your divine inspiration

Who we are

Great Oracles is a circle of men and women who are hungry for more of God. We are young and all fired up and excited with revelation for the great work of God.

A great life is a great and fulfilling life. There is no greater joy than the joy of doing something for the Lord. This is why Great Oracles was created, we believer that God is still speaking and his voice is louder in our generation than in any other generation before and we are the heralds of this voice and make known his majesty.

What inspires us?

Everyone has an inspiration and the greatest source of our inspiration is the living word of the living God. We have seen this word work and we are convinced that when the power of this word is displayed, it has the capacity and the ability to transform and change lives.

Everything God teaches us is for us to put into application one day, there is nothing in scripture that is for fun or was just written to fill in the pages of the book, everything has an inspiration and this is the spirit that gives the very inspiration and this has the authority to inspire, drive and moves us.

Having seen that the Lord is such a gracious person and faithful in all His working, we proclaim this same message to others to know for themselves and have experience in the same thing that we have had experience in, the Spirit and Power of His marvelous Word.