Am I under a curse? – What you should know?

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Passing from one challenge to another may seem to some as a curse is following them. In this post we show you that there is no curse following you, you are beloved and a blessed being. We share from the very pages of the bible that you can only be blessed and non otherwise.

Christ made our curse

The biggest blessing of the new testament is the blessing of Christ, he became a curse for us, he took our curse and nailed it on that tree when her was being crucified, the cross we were supposed to be in, he took it and carried with himself all our curses and set us free from any curse and made us blessed, we are the blessed ones of the Lord (Galatians 3:12-13). We became partakers of the blessings promised to Abraham because of this.

The blessing of grace

David a man with a rare hear saw the blessedness that would befall all those who will be justified freely by grace. This is the blessing that comes by grace. Blessed is anyone whose sin is not counted on him/her but they are imputed with righteousness, this is what confirms to us that we are blessed because we have been forgiven and given a new life (Romans 4:6-9).

Blessed with Abraham

God made a covenant with Abraham that he will bless him and his seed, in the new testament we became a seed of Abraham by faith and so we are blessed together with faithful Abraham (Galatians 3:9). God is faithful to his word and when he says he has blessed us with Abraham then we are blessed and not cursed.

The only curse in the New Testament

The New Testament contains only two type of curse mentioned. This is nothing like the curse in the old testament which can come as a result of the sins of the grandparents or the parents and sometimes the sins of the individual. This curse in the New Testament does not have an effect like that in the old testament. These are the two curses mentioned.

The curse of the law

This is a curse that comes from the Greek word ‘katara” which basically means cursing or a curse. This is a type of curse that follows everyone who submits and subscribes to the law and not to grace, for the law is a curse to all who are under it, this is why Paul in Galatians 3:13 made a statement that Christ became a curse for us so that we might be set free from the curse of the law.

The law is a curse even if it might have come from God. Fault was found in the law and so anyone who is still under the law that is under regulations of touch not, see not or taste not is still under a curse. A curse is upon anyone who is continuing in the law and not walking in the grace of God.

The only way therefore if to walk in grace and not under the law. The fault found in the law was that the law was incompatible with us (Romans 7:14) and it became a curse rather than a blessing to us and so anyone who continues in the law continues in the curse. You cannot be both under grace and under the law, you must wholly subscribe to grace and not the law to be free from the first curse in the new testament.

Unfortunately, many people walk in this curse even without knowing. The law is a symbol of human strength. Whenever you rely on your strength for everything in your life, you are still under the law because it is about your accomplishment with your own strength and glory and not of the Lord. Grace will always rely on the saving power of the Lord for everything they are involved in, this does not mean we don’t have to insert our own strength, we do but we don’t rely on it.

The curse of falls doctrine

This is a curse that comes from a Greek word “anathema” which means a vow made to keep something for destruction. This is a kind of curse that follows those who preach and teach falls doctrine other than the true message of the saving power of God; anyone who preaches another doctrine is under this curse knowingly or unknowingly.

Paul was so much displeased with the churches in Galatia that in Galatians 1, he marveled that the Galatians might be removed from the true grace of God to another false doctrine and he goes ahead to mention that anyone who will do such as thing is accursed that is under a curse; reserved for destruction (Galatians 1:6-9).

Doctrine is a very important aspect in the Christian faith because it is what build our faith and way of life and so any doctrine that is not of God is of man which is a doctrine of devils and so any person who preaches such doctrine is under a strong curse.

As we would realize now that the curses mentioned in the New testament deals with many teaching, the first one being teaching and emphasis on of the law and not grace and the second being false teachings. God is so much reserved to his word that anything that wants to make its power dull is under condemnation and curse already.

This then calls for us to be vigilant under which doctrine we sit and the teachings we received to avoid being under such curses. New testament is full of scriptures and teachings of grace and not the law and so there is no way we can sit under the law and claim to be new testament believers.


If then we are not under a curse, but we carry a blessing, why do we see ourselves trying in the strength and wisdom of God and yet it seems like we are under a curse. This then introduces our next chapter of discussion and that is REPROACH.

Reproach is when everything around you disapprove whatever you are or what you do. Reproach can move in families and clans and even nations. There are some families that wealth just disapproves them, however hard they try to make money, that money just disappears.

Reproach can be in child bearing where you cannot produce even if things are okay, there is a way child bearing does not respond, a perfect example of this would be Elizabeth, in Luke 1:25 Elizabeth made a statement that the reproach of childbearing has been taken from her because she has now conceived, reproach is that thing that will always work opposite to your will and mind.

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Reproach is not a curse but it can even be more dangerous than one because a curse those days only came from an evil act or did something that annoyed God, that is when someone would be cursed, but reproach can even affect the most holy and righteous person, look at Elizabeth, she was a wife of Zacariah’s a priest and a holy man and he and his entire family were followers of the law but still his wife Elizabeth had reproach, another example is Jacob and Rachel.

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