truth but your boyfriend if he has not yet taken you to the altar and put a wedding ring in your finger is still your brother because we are brothers and sisters until marriage that is when the status changes because of the covenant but before the covenant, he is your brother.

Why do you thing people call themselves in church brothers and sisters, it is because we literally from the same family – the heaven family though this does not stop husbands and wives coming from that family because that is what God wants, He hates Christian unequal yoking themselves with non-believers.

So, with this is mind, how would you treat your brother at home. Do you go about kissing your brother or spending romantic days and nights together, no, you would not do such a thing. You respect each other’s privacy but still stay in touch and connected.

This is what you should do as a Christian girl to your boyfriend. Handle him like your own brother and the very things you would not do to your brother, don’t dare go and do it to your boyfriend, respect his privacy and space and tell him to respect your privacy and space too.

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Treat your boyfriend like your friend

Friends are people who stay and wait on each other’s, they are people who spend their time and resources to make the other feel better, they share precious memories and deep places of relationship, this is the same treatment you should give your boyfriend, be there for him, share with him and support him.

And above that your boyfriend should be your best friend. Treat him with the affection and detail you give to your other best friends. Friends build each other’s; friends sharpen each other’s, they teach, encourage and give advice where necessary. They want them to be in a good place and enjoy their lives.

You must also invest in your boyfriend. When it comes to a Christian relationship, there is a part every party can play because you have something unique to offer to them, whether it be prayer, sharing the word with them if they are weak and even financial support where necessary.

Treat your boyfriend like your prayer partner

This is a test of faith, a test of whether when he marries you, he can sustain the altar and keep the fire burning because when he does marry you, he becomes the priest of that family and another secret, the devil cannot sustain certain kinds of prayer if you are a praying lady, their coat will be unmasked and their true identity revealed.

One of the chief reasons why people date is to know their partner and see if they are the one to spend the rest of the life with. Many people always make this joke that when people enter relationships, somehow their brain stops working, it’s because of the feelings and this is why you should trust the word of the savior more than anything even your own friends.

In prayer you get to know each other well and when you pray together, you even know each other better. the moments you spend together in fellowship with God will reward you a lot, God will reveal to you a lot of things because He will never want any who seek after him truly get lost and be destroyed.

So, this is it, treat your boyfriend like your prayer partner, when he sees that you can pray, he will make up his mind to marry you quickly because men love praying wives because they know when things are though, they will stand and pray through the obstacles.

Treat your boyfriend like a stranger

As I have mentioned briefly in the opening remarks that sometimes people are just trying to get something from you and once, they have gotten that valuable thing, they will trash you. You don’t know some people’s motives and intention and so it is better to play it safe and treat your boyfriend like a stranger.

This sounds crazy but it is important. Sometimes you as a girl have been approached by your own church member or even your friend and got into that relationship but people can change within a short period of time because of how wicked the hearts of men are.

Even if he looks born again and sometimes tongue speaking inquire deeply of God before entrusting him to certain liberties. There are so many young Christian girls who were abused by their boyfriends who were their church members and sometimes they might have been in the same department serving God together in the ministry.

The devil himself can put up a show and appears like he is light but be not deceived only God knows the heartly truly and that is why i will continue to emphasize, seek God before trusting your boyfriend and when you are not sure whether God spoke to you, seek counsel from your church leaders.

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