10 ways to become a better Christian

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Becoming a better Christian does not have some magic pill or secret that you can take a dose and suddenly you are on top, it is however centered around faith, love, and proper representation of the kingdom you are from.

One thing though we must consider is that us living a great and better Christian life is not entirely tagged on what we do but on the working and call of God upon our life, we still have a part to play and these are the ones highlighted down below.

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Seek first the kingdom

The world is full of all sorts of distractions, the struggle to make ends meet and the busyness of the world can prove to be a waste of time for believers but we should never be distracted from our goal and mission on this earth.

A seeker of the kingdom is one who carefully studies and wisely inquires to understand the truth and be able to apply it. We as Christians have to seek and carefully study our time and the work that has been handed down to us in order for us to play our part.

You as a new creation and born again believers, we have come from a higher kingdom and we seek to impose the principles, dreams, and vision of that higher country on this earth; this, therefore, seeks for a constant connection into the system of that kingdom.

In our quest of seeking first the kingdom of God, we seek for His will, His purpose, and the assignment that he has for us for the hour. What counts us faithful is if we perform and fulfill what was assigned to us well because that is what is required of us as stewards of the mysteries of God on this earth.

Luke warns us in Luke 12:31 that our focus should not be on material things that the gentiles seek after though these things are necessary but our sole focus should be seek the kingdom first then the others shall just be an addition.

Be submitted to God

What kind of ambassador would want to be on his own, you must be submitted to the authority above. We serve the person we are submitted to. There are two forces already at work and the form we submit to willingly or unwillingly is the force we will serve (Romans 6:16).

It will be something unheard of if we as born again believers leave the light and submit to darkness and starts to function and serve it. We should not in any way be associated with darkness. We have been called to live a holy life (1 Peter 1:16)

We are called to resist the devil and to wholly submit to God (James 4:7). The devil is very craft and subtle, only our submission to God can make him truly flee. He always wants to impose on us but when we submit to the Lord, we recognize his work and presence in our lives, and at the presence of the Lord, all things bow and tremble.

One of the things that identifies us as children of God is our submission to the Lord, submission is strength and power under control, and we have been given a lot that we have to be submitted and accountable to the authority above.

You are not of this world

Jesus told his disciples that was never of this world (John 8:23) and this is also our reality as a new creation and having been born into the kingdom of God. His attitude and thought were different because he was not of this world.

We might look like them and resemble them and we might speak the same language and are raised by the same parents and ancestors, but the truth is that we are different; we are in no way similar to them in anyway.

There is nothing in this world that should make you compare yourself with the world, there is nothing the world has in you, you might the same blood and same skin color but it is not flesh and blood that matters but the spirit.

Choose to be different and the world will see that you are different. The advantage this poses to us is that we shall be handled with care and higher expectation because of where we are from and what is normally associated with where we come from.

We carry a different DNA, this DNA is a super DNA, there is no disease that can affect this life that we carry but out of us disperses life and wealth and health. This might pose a challenge to the world but we should never in anyway accept to disown our true nature and settle for the world.

Share your faith with others

We should always be on a mission, let the work of God drive you in everything you do, even in that job place, that market and that community you are in. Let them know that you carry the good news for their salvation and do not be ashamed to share it with them because by doing so you are spreading the love and kingdom of God.

Understand the reason why God put you in the place you are in and why during this time, the scriptures tells us that God appointed our days and the places we should inhabit, God is never driven by emotion or acts in guess, he is very intentional will all his move.

We are his workmanship we have been created to walk and continue in the good work that God is doing. This is the reason for our existence and so our heart and soul should pant for this, we should spread this kingdom, for in doing this we are counted faithful in the work we have been given.

This therefore calls for us to understand your part in the greater work of God, all of us have been given different work to do, we should get to know this work is and flow in that direction. We are rewarded if we do well and save many from the fire.

You are the light of the world

Jesus told his disciple in Matthew 5:14 that they illuminate the world. Our presence in this world makes it brighter and better to live in. what would have happened if we were not here would be devastating and that is what is going to happen after the rapture.

Light will never struggle with darkness and will never beg darkness to go, it is in the nature and mind of darkness to leave. Every form of evil and evil works are example of darkness and we as the light when these things meet us, they have to flee because they can stand our presence.

We give direction to this world because we are the light of the world and this light lights up their path. You should not live your life basing on the guidance and dictates of the world but in turn the world should look for you and look up to you for its advancement.

