Are you feeling stuck and everything around you seems to reject and disapprove you, that is most likely reproach and here is how to overcome reproach and walk free and live a great and fulfilling life in God? Reproach is that bad report that seems to follow you everywhere and by this causing rejection and disapproval.

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Christ took our reproach 

Christ himself bore our reproaches (Romans 15:3), the moment we submit to Christ, the reproach of our life is taken away, there is nothing that God cannot do, all things are in his power and when we receive him into our lives, his life became our lives, we became new creatures and our old life that was full of reproaches was done away with.

The biggest blessing of any believer is the cross, at the cross, all burden was laid and every weight stripped off and when we move away from the experience of the cross we move in the experience of freedom and a great life. God has called us into a life of abundance and the cross is the beginning of this life, life outside the cross shows progress in our life. The burden of the cross must be left at the cross and the blessings thereof continued into the newness of that life.

Reproach as a sign

Reproach can also act as a sign to us who are believers. Sometimes we might be so blind to our own faults and ways that the only way we might be opened to these is by reproach. This however is not the goal of God but sometimes it is a way for us to know that we are off the course.

Look at the wise man in Proverbs 6:32-33, he said that whosoever get entangled in some acts gets a reproach because these are the things that destroyed the soul. And again in Proverbs 14:34, sin leads us to reproach but righteousness will always exalt us.

Do not be so quick however to conclude that the reason for your reproach could be as a result of sin sometimes this is a tool the enemy uses to rob us of our freedom and blessing but always examine your steps and accept rebuke whenever you are rebuked because some time is it the only way we might know that we are moving off course.

Let God plead your course

Prayer is one way our of reproach. The devil might have all sorts of accusations against you but the moment you lay your claim before God in prayer, he gives you grace to sustain and upheld you in the most desperate times of your life. God is the only one who can plead our case.

In prayer you lay claim of the promises of God and he gives you strength to overcome your weaknesses and to present you holy and without any spot before him. We plead the blood and we are cleansed, we plead his saving power and we are delivered. This is the power of prayer.

Pray that God takes away reproach from your life, family, business and friends. There is nothing that is beyond the reach of God, he upholds everything and knows everything and there is nothing that he cannot fix. We must fix our gaze upon him in prayer.

Cast out the scorner Proverbs 22:10

Casting the scorner means that we must stay away from places and people that can make us get into reproach, we have seen that one way reproach can come to us is by sin, stay away from places and people that makes you sin and this includes the word of your mouth. Stay with people who are blessed and you become blessed this is the rule, you stay with fools and sinners, you are drawn into sin.

Glory in reproach

Sometime, reproach is a sign that we are doing a great work for God, this is what Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that he takes pleasure in reproach. When things and people sometimes do not respond to you how they are supposed, it could simply means you are not like them and so they will try to make you different by bringing reproach to you.

This however is for the mature, you cannot just go ahead and start celebrating reproach when you know their might be some other things behind. Don’t be quick to react and don’t be slack to forget to evaluate your ways.

Peter puts it in this way in 1 Peter 4:14 that when you are being reproached, happy are you because the spirit of God rests upon you though on their side they think you are evil yet from the side of God you are glorifying the name of the Lord. This is the same way sometimes we should react to persecution and trials that come our way.

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