8 ways to study the bible as a beginner

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The joy and peace that comes with the assurance that you have become God’s beloved can mean the world to you. However, Christianity is based on teaching and not following some rules and so we need to get started with studying the bible even as a beginner.

Anyone who is in Christ is expected to grow whether you are a newbie or an old folk, you are to grow and the way we grow is through the words of faith, and faith can only come by our hearing and hearing these sweet words of our father.

So as a new believer or a beginner in the things of God, here are 8 ways to study the bible as a beginner to read and mature effectively in the Christian faith and become a champion of the faith.

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Prayer always precedes hearing God in the word and any kind of revelation that might be revealed to you. This has proven to be a challenge to many, they either pray more and study less or vice versa.

The apostles in the books of Acts had to separate themselves first to prayer before the word. This is an order in the spirit, prayer comes before the word.

Prayer straightens us to hear from God. For ages, this has been the place of prayer, we understand what God wants from us and we share in him and build our life to receive more from Him every day through the study of the word.

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There must however be a balance between prayer and studying the bible, you must take into consideration this balance and weigh yourself everyday against this scale to properly divide the word.

You have to create that balance between the two, doing one more than the other or neglecting one will lead to chaos and some sort of confusion at one point.

Revelation is a spirit.

One of the primary reasons for the coming of the Holy Spirit was emphasized by Jesus when he said the spirit when he comes shall make you remember what I told you and reveals to you more things from me.

The spirit is there for you to understand what you read. What a sad moment when the spirit is left out of His primary role? this is sad but true to many Christians.

The word of God is not some nice story book or some sort of fiction but it is a living book and it is a live because the spirit of that word is with us.

Paul’s constant prayer for the Christians at Ephesus according to Ephesians in Ephesians 1:17, was that God may give them a spirit and this spirit was a spirit of wisdom and a spirit of revelation.

This also ought to be our prayer that God may grant unto us this same spirit of revelation that the things that are hidden from many be revealed to us because of that spirit.

Wisdom is a spirit and so is revelation, always make this your prayer that you might be filled with this spirit so that you are able to fully comprehend what that verse says, with this you draw waters and bread from uncommon and least expected places.

Are you seeing why prayer is important before you consider studying the bible? Never miss that because of what this spirit can do.

Precepts upon precepts.

the bible is not a one dose medication that you are required to only take once, it is a daily dose of heaven to you.

You build on what you have every day and you are not perfected fully upon the first time you open the scriptures.

With this you do not read to finish a chapter but you read to understand the heart of God in that portion of the scripture. You want to understand what every word means and why that word was chosen in that context.

Every line matter to you and every word speaks life to you. The slightest revelation every word can revealed, you are a tune to and ready to receive because you expect something from every word.

This is a diligent spirit, a spirit that searches out the deep and this kind of spirit is one that finds God. Any who seeks after God will always find him.

Use more than one reference

It is easy to get lost in the word and everything might sound obscure when only using one point of reference.

It is therefore important to use more than one reference in every bible study if possible.

This can be different versions of the bible, commentary and other materials to get a better understanding of the word.

The principles of bible interpretation requires that we know some little historical background of the text, when it was written and to whom was the letter addressed and also the general context of the letter.

This is where the other resources can prove to be helpful.

The single bible version you have does not contain all this information but a collection of these information from the difference sources will provide you will a clear view of the scriptures.

The bible interprets itself.

One man of God (A W Tozer) said that (in a paraphrase) if the word does not appear in any other part in the scriptures but only in one place, it is possible that the word does not appear in the whole bible.

The word of God confirms itself, it must and it will.

there is nothing that is so unique with this generation except the knowledge that the bible said it will increase, all the other things are still constant.

What happened years ago is still happening today and so the scriptures addressed those events and scenarios over and over again throughout the whole bible.

The scripture is very clear again on this matter that “no scripture is for any private interpretation”. The word interprets itself with the word.

Never let a notebook and pen out of your sight

Everything God reveals has a purpose. There is nothing that god will reveal that does not have purpose attached to it because God is a God of purpose.

My pastor once made these statements “revelation redeems blood” and “God reveals to redeem”. These are words that are boundless and surely, they are inspired by the spirit of God.

This is the whole plan of God in revealing certain things to us so that we are warned and we align ourselves to be elevated even by what is coming because we know how to receive it or avoid it.

Have you ever met a student who does not take notes during lectures, even if you are as good as the master, this word is deeper than you ever think?

This God is beyond your comprehension, everyday there is a new side of Him revealed and so without notebook and pens, we are able to keep track of all that is revealed to us.

There is no brain that can keep all the things that have been inputted by the senses, there must be a place where we keep these priceless inspirations, we get from our father in our time with Him.

They might not benefit you for the mean time but others may stumble upon it one day and their lives will make a turnaround because of what you kept down on that pepper or that document.

Note that there is no revelation that is too light and irrelevant, God only reveals what can redeem and save us one day.

Take the word for what it says

It becomes of no use when you are going to study something you will not take it seriously.

This has happened and is still continuing to happen to many Christians, they take reading the bible to be like some sort of commandment and so they do it for the sake of finishing their reading plan without the intention to take the word for what it says.

We have seen men who read the bible from cover to cover and still left the path of salvation and went their own way.

Reading the text does not make you a Christian it is believing the text that makes you one.

it is better to read one line of the bible or one verse and you believe it than reading the whole bible when you will not believe it.

Are you just reading the bible because it is required of you to read or you take that time to listen and hear from God?

Take the word for what it claims. When you do so, you start to see what the word claim to work in your life and so you will glorify God.

On the other hand, reading the word as an obligation is why Christians are living a beggarly life, very sick and dying yet the very thing they read speaks of their freedom and deliverance.

Meditate on that word

After you have read the word, it is time now to wrap it up with meditation, meditation cracks open the bones and sucks up all the fat that had remained in the bones.

Meditation is what makes the word to gain enough momentum for that initial take off to the place where the word will cause things to happen.

After studying the word, it is then wise to invest time and meditate on that word. The order must spring from prayer, studying the word to meditation. Look at every great man in the bible, they had time where they meditated on what God told them.

The inclining of the ear to that word is important and also after that the meditation puts us in a place where we observe to do according to what is written and thereby see the effect of the word in our lives.

Meditation and the word cannot be separate, they are intertwined and joined together, when one is not there, the other is unhappy and feels incomplete and definitely will be incomplete.

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