Biblical Christian Attitude Towards Money

Biblical Christian Attitude Towards Money

The biggest test of our stewardship and attitude is the test of money. This is one test many have failed because when the test was placed before them, they took it for an opportunity to exploit and rob the innocent.

You will always never have enough money, this is why money is used as a test of character, so the character you display is important because it defines how you will behave when entrusted with the responsibility of stewardship.

Money is not the beginning and end of a good life; however, money is a tool that can bring about a good life, you must understand that it is not the only tool but one of the tools. God is the final thing in all that equation, he created all things and he sustains them.

When you take God as the only true lasting element in your equation, then you will place money where it belongs and that is to serve you. Always be about God and money will be about you.

The scriptures also point to us to seek first the kingdom and realm of God and the other small things will be an addition (Matthew 6:33) and not something we will chase after, but instead, it responds to us.

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Yes, all of us need money because it is also a sort of defense but we should also appreciate that God is the ultimate defense and guy in charge over everything. We should never look beyond what money represents.

Who has made me to be a judge over your matter, this is another wonderful piece of advice from the savior Himself, never be about the business of money always and forget the main goal for your life on this earth?

There are many who have been killed just because they took this road of amassing wealth as the true path and in return it backfired and they found themselves in regrettable situations and some lost the most precious thing that money can never buy, their soul.

You must also understand that it is the lord of the harvest who is the rewarder of any who seeks after Him and his ways and not anything around you, He might use them to extend the hand up towards you as an act of honor.

It is always a blessing when people give to you from the aspect of God blessing you and not because you are in want and lack what to eat.

When a person has been ordered of God to bless you, the two of you are blessed and not only you and when they give to you from pity, they are blessed and you aren’t.

You should also discern when someone is offering help to you because he or she sees that you are tired and cannot do it on your own, yes you might be in need, but look for God and not people and be careful and of a discerning heart to discern the right people to bless you.

Do not settle for what may come, settle for God and his ultimate truth, he can even use what you least expect to bless you. God is not tight to only one way of meeting your needs or blessing you, He is beyond comprehension in all His miraculous workings.

Believe that you have a portion in this world, how can God create this entire world and He even put you to be in charge through it might not seem that you are in charge but you are, he created this world for you and you have a portion in this world.

When you walk in this way, you see opportunity to show forth your authority and domain in every area, it only takes a little seed to grow a big tree, the little leap of faith you put to believe that you have a place on this earth is enough to spark something big that you might have never expected.

How can God, call you and bless you with everything that you could ever need and not mean to say that everything that you will ever need one day has already been given to you, the task is for you to align yourself to receive them.

You must be expectant always to receive something from Him, it does not matter what the situation or the report has said, believe that something good can still come out of even the dry valleys, it might look all impossible but His main mission is the mission of impossible, he seeks to work that way to show forth his power, just believe Him.

Include yourself in the picture of what God is doing, see yourself in every healed person and every crippled leg and every financial breakthrough and your spirit will start to be full of those thing and truly what the heart is full of is what is revealed.

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