When we arise to our place as lights of the world then the gentiles and the kings shall see our light and come to our rising (Isaiah 60:2-3). Their coming is because we carry the answers and the guidance they need. We illuminate their path and warm up their days.

Submit to the principles of God

Everything in life flows by principles, there is nothing in this world that happens by chance even if some may claim they are lucky but the truth of the matter is that everything follows certain principles and patterns and if we foul these things should never expect greatness.

The world has fashioned after itself principles that they follow; from science to philosophy and art they have all drafted principles, some of these principles however are not bad but they are inferior to the principles of God.

We have therefore a choice of either submitting to the higher and better principles of heaven or choosing to settle for the acceptable limits of the world.

Reprove the world of darkness

The world is full of gross darkness and there is nothing that is of light in the world, we as lights however have a mandate to reprove these acts of darkness. We cannot sit back and let darkness prevail; we have to evoke the higher power and higher authority

The testimony we carry of the savior exposes the whole foundation of the world and exposes them that they are wicked (John 7:7). There is nothing that the devil has built that it good and worth the attention of others in the world and as we reprove these work; we open the eyes of the gentiles to know that the world is doomed.

Satan has always had a mission to destroy and to make everything miserable (John 10:10), but our part as born-again believers and conduits of the glory and majesty and strength of God is to set things in order. We give life to these things and reprove and correct crooked paths and with every hidden act of darkness, we expose and shine the light in those dark places.

One of the roles of the Holy Spirit in our life is the reprove the world of sin (John 16:8). The first sin it is going to reprove the world is not believing in Jesus Christ. We pass judgment every time we share this word with others, this judgment is that we have presented them with light but some have chosen rather the way of darkness when they refuse to believe.

Be the answer to many problems

The world needs answers to its many questions. The world is troubled with many things from health, financial issues, and relationships, they are desperate and anything that can give answers to these questions, they will settle for it.

We have been given a spirit and this unction gives us the power to know and reprove all things. With this spirit of wisdom and knowledge, we provide the answers the world desperately needs. Solomon is a good example of this, though he carried lower wisdom than us, he was still able to answer the questions of many.

The world may have some sorts of answers from certain sources such as science and philosophy, but these are in no way to be compared to the counsel of God because they are the perfect and the wisdom God provides can never be put to naught but it will always inspire many. Some of the answers given by these sources also borrow from the wisdom of God. 

One way we can be relevant is if we are able to provide answers to solve the world’s queries and problems. We carry enough wisdom to offer any solution to any problem the world may pose because we carry the spirit of God who is the spirit of wisdom.

Never settle for anything the world has to offer

We might be overused to the system of this world and we end up in its trap. The world has nothing to offer for us, everything in it is corrupt and so is everyone who puts their trust and hope in its faulty and failed systems.

Jesus told his disciples in Luke 9:25 that there is no benefit in getting all that the world has to offer, but instead, we end up losing what is most valuable to us, our soul. There is nothing the world can do to settle us, we shall never allow the tricks and wicked pleasures to drive us from the true course and path of our lives

The call is therefore for us to die daily to these things such that the one and the only person that matters has preeminence over everything. No pleasure of this life can equal what awaits us. We can’t and we should never settle for them.

Never settle for its systems, never settles for its ways but always look to that place where you came from and you will know that all these are just shadow. We have a great and better life waiting for us. We should be strong on our course and finish the race that is set before us.

Love, love and love

Finally love and love and love until there is nothing to love. One thing that distinguishes us is love, we love because we are loved and we are love. God is love and so are we. Love is what proves our faith; it is what holds us in these great mysteries. Love is the reason for our existence and being.

Love always has the power to cover many sins (1 Peter 4:8). It does not matter what we have gone through and what we are going through, our weaknesses and failures, the love of God, and our love for others will always cover these things up.

We should not love merely in words but in deeds (1 John 3:1). The greatest love is to share with men and women the gospel. The gospel is the power that is able to save them from fire and give them eternal life. This is what everyone needs so we are called to love them out of sin into holiness and this is by sharing the gospel with them.

The love that God had for the world drove him to send his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. Our hearts will always have a place where it is fragile to love, it will shatter and open up for the great work of God in our lives. We should love God and love one another, this is the one last commandment that Jesus left us when he was ascending into glory.

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