What does Bible say about soul winning?

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Every living thing grows and increases. This is why soul winning is important because it is a way of bearing fruits. Here is what the bible says about soul winning? all you need to know about soul winning. Soul-winning is the heartbeat of God and the whole reason for our ministry.

It is God who saves

It has never been in our power to save anyone. We ourselves cannot save ourselves, we have to rely on God to save us. If we could save our self then there would be no need of Jesus coming. His coming was to seek us who were lost and to save us.

We are all called to be conduits and messengers of his word and of his message the message of salvation to the whole world, the good news that Jesus came to save all. This is the message that is able to give faith to the people who hear and save them.

One thing that we all have to Know is that it is God who saves and has the power to save and not us. There is nothing that we can ever do to get someone save apart from sharing the word with them and praying for them. This then will make us to do our part and God will definitely fulfil his part. We have to carry a message for God to bring salvation.

Soul winning is for human beings

The privilege of winning souls is only accorded to us as humans. No any other kinds of being can ever win soul. They can minister but they cannot because the full authority and responsibility lies to us as human beings.

God is always counting on us, He is not counting on angles or any other heavenly creature, He is look unto us for all the souls that are to be saved. We carry the message of the good news that brings salvation to mankind.

There is no where in the bible where another creature ever preached the Gospel, take a look at the household of Cornelius, an angle on had to send a message to him to send messengers to Peter. This shows that we are the only ones mandated to win souls, if an angle could not deliver this message of salvation, no any other thing can except us.

The qualification is being born again

There is only one qualification for winning souls, you must be born again; you cannot start talking about a God you are not one with, you cannot go talking about love you have never experience. There are certain experiences that you can never be taught but you have to go through and it is the same with God.

Ass long as you are born again, you are set off to Go. I love how the Message Bible renders Luke 9:4, it points to the core of the point, you are all the equipment that you will ever need for winning souls. You do not need some sort of degree or certain qualities, but all you need is God and yourself.

The work of soul winning has been given to everyone as long as you have believed and you are born again. We all have a story we can tell that can relate to the goodness of our God, even our own lives can win over someone, we are all soul winners and the qualification is being born again, being born of God.

The kingdom of heaven will only come when the gospel has been preached to the entire ends of the earth. God is waiting for us, you are qualified enough because you carry God and the source of inspiration also is from Him.

The goodness of our Lord

How good this God is should be the first thing that drives us to win more souls. Look at the different places and scenarios you were in, but God still risk to save you, you must therefore risk also to save others for this is a show of goodness.

The goodness of our Lord is always about his own people coming to know and having a relationship with Him, that is why he relates with us the way he does; he does not want to take us the way we deserve but he wants to be slow and merciful to us hoping we will all come to know and love Him.

Our God is always and he will always be a good God, there is nothing that can ever be better than him, we must tell others about how God this God is, the world is very harsh and there is comfort here in the arms of our God. We must show the lost ones the way and get them into this glorious and great and beautiful kingdom.

Soul winning proves that we are bearing fruits

The signs that you are growing is if you are increasing and bearing fruit is a sign of increase. Ever living thing must and should grow, this is how life was meant, things grow and this is no excuse for us as believers, we must grow and take over our territories and establish our domain and this is through soul winning.

We as in this living faith must also grow. We are not the only ones invited into this life, God invited everyone and so bearing fruits will definitely mean that we are growing. Anyone who is connected to the real branch should always bear fruit and this fruit is seeing others come to the kingdom of God.

Everyone will want to grow and winning soul should not be a topic that we are reluctant to learn and put into practice. God is always looking for us to bring some sinners to the kingdom, he always want to celebrate that new soul that comes to the kingdom, heaven will be glad if you win souls.

Soul winning proves that we are wise

The art, skill and the audacity of winning people over is a great skill and to win souls over to the kingdom of God shows how skillfully you are and this proves that you carry the wisdom to win others and to build others.

People will always have their own things that they stand for, we will always have what we believer, but the mere sense that you were able by the power of God to make them make a U-turn and come to God proves that you are special.

You can sometime get into hot debate when trying to win over people but just as Paul said it that some people will only be won over by the wisdom and knowledge of God, they will always want to be challenged and their wisdom put to nothing.

Soul winning shows love

The love for God will always translate to the love for others. Look at how God loved us, he desires the best for us and this drove him to send the messiah for us to redeem us from what was awaiting us because of the sin that had taken over us.

When you share the word of salvation with others, it is a show that you love them. The only way we can love our friends and neighbors and people around us is when we share the goodness with them, this is an act of snatching them out of the fire and giving them a chance to have a taste of this great life.

You would never want anyone you love to die and burn in hell; you will always want them to be better off and enjoy their life and eternity with the king. This should already drive you to share the word of the goodness with them.

Jesus the chief soul winner

Jesus has a lot to teach us when it comes to soul winning. His main mission was never about the miracles but about souls. From the beginning of his ministry, he always had this one thing in his mind, the kingdom of God must be established.

The heart of Jesus was always beating and his mind was always thinking about the salvation of mankind. He cared for them and shared the message of the coming kingdom with them. He was always soul centered, all he ever wanted was to show them the true and only way and he did this by dying for us on the cross.

What a perfect example for us to follow. He was never intimidated by what the people were going to say or the persecution that would come because of the message that he would preach. He always held to his course.

This therefore should give us the confidence that the God that protected and gave Jesus the confidence to share the word of faith with others and win souls and was never scared by the people and situation around him is there with us because he now lives and abides in us.

The strength for soul winning

It is never in our own power and strength always to do anything for God and for ourselves. We can always try in our own strength and this has been proven that it never works. The strength is only and only from God.

The grace and the boldness to go about wining souls is all from God. God will first equip us before he can send us and the equipment for winning soul was given us on that day when we confessed him as our Lord and savior.

The power to witness and the miracles and signs that follows are all from God. It is God that gives power to the words that we communicate, without him all our labor is in vain, we must be led of Him and send of Him, do not let emotion ever lead you but let God do so.

You are never alone in the walk of soul winning, God has been there and he is there, do not ever be discouraged to share the Gospel with others. Just take the word of Jesus in Matthew, he said shake off that dust from the town that does not receive you and go to the next town, that is suppose to be our attitude when it comes to this important topic of soul winning.

Go tell it on top of the mountain

We have to carry the fire with us and go around the world and share this word of salvation. We have been entrusted with the word that is able to give us life, we cannot therefore just sit by and let the world fall off the cliff.

We have to make our move and win souls, the next step is ours, God has already made His move; we have the mandate and the guarantee that God will always show up to defend himself and put the show on our favor.

Heaven is relying on you, do not give that excuse, you have time, you can create time, even in that work place, that school or that community, they need the gospel and you carry this in you, do not despise yourself, you are well equipped.

Go about and proclaim this message, the world needs to hear that our king is alive and he saves and he heals and he delivers. He is loving and he welcomes any who dares to come and call upon his name. go about in the boldness of God, never let circumstance deter you from preaching this word.

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